When you think about having a solution for sleeping problems, the first thing that comes to mind is an app that you can use for having a great day and a good night’s sleep. Especially for people who undergo stress. The Headspace app is just the right one for you. All you need to do is to go to the play store and download the app and pay $ 70.  This app is similar to the calm app. The headspace is one of the optimum apps for relieving your stress and get rejuvenated.


HeadSpace App Review 2020 – Learn How to Live Long

HeadSpace App Review 2020
HeadSpace App Review 2020

In this app, there are more structured courses that give you the experience of that equivalent to an in-person class. There are separate classes for beginners and professionals. 

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HeadSpace App Review 2020

Why are sharing HeadSpace App Review 2020 with you because one good thing about this app is that you can do the classes anywhere? The app offers short meditations for emergencies or for the occasional random quiet moment. 


Also, the design of the HeadSpace App which is the main highlight as it has a warm interface with fun illustrations and a well-organized library of courses. The HeadSpace Apk provides special guidance the beginners with well-sequenced classes through the basics of learning how to have a calm and active mind. 

There is a free trial of 14 days, which is even more useful for people who crave to be a good state of mind without the side effects of the allopathy medication. There are different types of sessions. 

  • There is a beginner level of meditation called the basic level which is especially for people who are just beginning with the app. Then another 2 sessions of 10 basics meditations. For the pro meditators, there are courses offered that are organized by topics and that which has six additional levels with 10 sessions each. 
  • Also for the pro meditators, headspace offers free form meditations that are listed under both guided and unguided ones. The meditation duration of headspace differs. For instance, there is a three-minute segment and a 10-minute segment. It also provides short guided sessions like “Unwind and restore” in its minis section. It also provides “Every day Headspace” which are short guided meditations where the speaker will guide you in each step. You can also adjust the timing of the meditations.

In headspace, you can easily toggle to download the full packs offline so that you can use them whenever you feel like. They also have singles available that can be used in emergency situations like panic, stress, and anger. There are certain pros and cons of the app. 


  • Headspace has a good visual impact on the viewers
  • The app can be used offline by downloading the full pack
  • It has special singles that can be used in case of emergencies like panic, stress, and anger.
  • It makes it easy to curate exactly what you want to do and see.


  • The accent of the speaker might be a problem for some
  • Animations and illustrations can be too much for some
  • The trial period of the app is limited too as there is not enough of it.

Thus it is the best app.

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