Apental Calc APK – Hey guys, you are a Facebook? And if you want so many uncountable like on FB actions that you may consider given app which named Apentaclcalc (Fb liker) in the globe. Yes with the help of this aid of apentaclcalc any android facebook users can be competent to get a huge collection of like on their every post on Facebook. For example, shared snapshot, publish films, posted status and much more. The app is an all-in-one tool to afford wanted upshots in a couple of times.


It is a very usual thing on Facebook to grow few likes on every sharing. If you gain a few like in your post then overall FB but when you required gaining huge quantity of likes on you sharing, then consider APK was Apental app (FB Auto Liker). Beside FB with the assist of the app, you can receive uncountable likes on the wish of you.

Apental calc APK

Apental calc apk
Apental calc apk

Apentalcalcapk is a very best android application made to serve the purpose of altering social media stuff like getting some required amount of like on your pic or comments on picture whatever you desire, it is very simple and easy to use and users friendly.

The awesome about it is that doesn’t have to pay anything in order to use it. But this app is completely free just like any other liker tool that you will come across in the application market. So, you can download it now and get an unlimited like and unlimited comments on your sharing picture, statuses or anything which can get like and comments on Facebook.


You can use it to prank with your friends or to win any “Picture competition with the most likes wins” contest or just of your popularity. Apental will provide you an unlimited amount of comments of your choice and like of your choice, you can customize it according to your needs.

And, I suggested you that you can be downloaded this app. And this app is really easy to install and download on your android device as well, you can download the apk file from here, then transfer it to your device or directly download it on a device and install it, as easy as it sounds. You don’t have to worry about your picture on Facebook not getting enough likes anymore. You can easily beat your friends in the competition of likes that most of the carry out on Facebook, but not just like but likes you also get them on any facebook page. The Facebook page is used to target the large audience.

Apental apk is very useful for those who social media. So here, are some features which you should read before processing to install and download.

Apental Calc APK Features:

  • Unlimited likes on your own Facebook pictures, status, and comments.
  • Unlimited likes on pictures, comments, and status of any Facebook page.
  • Unlimited likes on picture, comments, and status of any Facebook users.
  • Free of cost.
  • No hidden charges.
  • smooth working.
  • No additional battery consumption.
  • Easy to use.
  • Compact view.

Apentalcalcapk File detail:

  • File Name: Apentalcalc (Auto Liker)
  • Size:2.0 MB
  • Version:v2.15 [latest]
  • Compatible all version of android
  • Download now the apentalcalc apk from a link given below and I hope you enjoy this article.
  • Apental calc APK v2.51>> Download (2.0MB)

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