Hey there iPhone users! Do you wish you could customize your WhatsApp and unlock more useful features on iOS? Well, I’ve got exciting news for you about an app called GBWhatsApp iOS iPA that levels up your chatting game.


GBWhatsApp is a heavily improved modded version of WhatsApp, specially crafted for iPhones running iOS 15, iOS 16, or even the latest iOS 17. I know you must already be using the regular WhatsApp app from the App Store. But that official version severely limits some handy capabilities for messaging. This is where downloading the GBWhatsApp IPA file can benefit iOS users like you.

The GBWhatsApp IPA download allows installing this modded app on your iPhone to get access to hundreds of new features. You can apply awesome visual themes, hide those pesky blue ticks and online status, share way more media files in chats, and schedule messages to send later – the works! It even uses an advanced anti-ban script to keep your account protected while enjoying everything that GBWhatsApp for iOS has to offer compared to regular WhatsApp.

GBWhatsApp iOS iPA Download for iPhone

GBWhatsApp iOS



I’ll be sharing an easy step-by-step guide soon to help you install GBWhatsApp on iPhone in just a few minutes. We’ll go through how to download the GBWhatsApp IPA file, install it properly, trust the developer profile, and then start using this excellent modded version of WhatsApp made specifically for improving the iOS messaging experience.

So if you’re looking to give your iPhone chats a major boost, stay tuned for the GBWhatsApp tutorial coming up shortly!

What is GBWhatsApp?

GBWhatsApp is a third-party or modded version of the popular WhatsApp messaging platform. It is an app developed based on the official WhatsApp, with added new features and customization options.

The GB in GBWhatsApp stands for “Giga Byte.” It was developed to provide iPhone users with more advanced features and better customization of their WhatsApp messaging experience.


Some of the key features exclusive to GBWhatsApp include customized themes, increased media sharing limits, message scheduling, hiding online status and blue ticks, and enhanced privacy controls.

Why You Should Use GBWhatsApp iOS on iPhone?

Here are some of the top reasons why iPhone users should use the GBWhatsApp iOS version:

  • Enhanced features: It offers a lot more features compared to the standard WhatsApp for iOS app. This includes new privacy options, media sharing capabilities, theming, and chat enhancements.
  • Better customization: You get various customization options like hundreds of themes, chat bubbles, and app icons. Personalize GBWhatsApp as per your style.
  • Increased media sharing limit: GBWhatsApp removes any limits on media sharing. You can share up to 90 images in one go instead of just 30 on official WhatsApp.
  • Privacy controls: It provides greater privacy with options to hide online status, hide blue ticks, schedule messages, freeze last seen, and more.
  • altBanned secured: This modded version uses an advanced anti-ban script to secure your account from getting banned while using GBWhatsApp.
  • Free to use: GBWhatsApp iOS is completely free to download and does not contain any ads or annoying pop-ups.

So if you want to unlock more features, customization, and security on WhatsApp for your iPhone, GBWhatsApp is the perfect solution.

Features of GBWhatsApp iOS

Here is an overview of some of the best features offered by the GBWhatsApp IPA file for iOS:


Customization Features

  • Over 800+ customizable themes
  • Custom chat bubbles and app icons
  • Option to create own themes
  • Set chat wallpapers

Enhanced Privacy

  • Hide online status from contacts
  • Hide blue ticks for read receipts
  • Privacy settings for groups
  • Freeze last seen timestamp

Advanced Messaging

  • Schedule messages to send later
  • Revoke/delete already sent messages
  • No limit on media sharing; share up to 90 photos
  • Preview media before downloading
  • Message scheduling up to 7 days
  • Create a broadcast list with up to 600 contacts

Better Group Controls

  • Create a group with up to 600 participants
  • Mention group participants with @
  • Set group icons, descriptions, and wallpapers
  • View group participant details easily

Some other useful features include chat lock, DND mode, freeze last seen, pin favorite chats, and more.

So in summary, GBWhatsApp provides one of the most customizable WhatsApp experiences on iPhone with powerful privacy protections and advanced messaging capabilities.

Pros and Cons of GBWhatsApp iOS

Let’s examine some of the major pros and cons of using GBWhatsApp iOS on your iPhone:


  • Hundreds of customization options
  • Increased media sharing limits
  • Advanced privacy controls
  • Hide online status and blue ticks
  • Schedule messages to send later
  • Revoke already sent messages
  • Free to download and use
  • No ad pop-ups or annoyances
  • Faster performance than the official version
  • Regular updates with new features


  • The potential risk of account ban by WhatsApp
  • Some features may stop working if WhatsApp pushes updates
  • Requires a bit more data usage for updates/backups
  • Must enable App Store downloads from unknown sources
  • Certain things like WhatsApp Pay still won’t work

While GBWhatsApp iOS does come with a small risk of account bans, it provides so many useful bonuses that enhancing your iPhone messaging experience outweighs that con for most people.


