YouTube Gets Tough on Ad Blockers – Watch Ads or Pay Up


YouTube has recently started cracking down on users who block ads on the platform. Many users have reported getting pop-up messages from YouTube urging them to stop using ad blockers.


YouTube Gets Tough on Ad Blockers – Watch Ads or Pay Up

YouTube Gets Tough on Ad Blockers


Here are some key things to know:

YouTube Wants You to See Ads

  • The messages state that ad blocking violates YouTube’s terms of service. YouTube relies on ads to stay free for users.
  • If you continue using an ad blocker, YouTube may limit your access or stop the playback of videos.
  • The messages encourage users to allow ads on YouTube or upgrade to YouTube Premium for an ad-free experience.

Why the Crackdown on Ad Blockers?

  • YouTube makes money from ads. Blocking ads cuts into creators’ and YouTube’s revenue.
  • YouTube has explicitly prohibited ad blocking in its terms for a long time. Now it is enforcing this rule more strictly.
  • YouTube wants to train users to view ads as the norm, not an inconvenience to be blocked.

What Can You Do?

  • Disable your ad blocker on YouTube. This allows ads to be shown normally.
  • Pay for YouTube Premium to go ad-free. This provides revenue without ads.
  • Use an alternative front-end like Invidious to avoid ads without violating terms.

The ad blocker crackdown highlights YouTube’s reliance on ads for revenue. Users can expect YouTube to continue prompting them to watch ads or upgrade.


The days of freely blocking ads on YouTube appear to be over. Know More.

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