The Internet has become the biggest entity throughout the world in the past two decades, and as it has taken the globe by storm, it has become increasingly evident how important it is to our society. The web has significantly altered peoples’ lives and the myriad web technologies that are available on today’s market are truly revolutionizing our civilization.

Web Development Company

Web Development Company
Web Development Company

There are numerous aspects of our world that have changed since the global Internet revolution, and one of the most evident of these alterations has been in the economy. The economy has added a multitude of new industries that are either related or directly involved with the Internet, and one of these novel fields is web development. Web development businesses are becoming increasingly important throughout the world, as there is now more need than ever for high-quality websites.

Because web development businesses work so closely with the Internet, it is overt to them that there are numerous cybercriminals lurking throughout the deepest corners of the web. One of the largest bases for cybercrime is the dark web, and learning how to mitigate these issues of cybercrime is crucial for the success of these types of companies. 

Risks on the Dark Web

Cybercriminals are quite prevalent on the dark web, and the dark web has garnered a reputation in recent years for being home to a myriad of dangerous people. The dark web is a facet of the Internet that needs special software to be accessed, and this program will ensure that the user cannot have their location data tracked.


Because of the anonymous nature of the dark web, people are freer to commit cybercrime, knowing that it is almost impossible to be caught. Learning about how dangerous the dark web can be should allow you to realize why your web development businesses needs to learn how to protect itself from the dangers posed. 

Methods for Dark Web Monitoring and Protection

There are numerous ways that cybercriminals attack legitimate businesses on the dark web. Web development companies often have sensitive client data and financial information, so learning about dark web monitoring and protection is essential for their success. Effective dark web monitoring requires the use of visibility tools, like OnionScan, along with identifying mentions of your company’s assets and other exposed credentials.

This strategy coupled with a three-pronged mitigation approach will ensure that your business can be successful. The first of the three methods is identifying exposed credentials, which utilizes a tool for finding exposed data. The second is to expose fraud like phishing scams. Finally, the third option is to track threats, which includes identifying threat actors and learning how to remain safe from them. Understanding the numerous dark web monitoring and protection methods is essential for running a successful web development business. 

Final Thoughts


Running your own web development company is challenging enough without the possibility of threats from the dark web; however, it is important to understand that your business being hacked is a real possibility. Investing in a dark web monitoring strategy is crucial for the success of your company, so consider starting yours today.

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