If you want to enjoy all type of Nintendo DS games on Android devices such as smartphone or tablet than you must try drastic ds emulator apk paid 2020 version which you can download for free via this post.


If you are always looking for an emulator of Nintendo DS on Android than DraStic DS Emulator Paid APK can help you to run tons of Nintendo DS games on your smartphone.  Nowadays, Games are in trend especially on Smartphones and PC and it is in the list of sports now as well as a great entertainment source.

In mid-90’s kids, we used to play Nintendo Games a lot and it now comes back in trend and current generation accepts Nintendo technology with lots of love. So if you want to download drastic ds emulator paid full version for free then stay tuned with us here.

Drastic DS Emulator APK Paid 2020 Edition

Drastic DS Emulator APK Paid



These days majority of gamer’s like to play Nintendo games and it is kind of revolution in the market of online gaming. Everyone has a smartphone like Android and iPhone’s. This app will help you to play Nintendo games based on your taste and all games will be highly graphical Nintendo games for Android smartphones.

Before we switch our mode to present you download drastic ds emulator app, we suggest you take a look at drastic ds emulator features which helps you to understand the power of this emulator.

DraStic DS Emulator APK No License is an Android app which helps users to play high-end Nintendo games on their Android smartphones for free. This Drastic DS Emulator free is coming from the house of Exophase, which is a well-known games developer on Play Store.

Recently DraStic DS Emulator APK English crossed 1 million downloads on Google Play Store but don’t forget about play store it is a paid app. This app is only for Nintendo games fans and it is a complete package to play Nintendo games on your Android devices. We are going to share with you Step by Step details about this app so keep reading to grab all essential information of drastic ds emulator apk paid app.


If you are looking for drastic ds emulator apk full version free download than don’t worry we are going to give you the paid version for free but you need to follow our process to download drastic ds emulator apk. As you are aware that drastic ds emulator app is available on Google Play Store so if you want to download from their than you can here is the link but if you want paid version of drastic ds emulator apk than you need to download it from third party app stores.

Now let’s dig into the features of drastic ds emulator paid version.

Features of Drastic DS Emulator Apk Paid

Because of this app comes with great unique features, it is one of the favorite apps in the market of games. You will get extraordinary graphics and below you can check this app features to understand more about it.

  • High-End 3D Graphics: Drastic ds emulator apk has got updates on daily basis and their developers enhances the 3D graphic interface day by day so you can play your favorite games in HD quality with great PPI density.
  • Customize Your Screen: You can customize your game screen based on your needs and convenience. The screen size of ds emulator screen can be easily customizable. Customization of screen can be done in both mode portrait and landscape mode.
  • Add-on Controllers: If you have gaming controllers for your smartphone, check here. Then you can also connect them with the game because it supports all major brands of smartphone gaming controllers.
  • Easily Save Your Games Levels: You can easily save your games levels/state or you can say progress of your game on SD Card. So you can continue your game later with same level.
  • Sync with Google Drive: This feature allows you to save your progress directly on your Google Drive so that you can access it from anywhere.
  • Cheat Codes Available: You can find cheat codes for drastic ds emulator games and use them on your games.

Additional Features You Must Check:

  • Coolest emulator for android.
  • Easiest way to play Nintendo games on your android smartphones.
  • You can play games in portrait and landscape modes.
  • Easily save your levels and state.
  • Twist your Nintendo games with cheat codes and have fun.
  • Can save games on Google Drive easily.

How to Download Drastic DS Emulator APK Paid for Android?

Here is the Step by Step drastic ds emulator app to download and install this app on any android smartphones. This apk supports all android 4.0 or above in 2021.


Just follow below process and you will get drastic ds emulator paid app for free because we are providing you safe and secure drastic ds emulator apk paid version.

  1. First, download and install Drastic DS Emulator APK on your android smartphone with our download button.
  2. Also download Lucky Patcher APK and install it on your device.
  3. Now find Drastic Emulator in Lucky Patcher.
  4. Now Click on “Open Menu for Patches > Remove License Verification > Automodes”.
  5. Now check “Auto Mode (Inversed)”, and other patches, remove dependencies, Apply Patch to Dalvik-Cache.
  6. Now click APPLY.
  7. Done, you can use this drastic DS emulator app on your android device.


Now, you have the complete package of drastic DS emulator apk paid 2020 edition on your android device to play nintendo ds games for free.  If you like this post than don’t forget to share this post with your friends and family who love to play games on their smartphones. If you have any query than don’t forget to drop your questions in the comment section below.

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