Have you ever wanted a loyal pet and a caring partner all in one? Well, now you can with the new game Wolf Girl With You!


This anime-style game lets you take care of an adorable wolf girl while getting to know her and helping her explore the human world.

It’s fun, heartwarming, and addictive.

Wolf Girl With You APK Download 2024

Wolf Girl With You APK



In this article, we’ll tell you all about Wolf Girl With You – what makes it so great, how to play it, and where you can download the latest version for Android.

By the end, you’ll be eager to start your wolf girl adventure! Let’s dive in.

What is Wolf Girl With You?

Wolf Girl With You is a unique sim and pet care game. In it, you play as a human who meets a curious and friendly wolf girl. Your goal is to take care of her, teach her about the human world, and develop a close bond.

The game takes place through fun dialogue interactions and activities you can do together. As you progress, the wolf girl will start to develop feelings for you. It’s up to you to grow your relationship through your interactions and choices!


Features of Wolf Girl With You APK:

  • Highly Rated by Users:

Wolf Girl With You has garnered exceptional ratings from its passionate player base, setting it apart from other games in the same genre. The overwhelmingly positive reception is a testament to the game’s engaging storyline, endearing characters, and immersive gameplay mechanics. Players have consistently praised the game’s ability to create a deep emotional connection between the protagonist and the wolf girl, as well as the satisfying progression system that rewards nurturing and care. The game’s popularity has led to a dedicated fan community that actively discusses strategies, shares fan art, and eagerly awaits future updates. With such a strong and vocal following, it’s clear that Wolf Girl With You has struck a chord with players looking for a unique and heartwarming gaming experience.

  • Take Care of Your Pet:

One of the core gameplay elements in Wolf Girl With You is the ability to care for and nurture your wolf girl companion. Players must pay close attention to her needs, ensuring that she is well-fed, groomed, and emotionally satisfied. The game offers a variety of interactive activities, such as feeding, bathing, and playing with your wolf girl, each of which strengthens your bond and helps her grow. As you progress through the story, you’ll unlock new ways to care for your companion, including teaching her tricks and special actions that not only entertain but also showcase the depth of your relationship. The pet care aspect of Wolf Girl With You adds a layer of immersion and responsibility to the game, making the player feel truly invested in the well-being and happiness of their virtual companion.

  • Develop Interest:

As you spend time with your wolf girl companion, she will begin to develop feelings and a deep emotional connection with the main character. The game offers a variety of activities and dialogue options that allow you to shape the nature of your relationship. From heartfelt conversations to shared adventures, each interaction contributes to the growth of your bond. As your relationship progresses, new activities and story events will become available, reflecting the wolf girl’s increasing trust and affection. Players can choose to nurture a friendship, pursue a romantic relationship, or maintain a more platonic connection, each path offering unique interactions and outcomes. The ability to develop a genuine interest between the characters adds depth and replayability to the game, as players explore different relationship dynamics and uncover the many facets of the wolf girl’s personality.

  • Super Realistic 3D Graphics:

Wolf Girl With You boasts stunning, high-quality 3D graphics that bring the game’s world and characters to life. The character models are meticulously detailed, with expressive facial animations and fluid movements that convey a sense of realism and personality. The game’s environments are equally impressive, featuring lush forests, cozy cabins, and other beautifully rendered locations that create a captivating atmosphere. In addition to the main gameplay, Wolf Girl With You also includes fully animated cutscenes that serve as a special reward for players who achieve the game’s secret ending. These cutscenes showcase the game’s visual prowess, delivering a cinematic experience that deepens the emotional impact of the story. With its top-notch graphics and attention to detail, Wolf Girl With You sets a new standard for visual quality in the dating sim genre.


If you enjoy a creative twist, Wolf Girl With You is the perfect game for you. It makes you feel like you’re bonding with the wolf girl as you laugh together, open up to each other, and become inseparable companions.

Why Wolf Girl With You is So Popular?

Since its release, Wolf Girl With You has taken the sim world by storm. It quickly shot up the charts to become one of the highest rated and most downloaded games in its category.

So what makes Wolf Girl With You so beloved by players? Here are a few key reasons:

  • The wolf girl is incredibly endearing. Her cute appearance, funny quirks, and heartfelt journey of self-discovery make her impossible not to love. Players can’t help but get attached!
  • The pet care elements are fun and engaging. Taking care of the wolf girl makes the game more interactive than a typical sim. Feeding her, playing with her, teaching her tricks – it’s all super rewarding.
  • The story is genuinely moving. Without getting into spoilers, Wolf Girl With You explores some touching themes around belonging, understanding, and love. It’s a tale that sticks with you.
  • Your choices really matter. Unlike some sims that railroad you down a set path, Wolf Girl With You adapts to how you want to approach your relationship. There are tons of ways things can unfold.
  • It has sky-high production values. The gorgeous 3D graphics, fluid animations, stellar voice acting, and beautiful soundtrack all make Wolf Girl With You a joy to experience.

