SMTP server or Simple Mail Transfer Protocol server is a program that helps send and receive emails. It allows businesses to send thousands of emails at once without getting flagged. It also lets customers reply to you so you can respond to their queries quickly. It uses high-security authentication to ensure your emails are delivered successfully without affecting your IP score. However, you will need a reliable SMTP server because SMTP services for small businesses are a must-have thing these days, so your startup or small business doesn’t have to burn a hole in the pocket. 


5 Reliable SMTP Services for Small Businesses and Startups

SMTP services for small businesses


That said, here are the top five SMTP services for small businesses that you can use today to enhance your email marketing game!

1 – DuoCircle SMTP

DuoCircle SMTP tops our list because it’s the perfect email gateway for high-volume senders. So, if you find yourself sending thousands of emails every day, DuoCircle can definitely handle all your requirements. 


Its superior IP reputation handling ensures you don’t get blacklisted and all your emails land in the users’ inbox. This also allows you to send bulk emails if your IP has been blacklisted previously without any worries. 

Used by leading brands like FBI, Discovery, Shell, and Choice Home Warranty, DuoCircle SMTP provides unmatched security with authentication options, outbreak protection, and multiple delivery ports. 

2 – MailGun

MailGun is yet another popular SMTP services provider that helps send hundreds of emails without getting your IP blacklisted. It also ensures your emails don’t land in users’ spam boxes. 

Perfect for businesses that send a lot of transactional emails, MailGun offers a lot of flexible options. For instance, you can send transactional and marketing emails without investing in any infrastructure with its cloud services. 


Additionally, you will get real-time tracking, advanced analytics, and detailed logs to diagnose email delivery failures. It also has an in-built email address validation feature to optimize your mailing list and minimize deliverability issues. 

3 – Sendinblue

If you have been searching for SMTP servers, I’m sure you have heard of Sendinblue. It allows you to send up to 300 emails for free every day. So, as a startup, if you are getting started with email marketing, Sendinblue might be the right choice. 

As your business grows, you can migrate to its premium version that lets you send up to 10,000 emails per month at $25. The good thing about Sendinblue is that it doesn’t require a credit card or any commitment to get started. 

When you sign up with Sendinblue, it ensures all your emails get delivered quickly. They say 50% of emails are delivered within one second, while 99.98% are delivered in under 20 seconds. 


You also get access to a team of experienced email deliverability experts to help you solve any issues. 

4 – MailJet

MailJet claims to route billions of emails to inboxes every month. You can easily set up the free MailJet SMTP server and start sending emails within minutes. It offers multiple ports, so you can choose the best one depending on your ISP or email client. 

MailJet allows you to set up SPF, DMARC, and DKIM records so you can easily authenticate your domain and start sending emails. It also helps monitor and maintains high deliverability rates. 

You can also use your preferred message deliverability agent or message transfer agent. It also has advanced templating language that empowers you to add more detailed personalization and dynamic content to increase engagement. 


5 – SendGrid

If you are just getting started with email marketing and send 100 emails per day, SendGrid is an ideal option for your small business. It has one of the largest email infrastructures in the world. Just like others in this list, SendGrid allows you to integrate and get started with email marketing within minutes. 

Its secure, encrypted delivery via TLS encryption ensures that your emails aren’t intercepted or modified by passive adversaries. Also, you can its template editing functionality to edit and send professionally designed emails. 


Email marketing is one of the cost-effective strategies to reach your customer. However, you will need a reliable SMTP service provider. Make sure to check the ones on our list with DuoCircle topping it. 


Did we miss any of your favorite SMTP service providers? Let us know in the comments! 

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