Games like Stardoll: Stardoll is an online game that is based on the Paper Doll concept. Stardoll has paid and a free version. Stardoll is an online virtual world simulation that mainly focuses on girls of age 7 or above.


The game allows them to join the virtual game world, customize their own online avatar with the help of all the provided choices such as clothes, accessories, and gadgets, and also allows them to go and explore the game world in order to get familiar with it, interaction with other online players, making new friends and play games together are the perks of Stardoll. There are quality games like Stardoll.

Games Like Stardoll

Games Like Stardoll


Stardoll also credits your online account with the game currency, initially with 500 Star Coins, and allows you to shop in the wonderful Star Plaza, get accessories, buy a huge amount of new clothes, make-ups and enjoy being part of a colorful world. Stardoll possesses fantastic visuals, in short, it is a package of quite addictive and immersive gameplay along with many immersive things yet to discover.


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Welcome to Alternatively .online, this article incorporates alternatives to stardoll and hence provides you some of the best games like stardoll. Read the full article in order to get updated with all the major Alternatives of Stardoll and get along with some of the best options over the World Wide Web.

Top 10 Best Stardoll Alternatives

  1. Lady Popular

Lady Popular is one of the most popular online virtual world games which allows you for social networking and simulations which can be compared to a lot of other games, which fall under the same genres. This is one the massively famous and offers their own social networking and virtual world simulation. The games deliver various attractive characters which can be selected and customized by you.

  1. Covet Fashion

If you are a fashion freak then, believe me, this game can be the best pick for you. Covet Fashion is a true fashionista. The game is developed by CrowdStar and allows you to show yourself in the most unique and adorable way. There are trend-setting attire, accessories, fill up your closet with beautiful clothes and you can style and design in the most innovative way.

  1. Diva Chix

Diva Chix is a fabulous fashion-focused video game simulation that incorporates all the clothes and accessories which are trending.  It is the most lovable game if you are a fashion being from any corner of the globe. Diva Chix offers amazing gameplay and possesses a mature setup, the game usually targets teenagers and adults. The game also lets you choose a Diva Doll which will represent your online avatar.

  1. Kim Kardashian – Hollywood

Kim Kardashian: Hollywood allows you to be the rich actress Kim Kardashian and offers you live an extremely rocking life and the awesome feeling of being the celebrity. The game delivers you to style yourself as Kim Kardashian with the help of various mind-blowing features such as shoes, attire, accessories, makeup, and so on and so forth.

  1. SmallWorlds

SmallWorld is one of the best picks for social networking MMORPG and virtual world. The game accounts for more than 20 million users landing all over the world. The game offers you to join the community and lets you explore the world from a brand new perspective. The game offers the ultimate freedom to do whatever you want, do whatever you do, go wherever you wish to go.

  1. Oh My Dolls

Oh My Dolls is one of the most played and famous fashion-focused video games. The games are specially designed for all the trendy girls residing in any corner of the world. Oh, My Dolls combine fashion and social interaction aesthetics. The game offers you a truly amazing gaming experience and is generally compared with a lot of games but in the end, win the arguments.

  1. GirlSense

GirlSense is a hugely popular online virtual world game that is specially designed for Gils which falls under age groups like Pre-teen, Teenagers, and Tweens. The game allows you to hang out with like-minded people and friends. GirlSense allows their users to get engaged in fun activities, dress up in a character, live a lavish life, be the fashion statement, and all the things that are desirable and appreciate with the same age group girls.

  1. Fashion Story

Fashion Story is one of the coolest games which is ever invented. Fashion Story allows you to dress up in the video game by Team Lava. The game allows you to be the owner of the boutique who is the fashion statement of the world. She is the most beautiful and gorgeous in the world and her attire and accessories are followed passionately in her town. The Fashion story allows you to style yourself in the most adorable way ever possible.

  1. The Sims FreePlay

The Sims FreePlay is regarded as one of the most wonderful new MMO, RPG, and a virtual world life simulation game. The Sims FreePlay can be downloaded on your hand devices and the game is available on both the platforms of android and iOS.  One can also download the game on the Windows platform.

  1. Style Me Girl

Style Me Girl is a hugely famous multiplayer online role-playing game. The game is a virtual world simulation and is available to play on the handy mobile headset. The game loved by all the people who have ever come across the game. If you love to be the fashion statement, like to wear trendy clothes, love to wear attractive accessories then Style Me Girl can be the best pick for you. One can explore the game in many ways which can be done ahead of the limits. The game allows you to have user friendly experience in any time frame and mood.


Final Words

The above article aims to provide a fully updated list of games like stardoll. We have provided a list of the best top 10 alternatives of Stardoll which are followed, played, and accepted all over the world. Games like Stardoll article incorporates the imagination and desire of teenagers, tweens, and pre-teens girls residing all over the world. In case of any queries hit the comment section below, We will get back to you ASAP.

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