Ready to upgrade your knowledge and skills but can’t decide between the top book summary apps Headway and Blinkist? You’ve come to the right place.


In this ultimate showdown, we’ll compare every key feature of these platforms to help you determine which one best matches your learning needs. By the end, you’ll have all the information you need to pick your perfect learning companion.

Blinkist vs Headway

Blinkist vs Headway

So get comfortable, grab a refreshing drink, and let’s dive in!


A Quick Comparison of Blinkist vs Headway:

Before we get into the details, here is a quick overview of how the two platforms stack up:

Key Features
Library Size1,500+ Titles6,500+ Titles
Unique FeaturesAudio summaries,
daily progress tracker
Community features,
curated daily picks,
LanguagesEnglish and SpanishEnglish, German
and Spanish
Offline Utility
Audio Versions
Free OfferOne free daily selection and access to specific collectionsOne free summary each day and 10 daily insights
Pricing$14.99/month, $89.99/year$15.99/month, $99.99/year
Free Trial
Refund Policy ✔️
💠 App Store: 4.7
💠 Play Store: 4.5
💠 App Store: 4.8
💠 Play Store: 4.5
Best ForVisual learners,
daily habit builders
Busy professionals, finding specific knowledge

With the basics covered, let’s explore the key similarities and differences further.

Similarities and Differences Between Headway vs Blinkist


  • Concise book summaries – Both apps provide condensed overviews of non-fiction books in text and audio formats to help you grasp key ideas quickly.
  • Diverse content libraries – Each offers a substantial collection of summaries covering business, self-help, personal development, and other categories.
  • Personalized recommendations – The platforms recommend new titles based on your interests to help tailor your learning.
  • Progress tracking – You can save and track favorites summaries as you learn on both Headway and Blinkist.


  • Library size – With over 6,500 titles, Blinkist trounces Headway’s 1,500+ collection.
  • Summary quality – Headway summaries tend to provide more insightful analysis according to some users.
  • User interface – Headway features a more gamified, visually appealing interface with Instagram-like elements.
  • Pricing – Costs are similar, but Headway extends a small additional discount for annual memberships.

Now that you know the core similarities and distinctions, let’s analyze them further in the key feature breakdown.

Breaking Down Blinkist vs Headway: 7 Key Comparisons

1. User Interface and Overall Experience

When it comes to user-friendliness and engagement, Blinkist and Headway have different strengths catering to different preferences:

📱 Blinkist
  • Minimalist, easy-to-use interface with intuitive navigation
  • Robust search makes finding books ultra-convenient
  • Very few interface quibbles among users
📱 Headway
  • More playful, gamified aesthetic incorporating badges and challenges
  • Initially, the dynamic design may seem slightly overwhelming
  • Finding specific titles can involve a bit more searching vs Blinkist

Bottom line – Blinkist wins for simplicity and convenience. But if an engaging, gamified experience sounds fun, explore Headway.

  • 🏆 Blinkist = Easier to Use
  • 👑 Headway = More Gamified Fun

2. Customization and Personalization

Both apps allow you to tailor aspects of your learning adventure:

📱 Blinkist Customization Wins

  • Create custom book summary collections
  • Opt-in for personalized recommendations
  • Set reading goals and track progress
  • Toggle audio speed and notifications

📱 Headway Also Offers:

  • Switch between text and audiobook summaries
  • Control notification settings
  • Adjust audio playback speed

Headway has the basics covered, but Blinkist pulls ahead with <b>superior personalization capabilities</b>. Customize to your heart’s content with highlights, goals, and bespoke book collections.

3. Device Compatibility and Support

Convenience is key with on-the-go learning. How do these platforms stack up?

📱 Headway

  • Fully compatible with iOS and Android phones and tablets

📱 Blinkist

  • Works seamlessly on iOS and Android
  • Also accessible via web browser on laptops and desktops

Both support leading mobile devices. However, Blinkist increases accessibility even further through <b>web-based support</b>.

Wherever you roam, from desktop to smartphone, Blinkist allows learning without boundaries.

4. Content Library Comparison

Let’s explore the reading material on offer to uncover which app wins as your library:

📚 Library Size
  • Blinkist: Over 6,500 titles and growing
  • Headway: Around 1,500+ titles

The size difference is stark. Blinkist dominates with nearly 5X more book choices in its virtual halls.

📚 Content Variety
  • Blinkist: Spans non-fiction AND fiction plus podcasts
  • Headway: Focused solely on productivity and self-help non-fiction

Blinkist captivates more interests with its diverse range touching multiple genres.

📚 Content Updates
  • Both apps refresh content libraries weekly
  • Blinkist adds ~5 new book summaries per week
  • Headway provides ~10 new titles weekly

When it comes to fresh content, Headway inches ahead adding summaries at a quicker pace.

All considered, Blinkist wins as the more expansive personal library with nearly 5X more book choice variety. But Headway offers a targeted library for productivity-focused learning with faster content updates.

