TorBox – Torbox Net is a cache system which works on Peer-to-Peer (P2P) system used by tons of Indians now days to give an extra boost to the speed of BitTorrent transfers, with the help of Torbox you can speed up your torrent downloading speed as if you are from India and in some places still waiting for high-speed internet connectivity but we know it takes time so if you are looking for torbox download then you landed on perfect post today because today we will unveil best torbox alternative sites with you, and recently we found a lot of queries on Facebook that people looking for solution about torbox net not working so if you are still one of them then don’t worry you will get all your answer today.


If you have questions like:

  1. What is Torbox
  2. How Torbox Works
  3. Why Torbox Net Not Working
  4. TorBox Not Working
  5. Is Torbox Safe?
  6. How to Download from Torbox Net?
  7. Sites Like Torbox
  8. How Many TorBox Alternatives Available?

Then this post will answer all your questions, so read out this post till the end to know best alternatives of torbox.

TorBox.Net – Torbox Net Everything You Need to Know

All the BitTorrent traffic is considered as heavy traffic and needs high-speed internet because if you don’t have better internet speed, then your ISPs don’t work fine. But as Torrent is loved by millions of users in India and user always need to download big files on a daily basis to download free movies and download the latest games for PC.


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And because of low internet speed, all torrent sites lose a huge number of subscribers day by day. Recently some ISPs partnered with just to give you high-speed torrent download and If you don’t know how torbox ISP works then let us explain you in short.

ISPs decreased the load on servers and gave an extra boost to speed to download stuff online, and this is how you can download movies fast with TorBox torrent.

Recently in some places users complaint about torbox net not working and this is why people can’t download movies free and in a fast way but what about torbox not working issue?


This is why, we took the initiative and found out why torbox net not opening and the RESULT we get is, TorBox.Net is working fine at most of the places so if you are one of them who use torbox proxy to use torbox .net site then let us clear one thing using proxy invite hackers to your PC and we suggest you use torbox alternatives which we share with you in this post and you can download latest movies free.

Download TorBox

BitTorrent is a very big player in the market of torrents, and sometimes BitTorrent users create a heavy load on servers, and this is why ISPs hate BitTorrent traffic from all over the world.  This is how from the last few years all ISPs in the world tackle this issue, and this is why they start blocking torrent sites but this step takes a bad impression on them, and this solution gives them a huge down in the market because they lost traffic as well.

To resolve this issue, Indian ISPs create a unique method to solve this, and this is why Indian ISPs partnered with torrent search engine It connects all users to local peers who all are near to their network.

Let’s check out how torbox net official site works.


How TorBox.Net Works?

We have plenty of questions on Social media like that what is torbox (Which we already shared above), Is torbox safe (YES, It’s safe). But some people don’t know how torbox works on torbox,net. So read out this section to get your answer.

Torbox checks your IP address first and finds the best ISP of your network. Torbox does not take part in traffic sharing between torrent sites and ISPs, and it works as a speed booster. It redirects torrent files to your network which is easy to download with low internet speed.

If you are at 1MBps or lower speed of internet then don’t worry while using torrent sites, just use torbox search engine first with official site and get 5-10MBps speed.

But if you are one of them who can’t access torbox then you can look at our list below where you will find the best torrenting sites to download torrents easily.


Are you looking for best torrenting sites to download torrents easily on your PC or smartphones? Then you found the best post to grab the top torrenting sites list.

Today here I am going to cover most demanded query on the web and that is “Where to find best sites to download torrent files such as – Software’s, Movies, Video Songs and much more for free…”

So today I will resolve this query with my researched list of torrent download sites, so you don’t need to think again to download your desired things for free of cost.

People always raise questions like which torrent sites are safe or which torrent sites provide real stuff, and I know most of you aware of one site called The Pirate Bay and you can call it King of torrents on the web to find best torrent files on the web.


All torrent site lovers know that recently Kickass Torrents and both shut down because of some copyright issues and mind you guys both sites are largest players in the torrent industry.

And because of the shutdown, many new faces filled their places quickly. And once again The Pirate Bay comes in the top position on the list of best torrent sites 2017.

Best Torrenting Sites To Download Torrents

So below you can find the full list of most-visited torrent sites in 2017. We have added only secure sites, where you can download virus free and safe torrent files to download and enjoy for free, So now you can suggest anyone best torrenting sites download torrents.

The Pirate Bay – This site is the oldest and most famous site in this list. On the pirate bay, you can find easy to download process with each file section, such as if you want to download the latest movie of the month then you will get plenty of information such as Print Quality with Screenshots, Comments (Downloader’s comment about quality), and much more.


ExtraTorrent – In recent time, Extratorrent become the top most visited torrent site in the whole world, and they grow their user base from all over the world and build more users on a daily basis. Recently, Site’s founder said that ” ET’s community helps them a lot to get huge success in the torrent industry.

RARBG – This site was launched as Bulgarian Tracker if you are looking for the best torrent site to download movies and TV shows then RARBG is the best option for you to download them for free. The site launched in 2008, but it got success and count in top sites of torrents in 2015 and after that count in top sites everywhere on the web.

YTS.AG – This site is not a part of YTS or YIFT group, but with the quality of torrents it provides, it helps the site to become popular recently in the torrent industry. You should try this site to download torrent files. – As We already said that the official is now shut down and no longer available to access for users but recently the owners launched the second version of the site called and everything is same as before except the name of the site, so you can still enjoy the ultimate features of this site.


1337X – Finally, Our favorite torrent site is here for all the users, why We love this site because of easy to access and fast loading functions. Recently the owners released the new design to grow more user base. I strongly recommend you to use this site to download torrent easily. You can find more stuff with the help of impressive looking menu section. – This site is listed in top ten torrent site list very few times in the past but doesn’t take it lightly because it is one of the most familiar names in the torrent scene. With the recent news about it “Site uses DHT function to find the queries and currently they have one of the biggest databases of torrents (10 Million) in the scene”.

EZTV.AG – This site was popular as TV-torrent (A part of EZTV Group) and take over in 2015. The new owner operates this site as and starts releasing its own torrents which are banned on some torrent sites so if you want to grab official torrents from EZTV, then you need to check out

TorrentDownloads – This site is one of the oldest torrent sites in this list, and like many others, it is also blocked by many countries for providing paid software’s for free and same like with movies. But with this downtime still site got millions of traffic worldwide.


LimeTorrents – again got the spot in top ten lists of 2017. Owners operate iTorrents as well, which also got huge success in the torrent scene, iTorrents also used by plenty of torrent search engines.

People can also find some cool answers on Quora about What are the benefits of downloading torrents from Torbox.Net. Click Here for Answers.

Final Verdict:

Guys, We hope you are now aware of torbox net site and its alternatives and we hope you find this post useful. If you have any doubt regarding torbox or then you can drop your questions below.


And we also shared the best torrenting sites list for all torrent lovers above, It’s not a hidden thing that we all love torrent a lot, but we all are aware that torrent sites provide copyrighted items more than original stuff but who doesn’t like free stuff. So we recommend you to use all the stuff of your choice.

So guys if you were looking for the best torrenting sites to download any torrent files because we cover all type of torrent sites, so you don’t need to find on Google again and again just bookmark this post and use it whenever you are looking for torrent sites this post will be helpful for you for sure.

Now it’s your turn to give us a smile, How? It’s very simple just share this post with your friends and family members so whenever they are looking for something important and wanna grab they have plenty of options to find their query.

If you still have any query about torrent sites or if you are looking for any particular query about torrents then we are with you always, just drop your queries and we will get back to you with the best solution, so drop your questions in the comment section below.


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