Hey Guys, welcome back to all of you on your favorite website where we provide you everything related to apps and games. As you know we always try to help our readers who stuck at some games level, so today we are going to give you the best candy crush 1642 tips for candy crush saga game.

Don’t worry you are not the one who alone stuck at candy crush saga 1642 level, even there are millions of candy crush game users stuck at lower levels too. So, without any worries, you can follow this guide for getting tips for 1642 candy crush level so you can clear out this level.

Candy Crush 1642 Tips

Candy Crush 1642 Tips

The Candy Crush Level 1642 is the level where the user must bring down and 1 cherry in just 35 correct moves. You can watch the candy crush 1642 tips guide with video and you can get the idea to clear candy crush saga level 1642.


Candy Crush 1642 Tips – Strategies

Strategy #1:

First, you need to move the cherry from the top to below to match candies in the large section. You can try out the color bombs to help move the cherry via the teleporters and keep it down to the larger section faster.

Strategy #2:

Now, you must try to keep the cherry down to the exit, and it will be good if you stripped and wrapped candies combination. To get the candies, try to open the right side so it can give you the space to create it. Color bombs will surely help you to open up the playing field. Once the cherry is on top of the teleporter, you can use unique candies to remove the candy on different sides of candy crush game. Try to repeat until the cherry keeps down on the board.


Strategy #3:

Once you successfully take the cherry to the forth conveyor, then you are almost done. A match in the center of the stage at the correct moment, it will get the cherry out. You must clear the icing asap, you can able to create the best candy combinations.

Candy Crush Level 1642 Video

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