Mercurial Knight Cookie Toppings Build 2024 – CRK[Cookie Run Kingdom]


Cookie Run Kingdom (CRK) welcomes another powerful new Epic cookie to its roster – the Mercurial Knight Cookie. This frontline tank cookie charges into battle cloaked in mercurial armor and unleashes poisoning mercury attacks on enemies.


In this guide, we will discuss the optimal Mercurial Knight Cookie toppings to maximize his potential on the battlefield. We will cover his skills, best builds, alternatives, pairing options, and more.

Mercurial Knight Cookie Toppings Build 2024

Mercurial Knight Cookie Toppings Build


So let’s get started!


What is Cookie Run Kingdom?

For those new to the game, Cookie Run Kingdom (CRK) is a popular adventure RPG mobile game released in January 2021 by developers Devsisters and published by LINE Games.

In CRK, players collect cookies, level them up, promote them through stars, and equip toppings and treasures to make them more powerful. You then construct teams of 5 cookies to battle in various PvE and PvV game modes.

The depth of strategy comes from choosing the right cookie combinations and builds. That’s why we are covering the new Mercurial Knight Cookie and his best topping build options here!

Mercurial Knight Cookie Toppings Overview

Here is an overview of the best Mercurial Knight Cookie toppings options:


Mercurial Knight Cookie Toppings Build:

  • X5 Solid Almond Toppings [Recommended]
  • X5 Searing Raspberry Toppings with DMG Resist Substats [Alternative]

Solid Almond is our recommended standard build which maximizes Mercurial Knight’s tanking capabilities. Meanwhile, Searing Raspberry with Damage Resist substats boosts his damage output while still providing defense.

Let’s analyze both builds in more detail below.

Here are Mercurial Knight Cookie’s details:

NameMercurial Knight Cookie
Toppings BuildX5 Solid Almond [Recommended] <br> X5 Searing Raspberry [Alternative]
Release DateFeb 7, 2024

Next, let’s look at why Solid Almond and Searing Raspberry are the best Mercurial Knight Cookie toppings.


Why Solid Almond Topping?

The Solid Almond topping provides:

  • +9% Damage Resistance at max level
  • 587 Defense at max level

As a frontline Tank, Mercurial Knight needs high defense and damage mitigation to absorb enemy attacks. Solid Almond topping perfectly complements this by directly increasing his damage resistance.

The added defense also improves his survivability in longer battles. Thanks to Solid Almond, Mercurial Knight can protect your midline and rear cookies for an extended duration as he soaks up damage.

Why Searing Raspberry Topping?

Searing Raspberry topping provides:

  • +13% Attack at max level
  • 302 Defense at max level

This topping offers a more offensive build path while still providing a chunk of defense through substats. The increased attack allows Mercurial Knight to deal more damage with his poison attacks.

You would ideally want Searing Raspberry toppings with Damage Resistance substats to match Solid Almond’s defensive capabilities. This creates a hybrid Tank/DPS build.

Mercurial Knight Cookie Skills Overview

Let’s briefly recap Mercurial Knight Cookie’s skills:

Mercurial Knight’s Oath (Skill):

  • Strengthens regular attacks, dealing area damage and casting Mercury Poisoning
  • Final strike deals damage based on Mercury Poisoning stacks
  • Gains Amalgamation buff when debuffed
  • Enters Mercury Storm mode after dispelling debuffs
  • Immune to interrupting effects during skill
  • Activates Silver Knighthood buff with Silverbell Cookie

With his poison attacks and tackiness, Mercurial Knight can disrupt the battlefield and soak up damage simultaneously.

Optimal Toppings Build for Mercurial Knight Cookie

Based on his kit, the recommended standard build is:

X5 Solid Almond Toppings

This maximizes his capabilities as a frontal Tank to reliably absorb enemy damage. The increased Defense and Damage Resistance enable him to mitigate attacks even better.

Searing Raspberry with Damage Resist substats can work as an alternative to boost his DPS a bit. But Solid Almond should be the default choice to utilize him as a tanky disruptor effectively.


Best Cookie Partners for Mercurial Knight

Good teammates for Mercurial Knight Cookie include:

  • Healers: Pure Vanilla, Pomegranate
  • Support: Parfait, Cotton
  • Defense: Hollyberry
  • DPS: Sea Fairy, Sorbet Shark, Eclair

Healers help keep him healthy while he tanks hits. Support provides additional sustain and defense. Frontline Hollyberry tanks alongside him, while DPS cookies deal damage as he disrupts enemies.

Positioning for Mercurial Knight Cookie

As a Tank, Mercurial Knight should be placed in the Front position. This allows him to absorb enemy attacks and protect other cookies behind him.

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FAQs About Mercurial Knight Cookie Toppings:

  • Should I use Damage Resist or HP toppings?

Damage Resist is better for improving his tanking capabilities directly. HP just gives raw health which gets depleted.

  • What about using Cooldown toppings?

They aren’t necessary given his very short base Skill cooldown of 11 seconds already. Focus on tanking viability.

  • Is Mercurial Knight Cookie good for the PV Server?

Yes, his tankiness and AoE poison skillset can be quite effective on the PvP meta.

  • What’s the best treasure for a Mercurial Knight?

The best Mercurial Knight treasures boost his HP or give shielding for better tanking capability.

  • Do I need high star promotions for him?

Higher promotions will boost his stats but even at low stars he still provides tanking utility.

  • Who is the best healer for Mercurial Knight?

Top healers like Pure Vanilla or Pomegranate will help sustain his health the best while tanking.

  • Can Mercurial Knight deal decent damage?

Although he is mainly built as a Tank, he can provide solid damage numbers with his AoE poison skill damage.

  • Should I avoid DMG Resist substats if using Solid Almond?

No, the two will stack so more damage resistance will still be beneficial even if using Solid Almonds.

  • Does he need his exclusive artifact?

The artifact provides an HP party buff which is nice but not fully necessary if lacking resources.

  • What is his best skill level?

Maximizing his skill as much as possible will increase his poison damage and help dispose of enemies quickly.


To conclude, equipping X5 Solid Almond Toppings is undoubtedly the most optimal build for the new Mercurial Knight Cookie in Cookie Run Kingdom. It maximizes his tanking and damage soak potential as a Frontline protector.


While Searing Raspberry with Damage Resist substats works as an alternative Offensive Tank hybrid build, Solid Almonds should be the standard go-to choice.

Pair Mercurial Knight with strong Healers and Supports to further augment his staying power in battle. Position him in the Frontline and watch him absorb tons of damage while disrupting enemies!

So equip those Solid Almonds on Mercurial Knight and experience his unrelenting tanking prowess first-hand in Cookie Run Kingdom!

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