Hey there! Are you using Cash App a lot? If so, you probably want to know how to get your money out quickly and easily.


One way to do this is by using ATMs. But here’s the big question: can you do it for free?

The short answer is yes, but there are some things you need to know first. In this article, we’ll talk about how to find free ATMs for Cash App.

We’ll also cover all the important details you should know about using ATMs with your Cash App account.


Where Can I Withdraw Money From Cash App For Free?

Where can i withdraw money from cash app for free


So, let’s dive in and learn how to save money while getting cash from your Cash App!

What is Cash App?

Before we get into the nitty-gritty of free ATM withdrawals, let’s talk about Cash App itself.

Cash App is a mobile payment service. It lets you send and receive money using your smartphone. It’s like having a mini bank in your pocket!


You can use Cash App to:

  • Send money to friends
  • Get paid
  • Buy things online
  • Invest in stocks and Bitcoin

But one of the coolest features of the Cash App is the Cash Card. This is a free debit card that links to your Cash App balance. You can use it to buy things in stores or to get cash from ATMs.

The Cash Card: Your Key to Free ATM Withdrawals

The Cash Card is super important if you want to get free cash from ATMs.

Here’s why:

  • It’s free to get.
  • It works like a regular debit card.
  • You can use it at any ATM.
  • With the right setup, you can avoid fees at many ATMs.

Getting a Cash Card is easy. Just go to the Cash Card tab in your Cash App and follow the steps to order one.

Once you get it, you’ll need to activate it. Then you’re ready to start using ATMs!

Free ATM Withdrawals: What You Need to Know?

Now, let’s get to the good stuff. Yes, you can withdraw money from ATMs for free with Cash App. But there are some rules you need to follow.

Requirements for Free Withdrawals

To get free ATM withdrawals, you need to:

  1. Have a Cash Card: This is your ticket to using ATMs with Cash App.
  2. Set up direct deposit: This means having your paycheck or other regular income sent straight to your Cash App account.
  3. Get at least $300 in direct deposits each month: This is the magic number that unlocks free ATM withdrawals.

If you meet these requirements, Cash App will waive its usual $2.50 ATM fee. This means you can use in-network ATMs for free!

How Long Do Free Withdrawals Last?

Once you get a qualifying direct deposit of $300 or more, you get 31 days of free in-network ATM withdrawals.

This 31-day period starts over every time you get another qualifying deposit.

What are In-Network ATMs?

In-network ATMs are the ones that Cash App has partnered with. These are the ATMs where you can withdraw money for free (if you meet the requirements we talked about earlier).


The main network Cash App uses is MoneyPass. There are over 40,000 MoneyPass ATMs in the USA. You can often find them at 7-Eleven stores.

Cash App also works with some banks, like US Bank and Pacific Western Bank. Other banks might be included too, but it can vary depending on where you live.

Finding Free ATMs

Now that you know what in-network ATMs are, how do you find them? Cash App makes this super easy!

How to Find Free ATMs Using Cash App?

Here’s a step-by-step guide:

  1. Open Cash App on your phone
  2. Tap on the Cash Card tab
  3. Select “Find an ATM”
  4. Look for in-network ATMs near you
  5. You can also search for ATMs in other areas
  6. Tap on an ATM icon to see if it’s free to use

When you tap on an ATM, the Cash App will tell you if you’ll need to pay a fee or not. If there is a fee, you can tap on “You’ll pay $2.50 in fees” to learn more.

This page will tell you how to get the fee waived and what your withdrawal limits are.

Where to Find Free Cash App ATMs?

Some common places to find free Cash App ATMs are:

  • 7-Eleven stores
  • Walgreens
  • CVS
  • Target
  • Walmart

Remember, not all ATMs at these stores will be free. Always check the Cash App to be sure!


Withdrawal Limits: How Much Can You Take Out?

Even if you’ve found a free ATM, there are limits on how much cash you can withdraw.

Here’s what you need to know:

  • You can withdraw up to $1,000 per transaction.
  • You can withdraw up to $1,000 per day.
  • You can withdraw up to $1,000 every seven days.

These limits reset at 7:00 PM Central Time. The daily limit resets every day, the weekly limit resets on Saturdays, and the monthly limit resets on the last day of the month.

Understanding ATM Fees

While we’re talking about free withdrawals, it’s important to understand the fees you might face if you don’t meet the requirements or use the wrong ATM.


Cash App’s Standard ATM Fee

Normally, Cash App charges a $2.50 fee when you use an ATM. This is on top of any fee the ATM itself might charge.

How to Get the Fee Waived?

As we mentioned earlier, you can get this fee waived if you:

  • Have a Cash Card
  • Set up direct deposit
  • Receive at least $300 in direct deposits each month

Out-of-Network ATM Fees

If you use an ATM that’s not in Cash App’s network, you might have to pay two fees:

  1. Cash App’s $2.50 fee
  2. The ATM’s fee (this can vary, but it’s often around $3-$5)

One Free Out-of-Network Withdrawal

Here’s a cool thing: if you meet the direct deposit requirements, Cash App gives you one free out-of-network withdrawal per month.


This means Cash App will waive its $2.50 fee. But remember, you might still have to pay the ATM fee.

