How to Track Someone on Hangouts?

How to Track Someone on Hangouts – While Google Hangouts isn’t all that popular and is soon to be discontinued, some people still use Google Hangouts.

Due to it being so low-key, some might choose it as a way to get more privacy and avoid suspicion.

How to Track Someone on Hangouts?

How to Track Someone on Hangouts

But luckily, if you’re looking to track someone in this app, there are Google Hangouts tracking apps like Flexispy vs mSpy as well!

What is Google Hangouts?

Google Hangouts, or simply Hangouts, is a messaging app from Google that lets you text contacts via the internet using email addresses and contact numbers. It also allows you to make audio and video calls as well. You can do meetings and conferences on this app as well.

However, due to the sheer number of messaging and communication apps, Google Hangouts is a little under the radar. Not many people use it, and some haven’t even heard of it. Google itself offers other apps like Google Meet or Google Voice for some of the features you get on this app. So, there are not a lot of reasons to use it.

But some people like this app precisely for this reason. If someone was trying to hide a conversation, they might use Hangouts because no one would suspect this app. So, can Hangouts messages be traced? Let’s find out.

How Do You Track Someone on Google Hangouts?

Whether your kid and their friends prefer to use Hangouts or your partner is trying to hide something from you on a more discreet app like Hangouts, you can use mSpy to find out who they are talking to. You can track everything from group conversations to contact lists or even voice call times on the app using mSpy.

If you are suspicious of someone using Hangouts to hide something from you, you can use mSpy to find out who else someone is talking to on Hangouts. Install the mSpy app on the phone you want to track, and this will give you access to everything on the phone, including Google Hangouts. You can create an account and set it up on your computer to track the app.

What Makes mSpy Effective?

mSpy is very effective when it comes to tracking someone’s phone. Not only does it let you track everything on Hangouts, but it also comes with tons of other features that help you keep an eye on your child’s phone. It’s discreet, has many parts, works remotely, and no one can uninstall it without you knowing about it.

Here are some ways in which this app is the best choice.

  • It helps you keep your kids safe.

Once you install mSpy on the target phone, no one will know that the app is there. It works entirely remotely, and you can set it up within minutes. Kids are usually reluctant to give you their phones, so this way, you can keep an eye on them and save them from online bullying, harassment, etc. There’s also a 24/7 support line to help you with any problems.

  • It helps you to catch liars.

Due to the multitude of different features, from text monitoring to location tracking, you can easily use this app to see if your partner is cheating on you. Check if they are lying about their whereabouts or having explicit conversations with someone on a discreet app like Hangouts.

  • Can be effective in keeping company secrets

You will also be notified if someone uninstalled the app, so you can be sure that something is up. This can be especially helpful in a corporate setting where someone might be selling your company secrets from the inside. Track their messages to see if they are spying on your business.


When it comes to Google Hangouts tracking apps, mSpy is the best option out there and this solves the purpose of this guide on “How to Track Someone on Hangouts”. You can keep track of what someone is doing on Google Hangouts from your computer without the person even finding out. It’s a great way to keep your family safe.

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