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Top Airports in the USA



Since the beginning of the 21st century, there have been a multitude of changes that have occurred all throughout the United States. The USA has seen immense growth in many areas, and it has experienced faults in numerous other sectors of society; however, it is certainly on an upswing on an international scale. Of the numerous entities that are burgeoning throughout the United States, travel is certainly among the top.

Top Airports in the USA

Top Airports in the USA

Top Airports in the USA

The travel industry throughout the nation has been becoming increasingly better, and this has been evidenced in its numerous top-tier airports. As the United States grows even further in the 21st century, we will continue to see its various airports grow throughout numerous facets. 

LaGuardia International Airport

The United States’ largest metropolitan area is New York City, and this city has truly become a beacon of innovation within the modern era. New York has grown in numerous fields, and one of the most significant ways has been in its commitment to rebuilding its infrastructure; one of the largest projects has been the reconstruction of LaGuardia International Airport.

LaGuardia has been one of the worst airports in the New York area for decades; however, there is a resurgence in the growth of this infrastructure project with the $8 billion renovation that is currently underway. The airport has redeveloped Terminals C and D and they are currently in the process of expanding the parking garage and the roadways around the airport to create a more seamless experience for travelers as well. 

Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport

While New York City may be the biggest metropolis, the second biggest state in the nation by population, Texas, has also seen immense airport infrastructure growth in recent years. The Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport is an excellent example of this growth, as it has increased innovation all throughout in recent years.

They have recently implemented ‘smart glass’ in the airport, which regulates temperature and the amount of sunlight that is let into the airport. Along with these innovations, they have made life easier for flyers with the implementation of the DFW airport parking service that allows passengers to park their cars quicker and more efficiently. 

Portland International Airport

One of the most impressive airports on the west coast of the USA is the Portland International Airport. This airport is home to more than 90% of air travel within Oregon, and has received a myriad of top honors throughout the past decade. One such honor has been Travel + Leisure Magazine’s reader poll for the best US airport, and was ranked as the top airport for business travelers by J.D. Power and Associates in 2015, 2016, and 2019. Many of the top additions to the airport include a movie theater and a distillery with a retail location that makes for a home-away-from-home experience for travelers. 

Final Thoughts

As the 21st century continues, air travel will become an even greater aspect of our society. The United States understands this and has begun growing its airport infrastructure. Learning about the numerous incredible airports throughout the nation will allow you to recognize the importance of air travel in the USA in the future. 

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