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Members who have a BJ plus credit card get a 3% discount on store purchases on www mybjsperks com, and members who have a BJ. Percus Elite is a credit card, they get 5% off on all purchases.

BJ’s Perks MasterCard At

Once the account holders earn enough points, they receive $ 20 B.J. ‘S gift certificate, which can be used in stores or online at

BJ of for club shoppers Perk MasterCard is the best way to maximize their spending. Bj In addition to purchasing financing made, the card can be used anywhere that MasterCard is accepted. The Members already having B.J. Perk of has a MasterCard, almost all of them B.J. Clubs and get up to 5% off online purchases on accessing the benefits by Bj’s perks elite MasterCard login, plus B.J. Each gallon of gas also gets a discount of 10 cents. Cardholders get 2% off all other dinings out and fuel purchases, plus 1% cash back on every other purchase made when MasterCard is accepted.


My BJ Perks Quick Information At

  • Does not charge customer annual
  • He is awarded the first prize 6 months after the completion of BJ’s award certificate.

The BJ Perk Prize can only be used at BJ’s locations

BJ’s store credit card has been issued by Community Capital Bank, which can be contacted at PO Box 183003, Columbus, Ohio 43218-3003. Community Bank has over 25 years of financial services experience and Bj perks reward membership login manages credit accounts for over 125 different stores.

Core Information about B.J Perks

Bj All contestants are renowned for accepting coupons, including coupons from Sam’s Club and Costco

In most cases, B.J. The cost of an annual membership to the warehouse is about $ 50 for a family

BJ’s Wholesale Club is the member’s only warehouse club founded in 1984 and has 200 locations spread complete at the United States. The company has about 25,000 employees and is primarily found on the US East Coast (with a store located in Ohio). Bj K also has 150 gas station locations in the US, all located at their warehouse stores.


My BJ’s Perks Credit Card: Benefits & Features of My bj’s Perks

The primary function of BJ’s credit card is to earn cashback rewards. Depending on which of the two options you go with – Plus or elite – you will earn 3% or 5% back on most Club and buying as well. You also get a rebate of $ 0.10 for every gallon of gas you buy at the wholesale club. Looking at the current price of gas, it comes with an award rate of 4.2%. Net cardholders spend 2% on buying gas outside of BJs and restaurants. Other than that on all non-gas purchase activity there is a flat discount of 1%.

  • Most in-clubs and shopping earn 3%
  • Earned 2% on outside food and other gas purchases
  • Earnings of 1% on purchases of other non-BJs are accepted everywhere else MasterCard
  • Annual Fee
  • No Annual Fee
  • Regular apr
  • 24% – 25.24% variable
  • Credit requirement
  • N / A
  • Editor rating

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All the rewards you earn are credited to your account. You can withdraw them in $ 20 increments, which can be used for merchandise at the store. As we mentioned above, you cannot redeem the rewards for the actual cash amount. Once you receive your reward voucher should be redeemed or else, it is going to expire within six months of its gain. It is a good idea to take them out only after you have clear usage in mind. Do not hold your points for long. If they are not used for 36 months, they will expire.

There is no annual fee for the cards. However, you must be a member of BJ to apply. The Perk Plus credit card is available with a $ 50 membership, while the Percus Elite requires $ 100.


BJ’s Easy Renewal Discounts

Once you apply for any of BJ’s credit cards, you will be automatically enrolled in the program for Easy Renewal. Your store membership fee will be automatically billed to your credit card when it is due. The Percus Plus card gives you a discount of $ 10, while the Percus Elite Card gives $ 25. This reduces your BJ’s membership costs by $ 40 and $ 75 respectively.

FAQs – Frequently Ask Questions

Can I pay my BJ’s credit card at BJ’s?

Bottom line is the BJ’ credit card may not be as good as other cashback credit cards but if you are a frequent shopper at the club it is worth taking a closer look at. Not good for spending outside of BJ’s Club. Rewards come in $20 increments and can only be used at BJ’s

What is the BJ’s Perks reward?

With the Perks Plus card, you get $25 earnings after the first non-BJ’s purchase. With the Perks Elite, that bonus goes up to $50. The highest-ranking cash back credit cards give welcome offers of $100 and more.

Is shopping at BJ’s worth it?

Plus our store has the best employees. Shopping at a warehouse club is known to save you money, but if you’re shopping at Sam’s club or Costco, it’s probably not worth the cost. That leaves just one out of the three, BJ’s Wholesale Club. A regular membership to BJ’s Wholesale Club is $55 for a year.


How much is a BJ’s membership card from

BJ’s Wholesale Club is offering a 3-month membership for $10 or 12-month membership for $25 with auto-renewal. Normally, a one-year Inner Circle membership costs $50. New members can sign up online with a credit card to get full membership benefits and pay no surcharge at checkout.

Can you go to BJ’s without a card?

BJ’s offers a one-day pass where you can shop for an entire day. However, keep in mind that most BJ’s listed prices will tack on an extra 20 percent non-membership fee except for alcoholic products. Here’s how to shop at Costco without a membership.

What do I do if I forgot my BJ’s card?

What to do when you forget your BJs card: If you forgot to bring your membership card with you to BJs, all you need to do is go to the customer service desk with your ID and they will give you a little yellow piece of paper with your membership number.

Customer Care of BJ Perks At

In the future, if you have any doubt, issue, complaint, suggestions, query, etc about Bj’s perks rewards membership discount you can simply choose a way for it to get the solution and this you can do from the direct voice support no. Hence, No matter what questions regarding BJ’s Perk MasterCard program can be directed to 855-269-1622.


Final Words

Going through the information above you might have seen about B.J perks that help you with the process and gives you clarification about the user of B.J perks credit card, use of it, availing of rewards and much more as such.

The B.J perks on various things that you have gained are nothing but in many forms and from 1% flat rewards till up to even 5% and that are what is clarified from the section of benefits and rewards as well.

Hence if you have any query or issue that directly and indirectly related to B.J Perks, you can simply try out from the section below.


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