Xnspy APK – Android Monitor apps have a large market among parents and employees. You can install these apps on devices, such as mobile phones and tablets. Hence, parents can use it to monitor their children, while managers can use it to monitor their teams. There are various spy apps available in the market that allow users to keep track of mobile devices. However, not all offer the same features or are compatible with most devices.


Xnspy APK

Xnspy APK
Xnspy APK

If you are looking for a complete monitoring solution, Xnspy is one such app that functions both as a parental control and employee monitoring app.

About Xnspy APK

Xnspy APK

Xnspy is a popular spy app used by parents and employers. You need an Xnspy user account to monitor activity on an Android device. You can install the app on Android as well as iOS devices. However, in this article, we are only focusing on Xnspy for Android.


Xnspy runs in full stealth mode, recording every activity discreetly, and uploading it to your account. Users of the app can view this activity by logging into their web-based account. It monitors all activity on the device and provides 24/7 updates to the user. Hence, you can keep track of the phone at all times. Moreover, users of the app can control a mobile phone remotely by sending commands from their accounts.

In addition to this, the app is compatible with most Android devices between Android 4.x and 9.x. To avoid problems during the installation process, you should check whether the app works on your device or not.

Xnspy APK Features

Xnspy offers a range of features for monitoring and controlling a device remotely. The main features of the app are as follows:

  • Location tracking – The app logs previous locations with the time and date of each visit. The app offers details like the live location and address of the phone.
  • Email monitoring – Xnspy monitors incoming email with the time and date associated with it. It also provides details regarding the contacts saved on email.
  • Text messages – You can monitor incoming and outgoing messages with details of the sender/receiver, time, and date associated with an individual message.
  • Instant Messaging Apps – You can also monitor IM apps such as Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Skype, Instagram Direct Messages, Kik, LINE, Viber, etc. The app logs entire conversations with the associated time and date for every message sent and received.
  • Call logs – Users can access call logs and information regarding incoming, outgoing, and missed calls on the monitored device.
  • Contact list – The app provides access to the entire contact list with details of each contact, such as name and phone number.
  • Multimedia files – From your Xnspy account, you can view and download multimedia files, such as photos and videos saved on the monitored device.
  • Wi-Fi Network logs – The app monitors all the Wi-Fi networks that the device connects to. So users can view the name of the Wi-Fi network as well as the location of the Wi-Fi network.
  • Environment Listening – The app records the conversations on the device when it is in idle mode.
  • Call recording – With the app, users can record calls for up to 30 minutes. For calls that last more than 30 minutes, users can send another command to record the complete conversation.
  • Watchlist – Watchlist is an essential feature that provides updates to the user. Watchlist words, locations, and contacts refer to particular words, locations, and contacts that the users want to be alerted for. If the app detects anything from the watchlist, the user receives an alert.
  • Browser history – The app logs all the webpages visited along with the URL of the website, time, and date. Moreover, the app lists the top 10 frequently visited webpages.
  • Bookmarked webpages – Users can view the list of bookmarked webpages with the URL of the website as well.
  • Application activity – The app provides insights regarding the application activity on the device.
  • Blocking application – For parents, this feature is necessary because it allows them to control their children’s screen time (the duration spent on a digital device). From the Xnspy account, parents can also block a particular application.
  • Locking the device – You can lock an Android device remotely by sending remote commands from your Xnspy account.
  • Hidden mode – The app runs in hidden mode so that it will not be visible to the phone’s user.
  • Customer Support – To resolve queries, users have access to 24/7 customer support. Users can report any problems regarding the installation procedure to the customer support staff.

How to download Xnspy APK on your Android device?

Xnspy works seamlessly on all popular Android phones.

  • To install Xnspy on an Android device, you need physical access to the device.
  • After subscribing to the app, you will receive an email on your account.
  • The email will contain a link and details regarding your Xnspy account.
  • Open the link on the device that you want to monitor. It will download a file on the phone.
  • Open the file to being the installation process.
  • Follow along the instructions to install the app on the device; it only takes a couple of minutes.

Open your Xnspy account to view if the app is working on the phone or not. You can view details such as the battery status level, location, and other information regarding the Android device. You can now begin monitoring the device remotely.

Final words

Xnspy APK 2020 edition is a popular app because of its performance. Unlike other apps, Xnspy does not drain the battery of the device. Users can change the settings on the web-based account to “Upload data when the phone is charging.” Hence, the app does not affect the performance of the device. Likewise, users can change the setting on the account to “Upload data when the phone is connected to Wi-Fi.” This prevents the data package on the cellphone from being wasted in uploading data to the account.

Spy apps such as Xnspy can only be used to watch children and employees. For the latter, employee consent is mandatory. Apart from this, it is illegal to use a spy app to monitor someone’s cellphone without permission. It can lead to legal action against you. Hence, using a spy app to monitor ex-partners, spouses, and any other person without their consent is against the law.


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