If you want to know how to pass level 5 on wheely 7 in 2022 via walkthrough then you can follow this guide on wheely 7 walkthrough level 5. Here in this guide, we have shared a Wheely 7 Walkthrough via and they shared every detailed step to clear level 5 on the wheely 7 games.


How to Pass Level 5 On Wheely 7?

How to Pass Level 5 On Wheely 7


How to Beat Wheely 7 Level 5?

What is Wheely 7?

After the fairytale expedition in the Wheely 6, all gamers back again with more exciting points and be adventures. This time, he set the detective and travels around the world on the cars in wheely 7.


Note: Wheely 8 game is also available to try, and if you want to try it, then you can also play the first episode here.

Release Date of Wheely

This game was released in January 2016 as a flash game, and this game was updated in March 2018 as an HTML5 game.

Who is the Developer?

Wheely 7 was designed and developed by Pegas Games.

Features of Wheely 7

  • 7th episode of the wheely series comes with the main story to become a detective and retrieve the stolen gold coin in the game.
  • Wheely 7 comes with different villain car models.
  • Now, Wheely 6 gamers will be excited with many levels to complete.

Platforms of Wheely 7

  • Web browser (desktop and mobile)
  • Android

Wheely 7 Walkthrough

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