5. Learning Tools and Features

Let’s uncover what’s inside these virtual learning arsenals:

📱Headway Learning Tools
  • Gamification elements like challenges and badges
  • Quizzes to reinforce comprehension
  • AI recommendations match titles to your tastes
  • Download summaries for offline access
  • Earn trophies and rewards as you learn
📱 Blinkist Learning Tools
  • Highlight key passages in the text
  • Build custom collections of summaries
  • Control audio playback speed
  • Get offline access to downloaded content
  • Stay on track with reading goals

Both feature the core basics like offline learning and personalized suggestions. Gamified learning is Headway’s main edge. Meanwhile, Blinkist offers more ways to engage with content through features like highlights and curated collections.

Based on your preferred learning style, weigh up which toolkit better complements your needs.

6. Seamless Offline Access

Neither app wants spotty connections interrupting your learning. Both allow downloading content to the app for offline access anytime, anywhere.

Key Offline Access Features:

  • No limits on the number of downloads
  • Headway: Find downloads in the “My Downloads” section
  • Blinkist: Access downloads via the “Downloads” section
  • Sync progress when reconnected

Whether you’re globetrotting or in a Wi-Fi dead zone, offline access ensures obstacles won’t stop your learning quest.

7. Pricing and Subscription Plans

Let’s compare the investment for knowledge with each app:

Subscription Plans
Plan TypeHeadwayBlinkist
Monthly Price$14.99$15.99
Annual Price$89.99
(40% OFF)
(48% OFF)
Free Trial7 days7 days
  • Blinkist is marginally more costly
  • But Blinkist offers a bigger annual discount
  • Both offer week-long free trials

Considering the minor pricing difference, most likely won’t be the deciding factor. Instead, focus on comparing features to determine value against your learning priorities.

Headway vs Blinkist: Key Pros and Cons

Let’s summarize the core perks and downsides of each app:

  • Gamification makes learning fun
  • Offline access enables on-the-go learning
  • Recommendations match interests
  • Quizzes reinforce retention
  • Visually appealing illustrations
  • Smaller content library
  • Only one free summary daily
  • Limited to productivity/self-help

  • Huge 6,500+ book summary library
  • Varied tools like highlights and speed control
  • Online and offline access
  • Personalized recommendations
  • Slightly more expensive
  • Less gamified experience

As the pros and cons indicate, there are excellent reasons to choose either app. It ultimately depends on whether you prioritize enjoyment, tools, or content variety.

Final Verdict: Which Summarizing Platform Wins?

When all’s weighed up in this epic Headway vs Blinkist duel, there’s no universally superior option. The perfect app for you depends on your key learning priorities:

  • 🥇 If you prioritize enjoyable and gamified learning, Headway is your match.
  • 🥇 If you want to maximize content variety and learning tools, Blinkist better suits your needs.

Both apps enable seamless online and offline access to summaries. This means no connectivity issues can slow your learning journey.

Overall, armed with the complete feature comparison above, you now have all the details needed to confidently pick your top choice app for condensed learning on the go.


Whichever route you take for self-improvement, happy reading, and Godspeed on your quest for knowledge!

FAQs About Headway and Blinkist

Let’s answer some commonly asked questions about these platforms:

  • Q1: Is Blinkist better than Headway?

It depends on what you value more. Blinkist has more titles and tools, while Headway offers better gamification. Choose based on your key priorities.

  • Q2: Does Headway offer an engaging experience?

Yes. With gamification features, Headway delivers a fun, dynamic way to learn compared to traditional platforms.

  • Q3: Can I access Blinkist on my phone and laptop?

Yes. Blinkist works seamlessly across smartphones, tablets, laptops, and desktops thanks to full web support.

  • Q4: How many book summaries does Headway have?

Headway has over 1,500 summarized titles in its library with around 10 new additions weekly.

  • Q5: Can I get a refund on Blinkist if I don’t like it?

Yes. Blinkist has a 14-day money-back satisfaction guarantee allowing full refunds for new subscribers.

  • Q6: Which app has better audio features?

Both Blinkist and Headway provide full audio versions of summaries. Blinkist also lets you adjust playback speed.

  • Q7: Will internet issues stop me from learning?

No. Both apps let you download summaries for uninterrupted offline access wherever you are.

  • Q8: Can I trial Headway for free first?

Yes. Headway offers a 7-day free trial so you can test it risk-free before deciding.

  • Q9: Does Blinkist have over 6,500 summaries?

Yes. With over 6,500 titles across fiction, non-fiction, and podcasts, Blinkist has one of the largest libraries available.

  • Q10: Which app is more affordable?

They have similar pricing, but annual subscriptions give you up to 40-48% off compared to monthly billing. Headway is marginally cheaper.


Hopefully, these FAQs have helped answer any lingering questions! 💡

Conclusion: Start Learning Smarter Today

We’ve now covered every key contrast between Blinkist and Headway apps.

The best one for your needs depends on your prioritize:

  • 👑 A fun, gamified experience → Headway Or
  • 👑 Maximizing learning tools and content variety → Blinkist

Whichever route you pick for learning on the go, both apps make it easy to absorb game-changing wisdom within minutes anytime, anywhere.


Ready to start downloading knowledge? Visit Blinkist and Headway to grab your free trial today!

Here are direct links to get your free 7 day trial started:

Now dive in and begin upgrading yourself through these knowledge goldmines. Happy learning! 😎🌟

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