Cheat Engine APK 2024 Download v7.4 (Pro/Premium/No Root)


Cheat Engine APK 2024 Version has emerged as one of the most popular game hacking tools for Android devices. With roots tracing back to the original Cheat Engine software for Windows, this Android version packs some serious punch when it comes to memory editing and manipulating game values.


In this comprehensive guide, we will explore everything you need to know about Cheat Engine APK, including what it is, its features and benefits, step-by-step installation and usage instructions, top alternatives, frequently asked questions, and more.

Whether you are a casual mobile gamer looking to enhance gameplay or an avid hacker and tweaker, this powerful utility deserves a place in your app arsenal.

Cheat Engine APK 2024 Download v7.4 (Pro/Premium/No Root)

Cheat Engine APK
Cheat Engine APK 2024 Download v7.4 (Pro/Premium/No Root)

What is Cheat Engine APK?

Cheat Engine APK is the Android port of the popular Cheat Engine cheating and memory editing software that has been hugely popular in the PC gaming community for over a decade. It allows users to manipulate in-game values and memory addresses to alter things like health, stats, currency, and much more.


The software essentially scans the device memory for specific values you define corresponding to certain assets or stats in a game. Once located, these memory addresses can be edited to change the associated values, letting you do things like give yourself unlimited money or health.

Some key things to know about Cheat Engine APK:

  • Created by respected hacking community figure Dark Byte
  • Requires root access for full functionality
  • Lets you find and alter in-game values like money, stats, etc.
  • Can import trainer files and cheat tables to automate hacking
  • Attaches to any game process running on your device
  • Completely free to use (no in-app purchases)

Benefits of Using Cheat Engine APK

Cheat Engine APK offers Android gamers a quick and convenient way to manipulate their favorite games in a variety of helpful and fun ways, including:

  • Unlock paid/premium game content for free
  • Access unlimited in-game currencies and assets
  • Become invincible with max health, armor, etc.
  • Boost skill points, experience points, and more
  • Skip annoying wait timers in freemium games
  • Experiment and tinker with game mechanics
  • Make grinding faster and less tedious
  • Unlock achievements/trophies early
  • Generally, enhance gameplay experiences

Unlike mods and hacked game clients which are usually game-specific, Cheat Engine can be used to cheat in virtually any Android game. This gives you incredible flexibility to customize and tailor-make your gaming fun.


Key Features of Cheat Engine APK

Here are some of the core features that make Cheat Engine such a versatile and user-friendly memory editor:

  • Intuitive User Interface Cheat Engine APK features an easy-to-use interface letting you scan for values, edit memory addresses on the fly, save/load tables, import trainers, and more with just a few taps.
  • Value Scanner Quickly locates hard-to-find values like health, currency, and more in real-time while playing the game. Supports multiple value data types too.
  • Memory Editor Once you’ve located targets, alter in-game values instantly without needing to re-launch games or mess with config files manually.
  • Cheat Table Support Import cheat tables and trainers created by other users or create your own to automate the hacking process for specific games.
  • Process Attacher Attach Cheat Engine dynamically to any game process currently active on your device with a single button press for seamless integration.

How to Download and Install Cheat Engine APK 2024 on Android?

Being an unsupported third-party utility, Cheat Engine APK is not available officially via the Google Play Store. However, it can be easily downloaded and installed with a few quick steps:

  1. Enable “Unknown Sources” in Android settings to allow installs from third-party APK files. This is usually under Security or Application Settings.
  2. Download the latest Cheat Engine APK file from a trusted site like [].
  3. Once downloaded, launch and install the APK file onto your device. Accept any permission popups shown.
  4. The app will now be installed on your device’s app drawer/menu and is ready to launch.
  5. On the first launch, you will need to enable root access by granting SuperUser permissions inside the app.
  6. Cheat Engine should now launch successfully with full functionality unlocked on your rooted Android device.

And that’s all there is to it! The app will automatically update itself periodically with bug fixes and new features. Just re-enable root access whenever Cheat Engine prompts you after an update.

Alternatives to Cheat Engine APK

Here are some top alternatives you can try out if Cheat Engine does not suit your needs:

  1. SB Game Hacker – Easy-to-use memory scanner and editor for modifying money, stats, etc.
  2. GameGuardian – A similar cheating tool for locating and changing game values via an extensive built-in scanner.
  3. Xmodgames – Game hacker and mod menu library offering tweaks and trainers for popular games like Clash Royale and more.
  4. GameCIH – Lightweight memory editor focusing on being a fast scanning and injection tool. Supports Lua scripts.
  5. Lucky Patcher – Advanced game modding app that can bypass in-app purchases, remove ads, modify app permissions, and more.

FAQs on Cheat Engine APK

  • Q. Why does Cheat Engine require root access?

Root access grants Cheat Engine elevated permissions needed to scan system-level memory processes and make changes that normally would be blocked for security. Without root, its core functionality would not work.

  • Q. Is using Cheat Engine APK legal and safe?

Modifying single player games for personal non-commercial use is generally legally permissible. However, cheating in online games may violate terms of service. As far as safety, while rare, bans are possible in online games. Use sensibly.

  • Q. Will Cheat Engine work on non-rooted devices?

Cheat Engine can technically run but will lack the ability to scan memory or attach to processes, making it impossible to actually hack games without root. So root is mandatory.

  • Q. What are some best games to use with Cheat Engine?

Some games well-suited to hacking with Cheat Engine include Minecraft PE, Terraria, Bloons TD, Data Wing, Swordigo, PAKO 2, Limbo, Don’t Starve, GTA, The Room series and many more premium single player titles.

  • Q. Can I create my cheat tables?

Yes, experienced users can make their cheat tables with memory addresses for specific games using the built-in table editor and then share them with others via the community forums.

  • Q. I can’t find a value I want in my game’s memory. Why?

Some games have anti-cheating countermeasures that encrypt, shuffle, or hide values, making it impossible for Cheat Engine to locate. Updating to the last app version may help overcome some of these protections.

  • Q. How is Cheat Engine different on Android versus PC?

The core functionality remains similar with scanning and editing capabilities at the center. But advanced features like debugger support, Lua extension, code injection, etc. only currently exist in the Windows version. The Android variant continues to evolve.

  • Q. I can’t get Cheat Engine working on Lollipop or newer Android versions. Help!

Try enabling developer settings and USB debugging options if running into crashes or errors launching/using Cheat Engine on modern Android releases. This often resolves any incompatible OS related problems.

  • Q. Without root, what can Cheat Engine realistically help me with?

Sadly without root access, Cheat Engine for Android is extremely limited. At best, certain generic pre-made trainers may work on select games. But you lose the ability to scan memory or dynamically edit values. So root is mandatory for any meaningful usage.


For anyone interested in exploring the possibilities of game hacking and memory manipulation on mobile, Cheat Engine APK is hands-down the most reputable choice available.

Thanks to continual development driven by the legendary hacking pioneer Dark Byte himself, it has grown leaps and bounds after initially launching on Android over 7 years back.


While still lagging a bit behind its more mature Windows counterpart, this versatile utility gets better with each update.

And when paired with root access, offers players a way to inject some fun back into premium titles gone stale with the benefit of on-device value editing tools rivaling computer-based offerings.

So give Cheat Engine APK a shot if looking to sidestep pesky microtransactions, accelerate boring grinds, or just breathe some fresh life into your favorite Android games.

Just be sensible about use to avoid unnecessary risks associated with game-modding. But when applied judiciously, this app can transform the way you game on mobile!


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