• Android Auto getting an update to sync phone wallpaper to car display.
  • The new toggle uses phone wallpaper as a background on Android Auto.
  • See the same wallpaper on your phone and car with Android Auto v11.0 beta.
  • Only works with static images, not live or custom wallpapers.
  • The feature is currently rolling out in beta, with limited availability.

Android Auto Goes Color Coordinated With Phone Wallpaper Matching

Android Auto Can Now Match Your Phone's Wallpaper


Android Auto, the smart driving companion app from Google, is getting an aesthetic upgrade. In the latest Android Auto v11.0 beta update, Google has introduced the ability to sync the phone’s wallpaper to the car’s display when using Android Auto.

This allows for a more cohesive user experience between devices.


Here are the key details:

  • A new toggle enables the wallpaper syncing feature
  • The phone’s wallpaper is mirrored on the car display as the Android Auto background
  • Only static images are supported at this time, not live or customized wallpapers
  • Currently rolling out to limited beta testers only

So while functionality is still quite limited, it’s a step towards Android Auto learning and integrating more personal preferences for a smarter, more tailored experience. It helps progress Android Auto from just a driving aid to a true companion that feels familiar inside the car.

The wallpaper matching feature was first spotted in the code for Android Auto v10.7, but is only now beginning to roll out to beta testers in v11.0.



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