So you are looking for download iOS Emulators for PC Windows’s platform. It is common in non-iOS users that they are damn interested in iOS apps and want to run their favorite apps on Windows PC.


So for those I have shared this post with you guys, where you can download ios emulator for pc free and not only one or two ios emu app even I have listed latest top 10 best ios emulator for pc 2017 for you guys.

Best iOS Emulators for PC

iOS Emulators for PC


So if you are using Windows PC which runs on Windows 7, 8, 8.1, or 10 these iOS Emulator for PC will work on them fast and smooth and then you can easily run iOS apps and games on your Windows PC.


Later ios emulators for windows was a myth because Apple was very strict and we had very less developers in the market who can design something unique which can help us to run different OS thing on different OS, For Ex. iOS Apps on Windows and iOS Apps on Android kind of stuff.

There are tons of people in the market today who continuously searching for How to run iOS Apps on PC? Or Best iOS Emulator for PC. YES Apple provides tones of paid and free apps to their users but what about them who want to run iOS apps but don’t have iPhone or iPad kind of iOS devices.

There are millions of users who owns Android smartphone and run android apps on their Windows PC with Android Emulators for PC and they loved it because Android always have one lead up in front of iOS in terms of quantity.

But iOS emulator for PC is in demand nowadays because iOS Apps Developers build tremendous apps and post them in the iTunes and this is why people who don’t own iPhone or iPad want to try their hands on those awesome apps on their PC.


So if you are one of them who don’t have iOS device and always wish to run iOS apps by their hands and want to try iOS apps and ready for ios app emulator for pc to download for free then this post will be your favourite internet searches ever.

How iOS Emulator for PC Works?

iPhone Emulator is technical concept which works on virtualisation technology, This tech will design a virtual software on your Windows and cover all important elements which needs to run iOS operating system.

So guys you are going to experience such as tremendous technology on your Windows PCs and with this you can run iOS apps and games on your Windows 7 or Windows 10 PC without buying iOS devices.

Let’s dig in more into this topic and understand exactly what this is, so follow me guys.


What is an Emulator?

Before you start downloading all best iOS emulator for PC, I would like to suggest you to understand what is an emulator?

I am sharing this for those who don’t know what it is and if you are aware with this then you can skip this section.

Emulators are like a virtual mirror machine on your PC which helps you to run different operating System on different operating system.

Why These Emulators Beneficial For Everyone?

These Emulators helps all kind of users and you can find below reasons, why they are beneficial for everyone.

  • It helps app developers to design and develop iOS apps on their Windows based PC.
  • It can run cloud based apps on different platforms.
  • It is compatible with Windows, Mac, iOS and Android.
  • The best part is you can play apps and games via these emulators.

Top 10 iOS Emulators for PC [Latest]

Let’s begin with all best iOS emulators for Windows PC which all are favourite emulators among windows PC users. And we have tested all of them on our all Windows OS systems and they work fine.

Let’s start the list of ios emulator for pc 2017 and you can also check the step by step process for iOS emulator for PC free download.

iPadian Emulator


When we are talking about best iOS emulator for windows PC and we didn’t talk about iPadian, it is impossible because iPadian Emulator is one of the best and top notch iOS emulator to run apps on Windows PCs.


iPadian provides you real feel and touch where you will feel like you are using iOS device or Mac. It also provides Siri, iMessages and other popular iOS apps.

iPadian for windows 10 will enhance your iOS feel on latest windows 10 platform.

It is a quick iPadian Review for all of you so you will understand the process and use of iPadian iOS 10 emulator.

iPadian Emulator available in two versions and paid {$10} bucks you need to pay for paid version which comes with so many cool features which are missing on Free version.


You can start with FREE version to taste the look and feel of this emulator and once you need more features simply switch to paid one.

iPadian compatible with all major platforms such as Windows, Mac, and Linux.

MobiOne Studio MobiOne Studio

MobiOne Studio is a GEM in the iOS Emulators market that gives complete access to download and install paid and free iOS games and apps for free in your Windows PC.

