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Managing small business finances and taxes can be extremely complex. When questions or issues come up, getting fast expert support is critical. That’s where comes in – providing QuickBooks users and tax professionals secure remote access screen sharing with Intuit agents for a quick resolution.



This guide will cover everything business owners and accountants need to know about utilizing for simplified QuickBooks troubleshooting and ProConnect tax software assistance.

Discover why it’s beneficial, how Glance Intuit remote access works, starting a support session, safety and security protocols, removing the software after use, alternative Intuit support options, and more!


About is Intuit’s official remote support desktop and screen sharing tool designed exclusively for QuickBooks and ProConnect customers. It allows small business owners, accountants, and tax professionals to quickly initiate a live interactive support session with an expert Intuit agent to address issues in real-time.

The Glance Intuit software eliminates the hassle of complex software troubleshooting over the phone. Instead, you simply download and install the tiny app and grant secure viewing access to the Intuit technician. They can then see exactly what you see on your version of QuickBooks or ProConnect and either walk you through fixes step-by-step or handle updates themselves.

This immediate visibility and control equates to faster identification of problems and solutions compared to traditional customer service calls. You also have the complete ability to monitor what the agent does and disconnect at any time for peace of mind.

Why You Should Use Glance Intuit QuickBooks Remote Support?

Here are the top advantages of using remote screen sharing instead of traditional Intuit phone or chat support:

  • Faster troubleshooting – Agents immediately see your issue firsthand instead of relying on descriptions.
  • Hands-on demonstrations – Technicians can walk you through real-time software processes on your live setup.
  • Convenience factor – Support sessions are accessible anytime without waiting on hold for the next available agent.
  • Increased security – Encrypted connectivity and permissions monitoring give you control over what agents can view/access.
  • Step-by-step guidance – Experts provide over-the-shoulder guidance tailored to your specific problem.
  • Self-service options – Some repairs can be handled directly by the agent with your approval.
  • Accessibility – Remote sessions work seamlessly across Windows and Mac operating systems.

With direct visibility and instant answers, Glance Intuit remote support empowers entrepreneurs to resolve QuickBooks or ProConnect hiccups in minutes and get back to business!

What Is Remote Support? delivers a secure and interactive screen-sharing platform granting approved Intuit experts exclusive access to troubleshooting QuickBooks or ProConnect issues directly on your live software setup.

It works by installing a tiny tool called Glance Guest on your Windows or Mac system allowing temporary remote viewing and control permissions to Intuit agents in real time. This allows them to see firsthand the issue you are experiencing for faster identification of solutions.

Once installed, simply activate the app to immediately initiate a support session anytime you need assistance with processes, settings, upgrades, errors or anything else related to managing your books with Intuit small business financial software.


How to Get Started With Glance Intuit Remote Access Software?

Glance Intuit Remote Access Software

Download Glance Intuit Remote Access Software

Utilizing Glance Intuit remote access software takes just minutes:

  • 1. Visit

Clicking the site link automatically downloads the Glance Guest installation file to your device.

  • 2. Open and Run the Installer

Launch the downloaded GlanceGuestSetup file from your browser’s downloads folder and follow the prompts.

  • 3. Provide Temporary Access Permissions

When launching Glance Intuit for the first time, you will be asked to accept the Terms of Service and confirm viewing permissions.

  • 4. Contact Intuit Support

Call the dedicated Intuit customer support line for your product (QuickBooks, ProConnect, etc.).

  • 5. Supply One-Time Access Code

The Intuit agent provides a secure numeric code allowing temporary connectivity to your system.

  • 6. Initialize Session

Input the code within Glance Intuit to connect screens with the agent. Voila, the remote support session is now active!


With just those few simple steps, you can now show the Intuit technician exactly what you see on your version of QuickBooks to expedite any troubleshooting or questions.

Is it Safe to Join a Remote Session?

Absolutely! incorporates extensive security protocols to keep all remote QuickBooks and ProConnect support sessions safe:

  • Strict certifications – Intuit agents must pass certification testing to access Glance Intuit.
  • Limited permissions – Agents can only view and control screens related to Intuit software.
  • Activity monitoring – You see and permit all actions agents take in real-time.
  • Remote deactivation – You maintain the ability to disconnect the session instantly at any point.
  • Secure encryption – 256-bit SSL technology protects the integrity of data transmission between systems.
  • Temporary access – Agents can only join active support sessions initiated by the customer.

You remain in complete control over what Intuit technicians can see and do on your financial system during the entire support call. Glance Intuit also deletes all session permissions and history immediately after you disconnect.

