By the time we humans have discovered as well as invented things that have allowed us to utilize our precious time in a better way. From toothbrush to space vehicles (rocket) everything is the great creation of the human mind.


Our day-to-day activities entirely depend on these very creations and also our cooking. Nowadays gas cylinders are the only answer to our cooking. According to a census a great number of people use gas cylinders to cook.

In every area, a gas cylinder is provided by the government. But gas cylinders are not very safe to handle. Gas cylinders are commonly used in every household. Every gas cylinder carries 14.5kg fuel. These cylinders are very sensitive.

How to Book a Gas Connection With App and Website?

new gas connection



It can end up blasting, faulty pipes, regulators, leakage in the cylinder head can help it take place. This can be the reason for property and life hazards. So we have to be careful while taking a new gas connection

Let us talk about what should be our safety measurement during this time, 

Ask for the instruments which are to be used to connect the cylinder with the oven:- 

When you are taking a new gas connection make sure that the instruments which are to be used with the connection are being provided by the organization. These instruments (a gas pipe, regulator) are very important and very sensitive. We have to be very careful during taking a new connection. Faulty pipes regulator and leakage in the gas head can be destructive. Better you can consult with your connection provider. 

Things to be taken into account while taking a new gas connection –

  • The safety cap:- When you are taking a new connection to be careful with the seal and the safety cap. If you face any doubtful event while receiving your connection ask the delivery man to ensure that the cylinder is safe with a demo. Do not hesitate to ask because it is about your safety. 
  • Keep the cylinder at ground level:- It is for safety. Because, if the cylinder falls from the elevated platform it can cause leakage into the cylinder. 
  • Do not let the delivery man or any other person drag or roll the cylinder, in that case, the probability of danger can be increased. It is strictly prohibited from the government as a safety procedure.

Be alert for any kind of risky signal:-

Gas cylinders can be very dreadful if it blasts. It can be the reason of death. So the time when you are taking a new gas connection, take all the needed measurements as precautions to prevent the risks.

  • The “O” ring must be intact inside the cylinder valve:-
  • Always be careful while working with the cylinder and be alert for any activity that gives risky indications. 
  • Avoid candle or any firelight to examine leakages:-
  • Never keep the cylinder lying on the floor, because it can cause excessive gas leakage. 
  • Cylinders should always be kept in a well- ventilated place. 
  • Always turn off the regulator and oven knobs when the cylinder gas is not being used.
  • Never keep the empty cylinders in a warm or heated place.
  • Always remember to change the cylinder pipe and rubber tube every 6 months.

Measurements to be taken in case there is a leakage:-

  • If there is a leakage then the first thing that you have to keep in mind that, not to panic. 
  • Turn off the electronic devices, do not use them until the house is getting free from the gas leakage.
  • Open the windows and doors of your home. 
  • Do not light any fire substance.
  • Get in touch with the fire instructor and the dealer for safety precautions.

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