Nothing is set to become the first Android brand to offer an iMessage-like messaging experience similar to iPhones. The company is launching a new messaging platform called Nothing Chats to address the long-standing compatibility issues between iMessage and Android messaging apps.


Nothing Chats Offers iMessage for Android Users

Nothing Chats Offers iMessage for Android Users


  • Nothing is launching a new messaging app called Nothing Chats for its Phone (2) users.
  • Nothing Chats will allow Android users to send iMessage-like encrypted messages.
  • This aims to solve the “green bubble” issue between iPhones and Android devices.
  • Nothing Chats will initially only be available for Nothing Phone (2) users in the US, UK, and EU starting November 17.

The “Green Bubble” Issue

The lack of compatibility between Apple’s iMessage and RCS-supporting apps like WhatsApp, Telegram, and Google Messages has created a divide, where iPhone users see green bubbles when messaging Android users.

This makes Android users feel excluded in group chats. Nothing Chats aims to solve this by providing an iMessage-like encrypted messaging option.


Key Details About Nothing Chats

  • Nothing Chats will provide an iMessage-like encrypted messaging experience to avoid “green bubble” issues for Nothing Phone users in group chats with iPhone users.
  • Other existing iMessage apps for Android have been developed by third parties. Nothing Chats will be the first offered officially by an Android brand.
  • Nothing Chats will initially only be available for Nothing Phone (2) users in the US, UK, and EU regions starting November 17. Expansion plans to other regions and for Phone (1) users are unclear.
  • The launch follows Nothing OS 2.5 Open Beta for Phone (2) and closed Beta for Phone (1). Stable OS updates for both phones coming soon.


Nothing Chats has the potential to solve a long-standing messaging divide between Android and iOS users. It marks an innovative solution by an Android brand to offer iPhone-like capabilities to its users. The initial limited launch will be an important test for Nothing as it expands the app’s availability.


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