How to be a Better PUBG Player – Becoming a professional PUBG doesn’t only involve playing as much as you can. There’s a lot of learning and strategy creation but most people won’t do it because they play solo. This is the major difference between a professional player and someone who’s playing out of fun.

How to be a Better PUBG Player?

How to be a Better PUBG Player

PUBG is one of the biggest mobile games with amazing prize pools that every pro player is looking to win. Some championships even made it into sports news because games are becoming a sport and in some countries already are a sport.

China has a very advanced gaming culture where players get recognized on the street more than some famous people in other fields. So, becoming a better player or a professional can be very beneficial. Even if PUBG is mostly played in Asian countries, there are teams around the world so everyone has a chance.

  • Use Voice

It’s not hard to win a battle royal in the beginning, but after a couple of months of playing ranked games, you will come upon some amazing players. These dedicated players will always have a team and they will use the voice feature. Communication in FPS games is very important especially if it’s a battleground where it can be hard to spot an enemy.

Try to use voice as much as you can even if you are not playing with friends. There are some players in higher ranks that will talk but usually, that’s not the case. It would be best to always have someone to play with because it will improve your team play skills.

  • Joystick Skills

Switching between consoles can be very annoying because you need to get used to it unless you play everything available. PUBG on PC will always be different from mobile so try to stick to one thing. The joysticks on a phone are very specific because it’s a touchscreen and you will have other options very close to them.

It’s very interesting how many players use the in-game options only with two fingers. There aren’t any rules that force you to play with two fingers but it is natural to most people. Some players figured out that more fingers mean faster play and reaction time.

They used this advantage and they slowed their progression in order to reach a better rank. You can watch a few tutorials online to see how to use the joystick with multiple fingers.

  • Know the Details

PUBG has a few maps that are very large with a lot of details to remember. But, the players with more knowledge tend to have more wins. It’s not hard to get familiar with the map because you can join a game to train and just walk through it.

Small things like knowing where the car is and where the players can hide can be crucial at the end of the game. Also, how much damage a certain g*n does will be helpful when choosing which one to use. Most players will go for M416 and AKM, but every team has a sniper so it depends on your role.

Because the maps are always the same, you can map out where the g*ns are located in advance. This will give you a great advantage over other players that are just jumping to the battleground and looking for tools.

  • Work on Your Aim

This shouldn’t be a tip because aiming is the most important part of the FPS game. Even if you know the whole map and have a tactic, you still need to shoot other players before they shoot you. One great tip is to play deathmatch and try aiming for the head so you can get used to it.

It can be difficult to aim perfectly with every scope so when you practice, use multiple scopes. If you are wielding a sniper, focus only on that role and you will be better than 80% of the players. Most players will use other guns because snipers can be difficult to handle but that works in your favour.

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