Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms today, with over a billion active users worldwide. It lets users share photos, short videos (reels), stories, and more. As an iPhone user, you must have come across some amazing posts on Instagram that you wanted to save or share further. But unfortunately, Instagram doesn’t allow saving other people’s posts directly.


Instagram Download Shortcut

Instagram Download Shortcut


This is where the Instagram Downloader Shortcut comes into play.

What is Instagram Downloader Shortcut?

The Instagram Downloader Shortcut is a nifty little shortcut designed specifically for iPhones and iPads. It lets you easily download any public Instagram photo, video, or reel on your device storage with just a click!


This shortcut eliminates the hassle of using third-party apps or websites to download Instagram posts. Instead, you can conveniently save anything you like from Instagram to your Camera Roll or any other folder on your iPhone/iPad.

Key Features of Instagram Downloader Shortcut:

  • Download Instagram photos, videos, and reels
  • Simple one-tap download process
  • Saves media directly to your iPhone camera roll
  • Completely free to install and use
  • Safe & secure downloading

Why Do You Need The Instagram Downloader Shortcut?

Here are some key reasons why the Instagram Downloader Shortcut is a must-have for every iPhone user:

  • 1. Download Any Instagram Post

The shortcut lets you download any public Instagram photo, video, or reel without needing the poster’s permission. This comes in super handy when you want to save something you love.

  • 2. Directly Saved To Your iPhone

The downloaded Instagram posts get automatically saved to your iPhone’s camera roll. This allows swift access whenever you need it. No more hunting in third-party app folders.

  • 3. Share Downloaded Content Easily

By saving Instagram posts directly to your iPhone’s gallery, you can easily share the downloaded pics/videos on platforms like WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, etc.

  • 4. Works Offline Too

The Instagram Downloader Shortcut does not require internet access to download and save posts from Instagram. You only need to copy the post link once while online.

  • 5. Completely Free & Safe

It is a 100% free iPhone shortcut that can be installed and used without any costs whatsoever. Moreover, it does not contain any harmful malware or ads.

What’s New in The Latest Version – iOS 17 iPA

The latest 2024 Instagram Downloader Shortcut for iOS 17 comes loaded with the following enhancements:

  • Improved download speeds – Posts get downloaded and saved up to 50% faster now
  • Status saver feature – You can also download Instagram statuses and stories
  • Enhanced UI – Cleaner and more intuitive interface for better UX
  • Auto-tagging – Downloaded posts are tagged #igdownload for easy sorting
  • No ads/bloatware – Strictly no annoying ads or unnecessary permissions

Overall, the Instagram Shortcut for iOS 17 takes the media downloading functionality up by several notches.

User Interface Walkthrough

The Instagram Downloader Shortcut app comes with an incredibly clean and easy-to-use interface. Here’s a quick UI walkthrough:

As you can see, there’s a text field to paste into the Instagram post link that you want to download. Below it is the ‘Download’ button which will save the associated image/video to your camera roll.

That’s all there’s to it! The no-frills interface allows even newbie iPhone users to easily leverage the downloader shortcut.


How To Use Instagram Downloader Shortcut iOS 17 iPA File?

Follow these simple steps to download any Instagram post through the shortcut:

  1. Install the Instagram Downloader Shortcut from the link given above on your iPhone.
  2. Open the Instagram post, photo, video, or reel that you want to save.
  3. Tap on the three-dot menu button beside the post.
  4. Select Copy Link to copy the URL/link of the Instagram post.
  5. Now open the Instagram Shortcut app on your iPhone.
  6. Paste the copied Instagram post link in the text field.
  7. Tap on the Download button below it.
  8. The image, video, or reel will be automatically saved to your camera roll!

That’s all! You can access your downloaded Instagram posts saved neatly inside your iPhone’s gallery.

👉 The process takes just a few seconds to complete. Make sure you have an active internet connection when downloading the post.

How To Install Instagram Downloader Shortcut on iPhone?

Installing the nifty Instagram downloading shortcut takes barely a minute. Follow these instructions carefully:

  • 1. Ensure You Have the Shortcuts App

The Shortcuts app comes pre-installed on all iPhones running iOS 13 or above. If not already present, get it from the App Store.