Other Ways to Get Cash from Your Cash App Account

While ATMs are convenient, they’re not the only way to get cash from your Cash App account. Here are some other options:

  1. Transfer to Your Bank: You can transfer money from Cash App to your linked bank account for free. It usually takes 1-3 business days.
  2. Instant Transfer: For a 1.5% fee, you can instantly transfer money to your linked debit card.
  3. Send Money to a Friend: If you trust them, you could send money to a friend who can then give you cash.
  4. Use Your Cash Card: Instead of getting cash, you could just use your Cash Card to make purchases directly.

Tips for Making the Most of Free Withdrawals

Want to make sure you’re getting the most out of your free ATM withdrawals? Here are some tips:

  1. Set Up Direct Deposit: This is key to getting free withdrawals. Talk to your employer about sending your paycheck to Cash App.
  2. Plan Your Withdrawals: Try to make fewer, larger withdrawals instead of many small ones. This helps you stay within the limits.
  3. Use the Cash App to Find ATMs: Always check the app before withdrawing money. This way, you know for sure if the ATM is free.
  4. Keep Track of Your Limits: Remember the $1,000 limits we talked about earlier. Keep an eye on how much you’ve withdrawn.
  5. Consider Alternatives: Sometimes, using your Cash Card for purchases might be easier than withdrawing cash.

Common Problems and How to Fix Them

Even with all this knowledge, you might run into some issues. Here are some common problems and how to solve them:


Forgot Your Cash Card PIN?

If you can’t remember your PIN:

  1. Open Cash App
  2. Go to the Cash Card tab
  3. Tap on your Cash Card image
  4. Select “PIN”
  5. Verify your identity
  6. Set a new PIN

ATM Not Accepting Your Cash Card?

If an ATM won’t take your Cash Card:

  1. Make sure your card is activated
  2. Check if your card is locked (you can unlock it in the app)
  3. Try a different ATM
  4. Contact Cash App support if the problem continues

Hit Your Withdrawal Limit?

If you’ve reached your limit:

  1. Wait for the limit to reset (remember, this happens at 7:00 PM Central Time)
  2. Consider other ways to access your money, like using your Cash Card for purchases

How does Cash App compare to Other Payment Apps?

You might be wondering how Cash App stacks up against other payment apps when it comes to ATM access. Let’s take a quick look:


Cash App vs. Venmo

  • Venmo doesn’t offer a physical debit card for free
  • Venmo’s debit card (if you get one) can be used at MoneyPass ATMs, but there’s always a $2.50 fee

Cash App vs. PayPal

  • PayPal offers a debit card (PayPal Cash Card)
  • PayPal Cash Card can be used at MoneyPass ATMs for free, but you need to have received $500 in deposits to your PayPal account in the last month

Cash App vs. Chime

  • Chime offers free withdrawals at MoneyPass and Visa Plus Alliance ATMs
  • Chime doesn’t require a minimum direct deposit for free ATM access

As you can see, Cash App’s ATM access is pretty competitive, especially if you’re able to meet the direct deposit requirements.


  • Q: Can I use any ATM with my Cash Card?

A: Yes, you can use any ATM, but you might have to pay fees for out-of-network ATMs.

  • Q: How do I know if an ATM is in-network?

A: Use the “Find an ATM” feature in the Cash App to locate in-network ATMs near you.

  • Q: What if I don’t meet the direct deposit requirements?

A: You can still use ATMs, but you’ll have to pay Cash App’s $2.50 fee plus any ATM fees.

  • Q: Can I withdraw money from an ATM if I don’t have a Cash Card?

A: No, you need a Cash Card to withdraw money from ATMs using your Cash App balance.

  • Q: How long does it take for my direct deposit to show up in Cash App?

A: Direct deposits usually show up in your Cash App account as soon as your employer sends the payment, which can be up to two days earlier than traditional banks.

  • Q: What should I do if my Cash Card is lost or stolen?

A: Immediately lock your card using the Cash App, then contact Cash App support to report the loss and request a replacement card.

  • Q: Can I use my Cash Card internationally?

A: Yes, you can use your Cash Card internationally where Visa is accepted, but foreign transaction fees may apply.

  • Q: Is there a fee to get a Cash Card?

A: No, the standard Cash Card is free. There may be a fee for custom designs.

  • Q: How often do withdrawal limits reset?

A: Daily limits reset every day at 7:00 PM Central Time, weekly limits reset on Saturdays, and monthly limits reset on the last day of the month.

  • Q: Can I increase my withdrawal limits?

A: Cash App doesn’t currently offer a way to increase withdrawal limits. The limits are the same for all users.

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Wrapping It Up:

Alright, let’s recap what we’ve learned about getting free cash from Cash App:

  • You can withdraw money for free from in-network ATMs (mostly MoneyPass).
  • To get free withdrawals, you need a Cash Card and at least $300 in monthly direct deposits.
  • You can withdraw up to $1,000 per transaction, day, and week.
  • The Cash App makes it easy to find free ATMs near you.
  • There are other ways to access your money if ATMs aren’t convenient.

Remember, the key to avoiding fees is to set up direct deposit and use in-network ATMs. If you do this, you can save a lot of money on ATM fees!

Using Cash App and its Cash Card can be a great way to manage your money. With a little knowledge and planning, you can enjoy easy access to your cash without paying extra fees.

So go ahead, set up that direct deposit, order your Cash Card if you haven’t already, and start saving money on ATM fees. Your wallet will thank you!


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