Writing unique content is compulsory if you are willing to get benefitted in the online web world and what if you can create unique content with the best article rewriter tools 2021 that help you to make fresh articles to publish on blogs or websites. 


But how can it be done?

There is mostly more than one approach to do any task and the same goes when we are going to make content unique.

Create Unique Content with Best Article Rewriter Tools 2021

Best Article Rewriter Tools



So, you can do this by avoiding some factors, follow some steps and the second option is to go for an online tool. If your preference is to go for the time-effective and easiest approach then you can go for using online tools. 

The good thing about using these tools is, they are readily available on the internet and most of them are completely free of cost. And some of them are paid tools but if you find them efficient and fulfill your requirements then you can go for these tools too. It can be worth spending the money as long as they are useful and give you accurate and unique content.

How to Rewrite An Article using Online Article Rewriter Tools 2021?

First of all, we need to be cleared that which tool is suitable for rewriting your content, or we can say which tool is designed to make the article unique after rewriting. An article rewriter is a tool specifically designed to remove plagiarism by rewriting it but how can it be possible? 

Same as the paraphrasing tools, article rewriters are dedicated to change the words with their most relevant synonyms. Changing synonyms are not enough, we need to change them according to the intent of the content like which words better suit. Luckily, article rewriters are that efficient to add suitable synonyms and focus on the readability of the content.


There are many rewriters and how can we pick the best one from them? Some factors can make a tool best and we are going to discuss them in detail.

What Factors to Consider While Picking Best Article Rewriter Tools 2021?

Keep in mind that some factors are considered as important as you cannot ignore them and some of them have flexibility like you can ignore them to some extent.

The simplest example is; we cannot ignore the accuracy of the tool but we can ignore the color scheme of the tool.

So, keeping all of these things, we have shortlisted some of the important factors that need to be focused on.

  • Accuracy:

The very basic or primary factor is accuracy and it is important not only for article rewriters only but it is very important for every tool.

When we do not attain accuracy, it cannot be beneficial at all it can surely mess up your tasks and you need to give some extra time to your content.

  • Price:

The second thing that can matter for lots of people either they are students or some professionals like bloggers.

You need to find a free tool if you are not willing to pay or you are unable to pay as we mentioned above that there are many tools available and those are free of cost.

  • Interface:

The interface of the tool plays a vital role in making the task easier or difficult; having an easy and user-friendly interface can help you complete your task in less time.

But if you get a tool with a complex interface then it can take much time for task completion. By considering these factors, we have shortlisted some article rewriters below

Best Article Rewriting Tools 2021:

Shortlisting only these three tools doesn’t mean only these tools are suitable or available but we can say that these three fulfill the requirements either they are basic or advanced.

After reading this guide, you can decide whether these tools are good to use or meant to be ignored.


For deciding, you need to have an eye on all of the features of the below-discussed article rewriting tools.

If you are willing to go for a free and easy tool, then you can give this tool a try as we have personally used it and then writing about this tool. Just after entering the website, you can see the three options that are termed modes. There are three modes of using this tool; one is word changer, second is sentence changer and the third one is plagiarism remover.

After rewriting the article, you don’t need to switch to another tool for checking plagiarism and removing plagiarism, you can do it by using Many tools have the easiest and user-friendly interfaces and we also have an easy interface in this tool.


As we mentioned above that if you are willing to complete your task in less time then you must go for a tool that has a user-friendly interface.

By using Editpad, you can do many tasks related to writing or blogging like you can check plagiarism, rewrite your content, and many more. Here, we are specifically talking about the article rewriter of and we are going to give the details of this tool. Make it clear that we are reviewing all of these tools after using them personally and according to the expert and user reviews.

This rewriting tool needs just a few steps and then it can provide you with an accurate and unique rewritten article. The good thing that can be an attraction for many people is, supporting multiple file formats as you can use pdf, txt, doc, and Docx formats. 


Sometimes, you need to rewrite articles in bulk and then this tool can be a better choice.

  • Jasper.Ai – Best Copywriting Tool 2022 is also known as, but due to some reason, they changed the name but not the functionality of this tool. This copywriting tool can provide the best and most unique content easily with just one click.

You can also check this Review to understand this tool more and you can get a discount coupon as well.



Article rewriting tools can easily save your time and provide accurate results and the content must be plagiarism-free. It is not wrong to say that having plagiarism-free content is very important either this content is going to publish on the internet or you are using it for some other purpose. 

We have shared the two Best Article Rewriter Tools 2021 that are completely free of cost and readily available so, you can go for any of them.

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