How to Download GBWhatsApp iOS IPA on iPhone?

Here is a step-by-step guide to download and install GBWhatsApp on your iPhone running iOS 15, iOS 16, or iOS 17:

  • Step 1: Allow App Installations

First, enable app installs from unknown sources. Go to Settings > General > VPN & Device Management and turn on Enable from App Store and Identified Developers.

  • Step 2: Download GBWhatsApp iOS IPA

Next, download the latest GBWhatsApp IPA file for iOS. Tap on the IPA download link from a browser on your iPhone.

  • Step 3: Install GBWhatsApp

Once downloaded, open the IPA file and tap on Install. You may need to change some iOS keychain access in settings for the installation to work properly.

  • Step 4: Trust Developer Profile

After installation, Settings > General > Profiles & Device Management > Tap on the new developer profile and hit Trust.

  • Step 5: Run GBWhatsApp!

You can now open the GBWhatsApp app icon from the home screen and start using it! Follow the signup process and verify your number to begin chatting.

And that’s it! With these simple steps, you can get GB WhatsApp on your iPhone running the latest iOS version. Share super high-quality videos & images, schedule messages with anyone, use custom themes, and unlock tons of amazing features!

Top 10 Alternatives to GBWhatsApp for iPhone

Here are the 10 best alternative apps to GBWhatsApp for iOS offering similar extra features and capabilities:

  1. Watusi – Allows message scheduling, chat theming, increased limits
  2. WhatsApp Plus – Another excellent mod with more features
  3. WazzapMigrator – Transfer chats from Android to iOS
  4. ChatLock – App to password protect WhatsApp chats
  5. iWhatsApp – Modded iOS version with rich features
  6. YoWhatsapp – Popular alternative mod app
  7. NSWhatsApp – Enhanced security and privacy controls
  8. FMWhatsApp – Focuses on performance optimizations
  9. WhatsApp Business – Manage business chats more effectively
  10. Messenger+ – Unofficial client app for Facebook messenger

These provide many similar benefits on iPhone to that offered by GBWhatsApp iOS. You can try out a few and see which modded WhatsApp iOS app works best for your needs!

FAQs on GBWhatsApp iOS

Here are answers to 10 of the most frequently asked questions about GBWhatsApp for iPhone and iOS:

  • 1. Is GBWhatsApp for iOS safe to use?

Yes, it is generally safe to use as it utilizes end-to-end encryption for chat privacy like WhatsApp. However, there is a ban risk.

  • 2. Can I transfer my old WhatsApp chats to GBWhatsApp iOS?

Yes, you can transfer all old chats using chat backup tools and apps.

  • 3. Does it work on both iPhone and iPad?

GBWhatsApp iOS is compatible with any iPhone or iPad running iOS 11 or above.

  • 4. Will I still get updates after installing GBWhatsApp?

Yes, the GBWhatsApp mod gets frequent updates with new features from developers.

  • 5. Can I use WhatsApp Pay with GBWhatsApp?

No, payment features don’t work currently in third-party mod versions.

  • 6. Is video calling available in GBWhatsApp?

Yes, video calling works perfectly between other GBWhatsApp and WhatsApp users.

  • 7. Will my data privacy still be protected?

Yes, GBWhatsApp uses the same level of end-to-end encryption as WhatsApp for chat privacy.

  • 8. Can I use dual WhatsApp with GBWhatsApp iOS?

Yes, you can use multiple modded apps alongside official WhatsApp.

  • 9. Does it require jailbreak?

No, you can install GBWhatsApp without any jailbreak on your iPhone.

  • 10. Where can I get support if I face issues?

Visit the official GBMods website for any troubleshooting help and support.


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GBWhatsApp iOS offers iPhone users an excellent customized version of WhatsApp with many powerful features. It unlocks improved group controls, privacy protections, and chat theming and removes limits on sending media.

While there is a ban risk involved with third-party apps, features like anti-ban scripts minimize this possibility. Millions of iOS users enjoy the benefits of GBWhatsApp without issues.


It is easy to download and install on iPhone running latest iOS versions. And it allows transferring old WhatsApp chat history from Android or iPhone as well. With regular updates and new additions, it provides the ultimate messaging experience.

So download GBWhatsApp for iOS today and unlock the full potential of WhatsApp messaging on your iPhone! Enjoy customized chat bubbles, hiding online status privacy, scheduling messages, sharing up to 90 photos and videos, and much more with this excellent mod.

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