With this emulator you can enable status notifications on your Windows PC as well as you will get options to share any iOS stuff with another Mac user.


Each app built on HTML5 which can run on all platforms with multiple devices. You can customize the apps as per your need. is a tremendous iOS emulator that gives freedom to download and run iOS apps on Windows PC. It is one of the best alternative of is

With this one, you can design and develop iOS and Android apps on it. If you are ready to run iOS apps and games on Windows OS then is the best iOS emulator for PC.


Before download this emulator we would like to suggest you to know the price of this emulator.

This emulator will be FREE for first 100 minutes and then it will cost you $0.05 per minute but with this price you are getting lots of beneficial stuff with this emulator. is a coolest and best iOS emulator for PC (7/8/8.1/10). It is easy to navigate app and you will get cool user interface with this software so you will run iOS apps on PC easily.

Advertisements accesses your iOS apps from your cloud storage on your Windows PC, Mac and Tablet. This means you don’t need to download and install apps.

This will be FREE for 7 day Trial and also compatible with Windows 7/8/8.1/10, Mac OS, Linux and Chrome.



Smartface is famous iPhone App Emulator and iOS application tester for all iOS developers which provides cross platform to develop iOS applications.


Smartface is a mobility management platform which helps you increase your productivity, and support you to don’t invest in costly iOS devices such as Mac to design iOS apps.

Smartface emulator free version and paid version both are available to use and the paid version will cost you around $99 bucks.

This emulator is compatible with Windows 7/8/8.1/10, Android, iPhone and iPad.

AIR iPhone

iphone simulator


AIR iPhone was built as virtual iPhone machine for Windows PC so that you can feel real iOS screen on your PC screen. This is a free iOS emulator for PC which supports Adobe AIR Framework.

Once you open it you will like you are using an iPhone screen on your windows PC screen.

You will get pre-installed apps on your iOS emulator which will provide you hardware setting configuration. You can run apps like Settings, Mail, iMessage, Web etc.

iPad Simulator

iPad Simulator


iPad Simulator is available as Google Chrome Extension. In Google Chrome, it works as iOS in cloud. Once you start using this extension you can access iPad screen on your windows pc screen.

You can access all type of iOS apps without buying a single iOS device.  With this emulator you can design and create your own apps and games quickly.

iPhone Simulator

iPhone Simulator

if you are a hardcore iPhone fan and want to access iPhone on your windows PC without buying it then iPhone Simulator will work like GOD for you because it provides iPhone skin on your Windows PC.


And you can run iOS iPhone apps and games for free with iPhone Simulator Emulator.

It is one of the best emulator for PC in this list and you can expect everything related to iOS with this iOS emulator.

iPhone Simulator comes with great features such as graphics quality, you can test iPhone features like iMessage, Notepad, Calculator and much more.

Xamarin TestFlight

Xamarin TestFlight


It is another cool iOS emulator for Windows PC in this list which comes with super cool UI and user friendly navigation.

All you need is to download and install xamarin testflight emulator on your windows PC and run iOS apps and games without any issue.

It is a paid emulator which you need to pay $25 bucks a month to use this ultimate iOS emulator for PC.

Nintendo 3DS Emulator

Nintendo 3DS Emulator


We already cover 3DS Emulator on APKCatch and you can check it for more details, but here we will share quick info about it.

It is a great gaming console created by Nintendo and announced in 2010 and since that time it is favourite of all.

3DS Emulator helps users to play Nintendo 3D games on Windows PC. It is capable of run all types of 3D games without using any graphic card on your windows PC.

Final Conclusion:


So guys finally we have done with this article, and shared every possible knowledge about best iOS emulators for PC we hope you like this article and you find your desired iOS emulator to run iOS apps on your Windows PC.

If you like this post then don’t forget to give it a share and if you have any doubt or question just comment down below and we will answer you as soon as possible.

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