PEMF therapy is a growing tool because of Best PEMF Frequency and technology used in the healthcare sector. PEMF devices are completely safe, non-invasive, and easy to use with an array of benefits.


Frequency is a measure of the number of waves emitted per second. It is measured in cycles per second called Hertz or Hz. The intensity is basically the measure of the strength of the magnetic field, it is measured in gauss or microtesla. The intensity is responsible for generating the “charge” in the stimulated tissue and it variates in all different tissues. PEMF devices use frequency in the range of 1-100 Hz at a very low intensity of microtesla managed at our houses. 

What is the Best PEMF Frequency?

Best PEMF Frequency


The devices available would be low frequency and high intensity or high frequency and low intensity. It would depend upon some of the factors like the device being used whether it’s a mattress, pillow, or a local applicator. It would depend upon the duration of the therapy, it could range from 20 min to 1 hour. It would also depend upon the disease or condition for which the PEMF device is being used, for example, bone fracture union and for nerve healing or reducing pain, all require different frequencies. Some of the commonly used frequencies are wound healing (1-5 Hz), fractures (10-20 Hz), nonunion of fractures (10-20 Hz), nerve pain (6 Hz), depression (3-20 Hz), stress (3-5 Hz), sleep disorders (1-5 Hz), musculoskeletal pain (10 Hz).


Everything About PEMF Devices

A good number of devices available in the market use a low-intensity PEMF. Any intensity of the magnetic field can penetrate the body but the higher the intensity, the higher the charge is generated in the tissue under study. For example, the MRI machine produces an intensity of 20,000-60,000 gauss whereas the PEMF device does not even reach 1 gauss or 100 microteslas. A higher intensity gauss would technically be required for tissues like the bone and muscle and for athletes; whereas low-intensity gauss would do the expected work in an otherwise healthy individual.

One such research has shown that the using PEMF device in early states of diabetic neuropathy showed therapeutic benefits which could last up to good 10 years or more.

Magnetic power has long been studied and used in different areas of science and technology and even in the field of medicine. PEMF therapy is not the first device to be using magnetic frequency.  Other modalities include transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation, repetitive transcranial magnetic stimulation, and deep brain stimulation. They all are collectively studied under biomagnetic.  What sets apart the PEMF therapy from the rest of the methods is the use of low power, low-frequency magnetic waves which are totally safe for the human body. They fall in the same frequency as nature’s magnetic field. Complex neuroelectromagnetic pulses are a new modality utilized for the treatment of chronic pain which uses specific low-frequency pulsed electromagnetic fields (PEMF, 1000 Hz or less).

Confusion regarding the frequency to be used in a particular treatment is quite common amongst the users of the device for the first time. All the device manufacturers now mention the required list of all frequency, time, and condition/disease. A medical expert, healthcare professional or physiotherapist, or chiropractors can be also be consulted for the same.


The Best PEMF Frequency used in the PEMF devices is completely safe for the general population. Nonetheless, it should not be used by pregnant females and anyone with a pacemaker in their heart.

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