  • 2. Download The Instagram Shortcut File

Go to the link given at the start and tap on the ‘Get Shortcut’ button. This will download the Instagram Downloader Shortcut file onto your iPhone.

  • 3. Open the File

Go into the Shortcuts app and you’ll see the ‘Instagram Downloader’ shortcut listed there. Open it.

  • 4. Allow Access Permission

A pop-up will appear asking your permission for the shortcut to access Instagram posts from the share sheet. Tap ‘Okay’ to allow access.


And that’s it! The Instagram Downloader Shortcut will be successfully installed on your iPhone.

Advantages of Using The Instagram Shortcut

Here are the key benefits and advantages you get upon installing this nifty iPhone shortcut:

  • Simplified downloading – Just copy-paste the link and hit download.
  • Fast saving – Posts get saved instantly into your camera roll.
  • Works offline – WiFi or cellular data not needed to save already-copied post links.
  • Free unlimited use – No hidden costs or download limits imposed.
  • Share easily – Directly share saved Instagram posts across social apps.
  • HD media quality – Downloads and saves content in the best available resolution.
  • User-friendly interface – Clean intuitive design for easy usage.
  • Secure downloads – Do not collect or share your private data.

Get Instagram Media Downloader iOS Shortcut

If you own an iPhone and wish to download Instagram photos, videos, reels, and more in a flash, get this handy shortcut now!

Follow the install guide shared above or simply click the Get Shortcut button present below. It will automatically add the Instagram downloader magic to your iPhone’s Shortcuts app.


Works seamlessly across iPhone models like 12, 13, 14, and also older versions. Fully compatible with latest iOS 17 too!

FAQs About Instagram Downloader Shortcut:

Here are answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about this magical Instagram downloading iPhone shortcut:

  • Q1. Does the shortcut work for private Instagram profiles or posts?

A1. No, it only lets you download public Instagram posts and not private profiles or posts.

  • Q2. Can I download multiple Instagram posts together?

A2. Unfortunately, no. As of now, you can use the shortcut to download only one Instagram post at a time.

  • Q3. Will the post quality get compressed after I download and save it?

A3. Not! The downloaded photos and videos retain their original quality as posted on Instagram.

  • Q4. Can I download posts longer than 1 minute with this?

A4. Most long videos get split into multiple parts upon downloading through this shortcut.

  • Q5. Does it work for Instagram statuses and stories?

A5. Yes, the latest Instagram Downloader Shortcut version lets you download both statuses and stories too!

  • Q6. Do I need to log in with my Instagram credentials?

A6. No login or Instagram account is needed. You can use it directly as an iPhone shortcut.

  • Q7. Is there a similar Instagram downloader available for Android?

A7. This specific iOS shortcut only works for Apple devices like iPhones and iPads. But Android does have Instagram media saver apps too.

  • Q8. Does it work offline?

A8. Yes, partially. You can save copied Instagram post links even without the internet. But you’ll need connectivity at the time of the final download.

  • Q9. Where does the shortcut store my downloaded Instagram media?

A9. Everything you download using the Instagram Shortcut gets automatically saved to your iPhone Camera Roll.

  • Q10. Is this iPhone shortcut legal to use?

A10. The shortcut leverages Instagram’s public URL endpoints. So it’s 100% legal to use as per Instagram’s terms.


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Final Thoughts:

The Instagram Downloader Shortcut for iOS is an extremely quick and convenient way for iPhone users to save Instagram photos, reels, and videos. It eliminates the hassle of using third-party apps or websites only to end up with annoying ads and average quality.

Instead, you can directly download high-quality Instagram posts with their original resolution intact – all just with a simple copy-paste and one-tap functionality!


On top of that, it lets you store and access the downloaded content conveniently from your iPhone’s Gallery itself. No more hunting around for that one amazing cooking recipe video you saved somewhere!

So whether you are an influencer wanting to repost content or a regular iPhone user wishing to save memes and reels, the Instagram Downloader Shortcut is an absolute must-have.

Installation takes less than a minute, so get it now for endless scrolling and unlimited downloads!

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