You have landed on this post that means you are aware with Cemu Wii U Emulator, but we would like to share some quick info about cemu wii u with all those who don’t know what is cemu emulator and this post is specially created for “Cemu Breath of the Wild” because on our social media handles cemu lovers want to know more about cemu breath of the wild download on their smart devices.


Everything about Cemu Breath of the Wild

cemu breath of the wild


People used to complaint about botw cemu download on our Facebook page so we can share some solution to them, so we are going to share some info about cemu breath of the wild rom with you guys.

People also find cemu breath of the wild reddit answers on Games section of Reddit but we also try to share our solution with you today, so stay tuned with us on this post.


In past, we checked this game and that time it is pretty much unplayable and has some issues in the frame per second coding. But recently we searching more about Cemu Breath of the Wild and with the CEMU 1.8.0 update fix all past issues and now breath of the wild is much playable than before.

We would like to suggest you to check CEMU subreddit also because you can get more information about the game and here you can check what people say about it after latest update.

You can check below video to check that now with new update of CEMU, Frames per second are looking much better than before and now it is stable to play.

Before breath of the wild needs heavily overclocked CPU such as i7-7700k with GTX 1070 and there are very few people who use this kind of high configure CPU and GPU but now even less configure CPU also perform good.


But CEMU also shares that breath of the wild developers do mention that your game may crash when entering a shrine but for now the best solution is to start the game again as of now.

Final Verdict:

So CEMU is a one of the best emulator which allows users to play Wii U Games on their PC or Mac. You can play your favorite Wii U titles in 4K resolutions but as of now Wii U only supports up to 1080p so if you play this on 4K that you will experience spikes in Visual fidelity.

If you want to download then Click Here.


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