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By | October 21, 2019

Being the SunTrust Bank service utilizer you are well aware of the service that the bank provides and especially when you have received a credit card and hence want to activate that with a quick possible process. Keeping that in mind this article about is going to give you the complete solution regarding the same and also will help you step by step instruction about what you should take care, what you should avoid and also about how you can do the process of credit card activation process step by step.

So, before making a second notion about the card activation, simply follow the detailed comprehensive guide regarding process right here below. – Facts about Card Activation

  • You can simply activate your Credit card online with the association of SunTrust Bank.
  • The Activation process takes time not lesser than 5 minutes to complete the process.
  • Card Holders Can sleep easily knowing the fact that they all have the seconding power coming with Sun Trust Credit Card.
  • These all SunTrust Credit cards are being issued by Master
  • The card comes with Cash Reward cards and Travel reward Credit Cards also.

The SunTrust card activation center requires the SunTrust cardholder to provide their card number, expiration date, and zip code and SSN to initiate the activation process. The cardholder will also be asked to provide their email address so that this helps them to receive account alerts and notification that are related to the SunTrust credit card and related question.

The card activation process is not going to take more than 10 minutes to complete and any questions about the activation process can be directed to the SunTrust Customer Service agent at 1(800) 786-8787 from 8 am to 9 pm Monday through Friday.

Please note that SunTrust does not charge any fees for the use of SunTrust online banking with bill payments, but some payments such as prompt payment and transfer to non-SunTrust accounts may apply. SunTrust credit cards are the thing can easily be used anywhere throughout the US wherever is the MasterCard logo can be found. SunTrust cards are available to legal residents of the United States who are 18 years of age or older.

SunTrust Credit Cards [Reward Card Types]

While SunTrust credit care simplifies your hassle regarding the service utilization with it, there are different card types issued by it that give you further benefits regarding the same and helps you to avail the maximum benefits. Here are some below:

  • Cash Reward Credit Cards: there is no annual fee that is being charged with 5% cashback promotion bonus.
  • Travel Reward Credit Cards: $89 annual fee but that comes with not less than $250 statement credit especially when spending $3000 on the qualification purchase.
  • Primer Reward Credit Card: there are no fees charged when you do any balance transfer that is made in the first 60 days which can be ideal for may looking for transferring the high-interest Credit Card debt. – Step to Activate the Card

The main matter remains yet untouched. Hence for the process of card activation, you can simply make use of the below given complete procedure of activation where you end of with the process of card activation. Hence in order to do that follow the procedure that is being mentioned to you below:

  • Get your Credit Card from your respective bank first.
  • Then the next step is to navigate the link that is on the official site.
  • As you will follow the link, you will be taken to a place where you will see a blank box that asks your card number and expiration date of your card.
  • As you find that enter your Card number and Expiration date in the mentioned section below and then click on ‘Activate my Card’ option that is available there below that.
  • Now you are done, you have activated your card successfully.


  • How do I activate my SunTrust debit card?

In order to do that simply Turn the card over and there, you will find the customer service number. Simply use Phone and dial 800-337-1140 to activate your card.

  • How do I pay my SunTrust credit card?

Paying the Bill is comparatively easy with the app. Here is the process:

Open you installed App, and then select “Menu” and “Make a Payment”

  • How to get started with Bill Pay:

The login link opens a new window or opens a new window in online banking.

Now Select “Menu” and “Move Money”

Select the option of “Pay Bills”

Enable bill payment for your new checking account.

  • Does SunTrust have cardless ATM?

No fee for SunTrust ATM use with a SunTrust Debit Card. Fees are the thing that surely gets applied for all ATM-printed statements as well as mini-statements.

  • How do I know if SunTrust is traveling?

Visit a branch or call 800.SUNTRUST to notify us of your plans to travel and ensure uninterrupted card use. To access cash while traveling, be sure you know your Personal Identification Number (PIN). Being the Customer from outside the US and in order to reach SunTrust customer services you can simply call 1.800.STTRAVEL.

  • How do I pay my SunTrust Mortgage Online?

Pay over the phone that is through your checking account.

How it works:

You have 24-hour access to your SunTrust account(s) from which you can pay all your bills electronically.

Now to use this service: first, go to which helps you to sign up for SunTrust Online Banking and also in Bill Pay.

Can you get euros at SunTrust?

Foreign currency exchange is specifically provided to SunTrust customers with a checking, savings or money market account. When you place an order, you must provide your SunTrust account number. There are a $ 200 minimum foreign exchange order amount and a $ 10 processing fee.

Final Conclusion

While you have gone through the complete information above you might have had understood how you can simply do the process of and not only that you are also shown the step by step process using which you can simply find out the solution of it.

Addition to this you are also given the information regarding the other types of card that saves you money while you choose those for the particular purpose it has been made and surely this information might have stood useful for you.

So, if you find the information useful enough and informative for your future easy card activation process, then you can simply drop your opinion in the comment section below.

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