Even if a show isn’t popular enough, there are characters that are great enough to have you hooked on the show and that’s why, we add them to this list of “Most popular characters on TV Till Now”. That is because the actors perform so brilliantly, that they blow life into the character.


On the other hand, some shows are just good because of that one character that makes the show irresistible to watch. Regardless, today we’ll be talking about some of the most popular characters on TV or in shows and movies that really take the cake.

Who are the Most Popular Characters on TV Till Now?

Most Popular Characters on TV Till Now
Most Popular Characters on TV Till Now

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Back to all the popular characters, here are some of the most popular characters of all time!


Walter White from Breaking Bad

The Chemistry teacher breaks bad after he finds out he has cancer and has to provide for his family. Breaking Bad and Bryan Cranston did a brilliant job in showing the ruthless transition of Walter White to Heisenberg. At first, Walter is a harmless Chemistry teacher but once he becomes involved in the drug mafia, he shows everyone what he’s actually made of and why no one should mess with him. 

However, Walter’s character also goes on to show us that the thirst for power can leave you in a very dark place as well. Walter has to let go of a lot of people who are close to him only because he gets intoxicated by the money and the power. It is because of Walter White and Bryan’s brilliant performance that Breaking Bad is still one of the best shows of all time. 

Captain Raymond Holt from Brooklyn Nine-Nine


Who would have thought that a police captain in a precinct could have such amazing character development? Captain Raymond Holt is, for certain, one of the best characters on Brooklyn Nine-Nine. In the first season, it is implied by his colleague, Jake Peralta, that he is nothing but a robot because of how boring he is. However, we eventually get to see the captain warm up to his employees and have fun with them. 

The best part about his character is that he is an openly gay police captain, which also showed the struggle he had to go through and how better things are now due to better inclusivity and rights. So if there’s anyone from Brooklyn Nine-Nine that needs appreciation, it’s Captain Raymond Holt. 

Dr. House from House

The kind of Doctor who would get on your nerves with his sarcasm but also the one who would diagnose your sickness when no one else is able to. Dr. House is played by Hugh Laurie and we must say he has done a brilliant job with the character. Not only does Dr. House have trust issues but he also repeatedly uses sarcasm as a way to show that the others around him just aren’t intelligent enough. 


The best part about Dr. House is that when things would seem hopeless and it would seem impossible to find a solution, Dr. House would step in and he would show everyone how brilliant he is by giving everyone the perfect solution that they were looking for. 

Kate Beckett from Castle

Probably the best depiction of a female detective from the NYPD is Kate Beckett, played by Stana Katic. Castle is about a writer named Richard Castle who gets wound up with the NYPD so that he could write his novels better. He is paired up with Kate Beckett, who is profoundly annoyed by him at first but later the two of them form a very unlikely duo that is actually very successful. 

Both of the help each other so solve cases and Richard, at the same time, gets to see the insight from a detective’s mind so that he could bring improvement to his crime novels, considering he is going through a creative block at the start of the show. 


Joey Tribbiani from FRIENDS 

It is true that FRIENDS is one of the most iconic shows of all time, but what really makes the show stand out from the rest? Joey Tribbiani of course! In our opinion, Joey is the best out of all the characters because of the sacrifices he makes for his friends.

He always makes sure he is there for his friends and is very selfless about it as well. He would give up on his wants and he would cater to his friends first, especially if he knows that it would make his friend feel better. This is why we have a lot to learn from Joey when it comes to being a friend to someone else!

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Wrapping Up


If the character really is good enough, it is very likely that the show will become popular. For instance, Andy Samberg really poured his soul out into Jake Peralta’s character, which is why Brooklyn Nine-Nine is always such a delight to watch, with you in stitches every time no matter how many times you watch the show!

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