GameStop is a video game retailer in the United States that sells both online and in shops. GameStop also sells a variety of famous game merchandise.


The question which might pop into your head would be what GameStop prestige is? The store’s basic idea is that; they ranked higher in terms of customer service. In comparison, to any other GameStop sites.

Difference Between a Regular GameStop Store or a Prestige Store

GameStop Store vs Prestige Store


Here are some of the qualities which make the GameStop prestige different from regular GameStop:


Customer Service

 GameStop Prestige has extremely satisfied consumers because the staff there does have the expertise to solve almost any problem. Apart from that, that’s how they have to operate. They’ve also been provided more arguing power over restoration issues because, as a Prestige store, they’ve already established relationships with their client base.

Customer service and their satisfaction is the first step towards achieving the milestone. As they are the ones who make the regular GameStop, Prestige.

On the other hand, regular GameStop often fails to satisfy their customers through their services. non-satisfactory service for the customers often leads them towards their disappointment which later results in avoidance of their service.

Any store in the district has the power to become prestigious by proving their standard to their customers by satisfying them and by fulfilling their demands of discounts.


Deals and Discounts

Prestige stores seem to have more credibility when it comes to securing discounts and exclusive offers. Prestige stores receive larger amounts of famous items and also have unique Prestige Days with a variety of good deals.

Deals and discounts are the main attraction for customers and play the main role in customer’s psychology. Most customers willing to buy the product will look for a discounted item or in deals. It is proved that deals and discounts play a vital role in gaining new customers as they create a sense of urgency in customers.

Regular GameStop stores do not play with these tactics, hence they fail to attract a new audience and might also lose their customers. They also are anxious about assisting you with returns or exchanges, and rightfully so, given that the majority of such statements are false.

Prestige stores occasionally hold special GameStop Prestige Days, during which they deliver even greater promotions and discounts on gaming products. It is not possible in regular GameStop stores.


Employees and customers both will benefit from this because customers will be able to obtain rate products and games, while employees will have increased sales at their stores.

Daily Surveys

The title “prestige” is given to those stores, who collect satisfactory results from their customers after each of their transactions. This honor entitles the store to offer exclusive offers that non-prestige stores are unable to offer, giving the prestige store a distinct advantage.

This system operates primarily to provide an opportunity for workers to try to obtain further surveys, as well as for consumers to participate in them.

GameStop Prestige stores have met expectations such as a survey-to-transaction ratio of at least 1.5 percent and a client satisfaction score of at least 85 percent based on all those surveys. In the Guest feedback survey, they will also ask you about the associate number. This will help in giving benefits and discounts to the employer who was assessing you throughout your experience in GameStop prestige.


Moreover, your feedback points are only added in the respective store from where you have experienced your purchases. That helps the other people to avoid biases if the one store creates any mishap.

Latest and High-quality Games

Prestige stores are given first preference for hot goods because they’re more likely to obtain more copies of the latest or uncommon games. People look up to their prestigious stores, as they never fail to fulfill the demands of their customers. They restock their items quickly, as they are being shipped in larger quantities all over the country.

Location and Recommendation

To qualify as a Prestige store, a location must meet a set of criteria and fulfill the demands of customers. In every short survey receiving favorable feedback in which customers claim they will recommend the store to a friend or family is the most important component in the success of any store.

It proves their satisfaction and more people will come to light about GameStop’s prestige and their deals and offers.


Physical Stores

You can set the GameStop website to the location of a nearby store, this has no impact on the online game sales, which are the same regardless of location. Offers from prestige stores are only valid at their physical locations.

As most gamers tend to shop in person rather than online because they don’t want to pay for a delivery, the concept of Prestige stores is ideal for those who prefer to shop in person.

The Success of GameStop

The business is based in Grapevine, Texas (a Dallas suburb), and is the world’s most popular game retailer. Under the GameStop, EB Games, Think Geek, and Micro Mania-Zing brands, the firm operates 4,816 locations as of January 30, 2021, comprising more than three thousand in the United States. Furthermore, two hundred in Canada, more than four hundred in Australia, and approximately a thousand stores in Europe.

GameStop TV is a Best Buy in-store television network with non-endemic revenues through a collaboration with Play wire Media. GameStop TV broadcasts programs specifically for GameStop customers. Each month, new content segments about forthcoming video game launches, special developer interviews, and product demos are added to the mix.


GameStop’s activities were extended into Europe, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand as a result of the acquisition. Two years later, in 2007, GameStop paid an undisclosed amount to Blockbuster LLC for Rhino Video Games. Rhino Video Games owned and run 70 video game stores Thanks to a 44 percent and 28 percent rise in revenue,

GameStop announced plans to open 65 new Technology Brand stores and 35 new Collectibles stores. Throughout the Southeast.


Indeed the identified differences are worthy to make a prestige store better than a regular one. However, let us know your thoughts and experience in this regard.


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