Best Logo Maker Apps 2020 – There are various reasons why you need a logo for your brand. You may have a shop on a very busy street and need a logo to attract people from a distance, or you might have a YouTube channel or website for which you may want to make a logo to make it stand out from its competition.

Best Logo Maker Apps 2020

Best Logo Maker Apps 2020
Best Logo Maker Apps 2020

Whatever reasons you have we don’t want to discuss them, rather we want you to invest your time in this article in which we have mentioned all the decent applications and tools that can help you make a digital logo for your brand. 

Adobe apps

Now the first logo maker application in our list today belongs to the Adobe applications. Adobe has some of the most powerful tools available in the market for image-making, editing, and designing. The most reputed tools of adobe include adobe illustrator, adobe capture, and adobe comp! You can use adobe illustrator application to make logos for your brand, and now this is actually a desktop application that you can use for free.

You can create a lot of pictures, artwork and turn them into your desired logo designs for free like a pro. This tool/application is very much easy to use, and you don’t need to have any skills for the use of this app.


Logo Maker – Free Graphic Design & Logo Templates

The logo maker app by the CA apps is also one of the most well-reputed tools on the web. You should know that this application is one of the versatile apps on the web. You should know that with this application, you can get effortless services in making logos, insignias, emblems, trademarks, banners, thumbnails for videos, and also in making stickers and other relative artwork.

This is a very handy tool that will help you in the simple to the most advanced logo designing. It doesn’t matter what type of logo design you want to make, and this app will help you in every aspect! You can enjoy a lot of features with this Logo Creator application!


Now, this is yet another logo maker application that you should know about if you want to make a logo on your smartphones. This logo designer application is one of the best ones available on the web because it covers a wide range of users, not only this app can be used on desktop systems but also on Android as well as IOS systems. You can easily download this application from your app store or play store and can easily install it on your device for free use.

Now, this logo maker application provides you with both options to make your own logo, you can simply create a logo from scratch, or you can also use pre-designed templates to edit and make your own unique one! It is a very solid application if we talk about its overall features!



This logo maker application is one of the most famous ones, especially if we talk about Android devices. If you are into pixel art designing and formatting, then this is the best application for you. With this logo application you can make your own pieces of pixel art and can use them in a logo that you can also create with the help of this app. you should know that this application provides you with a lot of features like undo, redo, zoom and even grid designing.

The best thing is that this tool/app is very user-friendly. The paid and pro version of the app is also very affordable, and you can get it for around $6!

Font rush

Font rush is another application that falls into the banner of best logo maker apps 2020. You should know that this application provides you with a huge variety of fonts and background images that can help you make a very tacky logo. You will get more than two hundred predesigned templates with the help of this logo maker app.

The best part about this application is that it can be used by simple means, you don’t need any prior skills in making logos with this app. it is one of the best apps if you want to make logos or banners for social media platforms and even for YouTube! If you have an immediate logo project, then you can easily get this app from the android play store!


Iris Logo maker app

Now, this is yet another logo maker application that you should know about. This logo maker app is also known as the most decent logo generator tool available online. The features of this logo maker tool 2020 are very much remarkable, with this app you can manage your logo with a lot of shapes, colors, backgrounds, pixel textures, stickers, and other relative graphic content.

All of the features and colors are divided into more than 25 different categories. You can choose the best one that suits you and use it to make your own logo!

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