When you put all that together, it’s no surprise Wolf Girl With You has earned its spot as a titan of the sim genre. It’s that perfect balance of sweet, meaningful, and just plain fun.


The Story of Wolf Girl With You

Now that you have a sense of what Wolf Girl With You is all about, let’s take a closer look at its story. Don’t worry – we won’t spoil anything major!

The game opens with you, the player character, hiking through the mountains. You come across an injured wolf and take her back to your cabin to nurse her back to health. As the wolf recovers, you discover she is no ordinary animal, but a wolf girl with human intelligence and emotions.

The wolf girl is fascinated by you and your human ways. She wants to learn all about your world. At the same time, she is wrestling with her animal instincts and feeling torn between the wilderness and living with you.

As the game progresses, you bond with the wolf girl more and more. You teach her things like how to read, what utensils are for, and about human relationships. All the while, you learn about her tragic past and her struggle to find where she belongs.


Your relationship with the wolf girl will evolve in different directions depending on your dialogue choices, activities, and other actions. You may remain close friends, become lovers, or drift apart. There are numerous endings to discover.

No matter what path you take, Wolf Girl With You is ultimately a story about connection, understanding, and growth. The player and the wolf girl both learn and change through their time together, forging an unbreakable emotional bond.

It’s a simple premise, but one told with sincerity, humor, and a ton of heart. You can’t help but get invested in this strange yet beautiful friendship blossoming between human and animal.

Download Wolf Girl With You on Android

Are you eager to play Wolf Girl With You for yourself? Here’s what you need to know to get started!


First, you’ll need to download the game. Wolf Girl With You is available on Android devices through the Google Play Store or third-party sites like APKPure. Just search for “Wolf Girl With You”, select the game, and hit install. You’ll need about 1.6 GB of free space.

Once the game is installed, fire it up and you’ll be greeted with the main menu. Before jumping into the story, it’s a good idea to check out the Settings menu to configure things like text speed, auto mode, and sound/music volume to your liking.

When you’re ready, select “New Game” to begin your adventure. The prologue will introduce you to the world and characters. As you play, keep these basic tips in mind:

  • Read carefully. Since the game is so dialogue-heavy, make sure not to skip or skim conversations. The story’s impact depends on you being engaged with what’s being said.
  • Consider your choices. When prompted to make a dialogue choice, think about how it will shape your relationship with the wolf girl. With some trial and error, you’ll figure out which choices lead to which outcomes.
  • Do the activities. Engaging in the various mini-games and interactions is important for progressing your bond with the wolf girl. Don’t neglect things like feeding her, playing with her, and going on walks.
  • Check your status. In the game’s menu, you can see handy stats that track how your relationship with the wolf girl is developing. Use this to gauge your progress towards different endings.
  • Use skip if needed. While we don’t recommend skipping your first time through, doing so can be helpful if you want to quickly reach new story content on repeat playthroughs.

That should be everything you need to set off on your heartwarming journey with your new wolf companion. The only thing left to do is enjoy the ride!



  • Q: Is Wolf Girl With You free to play?

A: Yes! The base game is free, though there are some optional microtransactions.

  • Q: How long is Wolf Girl With You?

A: A full playthrough is about 10 hours, but getting all the endings can take 30+ hours.

  • Q: Does Wolf Girl With You have voice acting?

A: Yes, the game is fully voiced in Japanese with English subtitles.

  • Q: Is there romance in Wolf Girl With You?

A: While romance is an option, the core of the story is the emotional bond you form with the wolf girl. You can choose to keep things platonic if you prefer.

  • Q: Can I play Wolf Girl With You on iOS?

A: Currently the game is only available on Android. An iOS port may come in the future.

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Wolf Girl With You is a one-of-a-kind gaming experience. By combining dating sim elements with pet-raising mechanics and a meaningful, emotional story, it manages to deliver something truly special. It’s funny, charming, touching, and seriously addictive.


Whether you’re an anime fan, a dating sim devotee, or just someone looking for a feel-good game to get lost in, Wolf Girl With You is well worth your time. With its lovable characters, multiple endings, and sky high production values, it’s the total package.

So what are you waiting for? Download Wolf Girl With You now and start bonding with your very own wolf girl companion today. You won’t regret it!

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