Is Malware?

Not! is a legitimate website owned and managed by Intuit strictly for facilitating customer support sessions.


The domain serves as a conduit connecting the secure Glance Guest remote access tool used by approved Intuit reps. Although downloading files from any new site initially raises flags, is verified safe.

Extensive Intuit certification procedures also ensure all agents granted Glance Intuit access are fully vetted experts skilled in responsibly troubleshooting QuickBooks and ProConnect while safeguarding client data integrity.

Does Allow Software Removal After Service?

Yes, uninstalling the Glance Guest utility from your Windows or Mac system after concluding your Intuit remote support session is simple. Just follow these steps:

  • 1. Access “Apps & Features”

Go to Settings > Apps > Apps & Features on Windows or Finder > Applications on Mac.

  • 2. Locate “GlanceGuest”

Scroll to find the Glance Guest utility installed after first downloading from

  • 3. Select “Uninstall”

Click the Uninstall button associated with Glance Guest and confirm removing the software.

That’s all it takes to delete the remote access tool from your device after finishing support calls. The small footprint app does NOT run constantly in the background or monitor usage.

What is works almost identically to but is purpose-built to help TurboTax users through secure remote screen sharing.


The tool allows taxpayers to grant Intuit experts special one-time access to view their live tax return files. Agents can then walk filers through completing tricky sections correctly or optimize deductions/credits for maximum refunds.

The remote software installation and overall support process mirrors Glance Intuit. The only difference is the tool’s exclusive focus on consumer DIY tax preparation assistance.

How to Start a Glance Intuit Remote Session?

Initializing a Glance Intuit remote access call takes just minutes:

  • Step 1) Contact the Intuit support line for your product (QuickBooks, ProConnect, etc.)
  • Step 2) Request a Glance Intuit-assisted support session
  • Step 3) Agent supplies one-time secure 5-digit access code
  • Step 4) Input code on your end to connect both screens

Once the code is entered successfully, the Intuit agent can now see everything on your monitor in real-time. Explain the challenge you are encountering with QuickBooks or ProConnect.


The technician will then either walk you through the necessary steps to resolve the issue or may take control of your mouse/keyboard with your approval to input adjustments themselves.

Monitor all actions closely and disconnect instantly anytime by closing the app. Just like that, your remote troubleshooting session through Glance Intuit concludes!

Further Support Options for Glance Intuit Issues

For additional assistance utilizing remote support software itself or questions about Intuit products, contact:

Intuit agents can also escalate any unresolved concerns to specialized teams if needed after remote sessions.


FAQs About

  • Q: What is

A: The official Intuit site for downloading Glance Guest remote support software assisting QuickBooks/ProConnect users.

  • Q: Is safe to use?

A: Yes, the site is fully verified and secure for initiating customer support screen sharing sessions.

  • Q: Who can access my system with Glance Intuit?

A: Only certified Intuit technicians with secure verification codes are provided by the user.

  • Q: What does software do?

A: Enables Intuit experts to view and control Intuit program screens to fix issues faster.

  • Q: Does remote support work on Mac?

A: Yes, Glance Intuit supports QuickBooks for Mac and Windows operating systems.

  • Q: Can Intuit see other programs on my computer?

A: No, their access is restricted exclusively to Intuit small business software.

  • Q: Is registration required to use Glance Intuit?

A: No registration needed – just download when support is requested.

  • Q: Is TurboTaxShare.Intuit safe too?

A: Yes, TurboTaxShare uses the same secure Glance remote access software protocols.

  • Q: Where is Glance Guest saved after installing?

A: It is housed under Apps & Features on Windows PCs and Applications on Mac.

  • Q: How does an Intuit agent connect remotely?

A: Enter a unique secure code provided each session to authenticate access.

Don’t hesitate to call dedicated Intuit customer support teams with any other questions!

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Conclusion: delivers an invaluable tool allowing QuickBooks users, accountants, and tax professionals to expedite technical support and maximize uptime.

By granting secure temporary remote access to your live Intuit small business system, certified Intuit reps can rapidly troubleshoot errors and walk through processes hands-on.

The Glance Guest software installation only takes a minute directly from Then input the verification code from any Intuit agent to activate a support session instantly with full visibility into your unique setup.


This real-time visibility paired with your ability to track and disconnect access at any time keeps sessions safe while accelerating solutions.

Don’t let minor hiccups with financial systems slow productivity. Use remote support to tap into Intuit’s army of experts and get back to business faster than ever before!

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