We are back and today we will be talking something great about apps and applications that make the experience great for you. The main apps will provide you with different alternatives. Today we will be talking about Spotify. Spotify is a great app but if you are bored with it or you don’t find Spotify so useful then Apps like Spotify and great alternatives for Spotify will help you.


We will describe all the great apps that you can use instead of Spotify and make your music experience more awesome. So, let’s start at…

Apps like Spotify 

Apps like Spotify 
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Spotify is an app that music people love. This app has created a massive audience for different genres of Music. Spotify service was launched in the year 2007 on October 7. Spotify Technology SA was founded by a person who is from Swedish background and his name is Daniel Ek plus Martin Lorentzon.

Spotify specialities Podcasts, music and Video streaming areas where Spotify has a strong presence. Yet, if you are bored with Spotify or you are frustrated with its costly service then we have some Best Alternatives for Spotify that you can use and simplify your life. Here are the best recommendations:

  1. Google Play Music

Google has the biggest libraries under Google Play Music and that is pretty much true and no doubt in that. So it can be a great “alternative for Spotify” as it can help people listen to their favourite tracks and different types of music along with different genres. Google Play Music also divides tracks according to Activities, moods, albums, decades etc.

You can also listen to your songs that are in your Device Memory and this can make Google Play Music a great music Player too.

  1. Slacker

Slacker Another great app like Spotify which has the ability to stream live radio which Spotify doesn’t do. So, this app is kind of better than Spotify in some areas. You can listen to your stream but download your stream in the app if you want to listen to that stream later. Great, right!

Slacker has two modes free and premium.  There are hundreds and hundreds of music stations right into this app.

  1. Tidal

Tidal is a music app that gone popular because of the high fidelity tracks and sounds that the app provides. This app doesn’t have a high amount of tracks but rather focuses on how high-quality sound and vocals that the track is. So, basically, the app focuses on the Sound quality provided to the user. Tidal can compete with Spotify head to head in terms of sound quality.

If you like the quality of sound produced and more into the listening experience of music then you definitely need to try Tidal.

  1. Deezer

Deezer can be your music player that can be your personal player where the user can listen to his favourite songs and also download them in the app whenever he wants to listen to them again.

Deezer gets updated regularly for new songs daily and has a huge song database. Deezer has Premium+ too where the users get more and advanced features.

  1. SoundHound

If you like Shazam or Shazam Lite then you would have heard about SoundHound. SoundHound is wonderful when searching for any music when you listen to it for the first time. The great advantage of Soundhound is that it can listen to the full song which shazam is not able to do. SoundHound can be a great app like Spotify then you can try SoundHound for music discovery.

  1. Apple Music

Another great contender for Spotify where this thing is from Apple. Basically, Apple Music is an advanced version of iTunes that has a huge and vast library of music and songs. Apple Music can stream from the vast database of music and stream through it that can make you forgot all the other apps like Spotify fully.

But the main thing about Apple Music is that it is paid service from the start but users can opt for a 1-month trial service which gives you the idea of whether you want o use that app or not.

The vast Database of Apple has around 40 Million songs and tracks with different genres.

  1. Audiomack

Another music streaming but great plus supports the functioning of downloads too. This app has the ability where it can fulfil all the required needs. If you like Mixtapes or other genres like EDM, R&B, rap etc then this is the app for you.

This app is filled with features and can be a great “alternative app for Spotify”.

  1. MusicSence

This is another great app is our list for Apps like Spotify where the user can perform many different functions in the app. This app is out of place a little here in this list because of the way it performs the major functions of music streaming.

When you search for your music it just doesn’t represent the song to you, instead starts playing the radio station that song it is playing in. This is a great and unique style of music streaming.

  1. Music Stream Hub

The main app that has Music Stream Hub is fully free. This means that the best songs are available for free. In my opinion, it is the best competitor for Spotify and provides the best listening experience. For more features download this app and use it. I recommend.

  1. SoundCloud

This is the best and the greatest. You can say much better than Spotify. SoundCloud is a music app that provides the best listening experience with fresh artists and fresh releases from many new and unique artists.

This app is great for discovering new songs and tracks by different artists and that what makes it the best app on this list and better than Spotify. Try it for yourself to experience it.

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Final Verdict:

We discussed some great Apps Like Spotify that you definitely need to try out. If you have any suggestions then give your comments in the comment section below.

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