Call of Duty: Warzone is an exciting game full of enthusiasm and adventure. The game has surely risen the popularity charts since its release, and the charm is still impressive. However, not every player knows about its secrets. These minor aspects can undoubtedly help a player reach the winning point easily while enjoying every moment of the game. 


Call of Duty Warzone Tips and Tricks

Call of Duty Warzone Tips


Being an ardent gamer, it’s indispensable to go through some tips and tricks for better gameplay. Going through these tips and tricks and implementing them in your gameplay will assist you by great means. Use Warzone Hacks and stay at the top of your game with ease. 

Checking out maps is essential

As per the experts, it is essential to comprehend the entire map and many professional players give great preference to this tip. Thus, it is advisable to check out the maps before you start playing the game. This would enable you to understand the directions and get a proper idea of the map. Also, this can prove to be advantageous for you as you can use this information against your enemies.


Do not rush to the enemy on your own

Many players make the mistake of rushing towards their enemies by themselves. If you want to accomplish good gameplay, try to engage with your team and follow suit. You can have a word with your teammates about techniques you have mastered. You will be finely clarified with what to do next, and thus this would assist you immensely.

Being more specific while discussing where you would like to begin is significant. Every team member should try to support each other, and communication is the key to a successful battle. Pristine battles don’t occur independently; you need to support your teammates and defend yourself adequately.

Play up your strengths

Some players become good enough to wipe out an entire squad from headshots with a sniper with continuous practice. Some are highly passionate about playing with SMGs, while others are more aggressive in the warzone. Initially, it isn’t easy to kill all the opponents on your own and be the most decent player. Until then, take advantage of your strengths.

It takes time and practice to become the best player, so till that time, play with the techniques you have mastered. While trudging down the warzone, every experienced player would recommend you to be more efficient with your techniques and strategy.


Alter your settings for the best play

You can finetune your settings to play an efficient game. For the best play, you need to change some settings. Every player has a variant playing style, and by incorporating these tips, you can play more efficiently. By changing the following settings, you can kill multiple opponents since these settings are user-friendly. Let’s have a glance at the settings you need to change:

  • Slide behavior – Tap
  • Armor plate behavior – Apply all
  • Parachute Auto-Deploy – Disabled
  • Music volume – 0.0
  • Minimap shape – Square

By changing these settings, you can play well.

Do not stop looting even if you are full of loadouts

Many players stop looting if they find the resources once they are full with the loadouts. Do not stop looting even if you are full of cash and gear. It would be best if you tried to gain more ammo, cash, and gear. You can go for an Armor pouch and a high amount of cash. Being full with the loot will help you win the game, and you won’t run out of the loot. So make certain that you don’t stop looting even though you are full.

Try to plate up

This tip is known to be a rapid one but is significant. If you have plates available with you, then make certain that you use them. You can store up to five plates or even eight plates if you have a satchel. It would be a great tip to use plates during a gunfight. If plates aren’t available to you, try to loot them or buy them at your convenience. Make certain that you always plate up whenever required and even during gunfights.



Call of Duty is a courageous game, and it demands multiple skills and techniques to win the battle. A player at the initial level won’t be able to learn those skills and techniques immediately so those players can try these Call of Duty Warzone Tips. Thus suggesting you go through the tips mentioned above. It will prove to be advantageous for you.

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