Block Hexa Advanced Level 50 – If you want to test your puzzle skills then you must try the block Hexa game on your smartphone, no matter if you are using Android or iOS because this game is available on both devices.


In this game, your puzzle skills will be popped out and you can test them with a classic dissection puzzle format. 

Block Hexa Advanced Level 50

Block Hexa Advanced Level 50


In this game, you will get unique hexagonal pieces that will definitely enhance your mental skills like you never imagined ever in your life.


This is quite an addictive puzzle game for people who love to play mind-full games. People are usually stuck at Block Hexa Advanced Stage 50.

How to Play Block Hexa Game?

  • In this game, you need to arrange the blocks to fit in the grid section. 
  • You can’t rotate the hex blocks.
  • You need to collect block pieces to level up such as “Block Hexa Advanced Stage 50”.
  • You have to be careful with the blockades.
  • There is no time limit. 

Block Hexa Game Features:

  • This game has easy gameplay which you can learn in seconds, but be ready to face tricky levels. 
  • There are thousands of unique levels to get your brain to the next level. 
  • Gran regular rewards and earn more special quests. 
  • Amazing, playful graphics and themes for the best entertaining game. 
  • This game is known for its perfect brain teaser. 
  • Press stere-free! Your game will automatically save. 

How to Connect with the Developers?

  • Bitmango Email –
  • Bitmango homepage:

How to Download Block Hexa Puzzle Game on Android and iOS Devices?

More Game Level Solutions:


We hope you got the right solution for Block Hexa Advanced Level 50 and now you can cross this level to reach Block Hexa Advanced Level 51 don’t worry, we will also put the solution of stage 51 for you to learn the right steps to clear the next level as well.


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