A death certificate is a necessary document required for various purposes but the most important of those being the need of registering the death in the official record. The certificate is authorized by the government facilities only after proper verification as this goes under the official state and country citizen’s record. 

Obtaining Copies of the Death Certificate

Obtaining Copies of the Death Certificate
Obtaining Copies of the Death Certificate

The death certificate can only be considered as official when it is provided by the government authorities.  

The Time provided to fulfill the requirements of birth certificate:

keeping in keen consideration the amount of grief a family goes through, the government has provided an adequate timeline for applying for a death certificate. The rules are dependent on the state. Different states have different rules related to death certificate applications. In many countries, the time of death certificate to be filed is put to 72 hours period only. The steps should be completed by registering with the concerned health departments and facilities as soon as possible.

Whereas in India the time to file for a death certificate is a few days. Therefore allowing people enough time to process the death of their dear ones. In countries like the US, the body is not allowed to be buried until the death certificate has been authorized and a permit is given for the same. The record is taken very seriously in developed nations whereas in developing nations the process is implemented firmly but not strict enough.


How to get copies of the death certificate?

The copies of the death certificate must be required to be obtained for various purposes such as claiming for various medical covers, policies and other documentation. Not just the claims but also for the necessary processes such as registering the funeral, going through the burial or cremation and other death-related affairs, the death certificate is important. 

Many people wonder how many copies would be enough for everything to be compiled up in proper order. The most common answer came out to be 10 copies. Most people find 10 copies enough to fulfill all the necessary processes. However, the need and amount of copies may differ from person to person. 

To get a copy of the death certificate, one can directly request at the funeral home. This is an indirect process where the person receives the death certificate via the funeral home. The other way to receive the copies of the death certificate is by directly applying to the states. This can be easily done by going to the official online website. Although, the offline process is also open to the public to give alternatives for the application process. 

Many government agencies maintain a huge record of the details in a database. On that database available online to all, the details can be viewed easily. The details of the online database are only for the information purpose but they are not officially acceptable.


Cases of Lost and Found

There are certain cases of lost and found. In these cases, when no record is detected about the registered death of a person in the database, the state allows the individual to retrieve an official document known as the certificate of failure or certificate of no record found. This certificate is usually enough to complete most of the processes that require the death certificate as an official document.

The certificate of this kind is only considered valid in certain special cases, such as if the death was in the record before 50 years or more. In cases of death in real-time or near the time the certificate of this type is not considered as valid for the documentation purposes. The state has also provided various helplines to provide digital help regarding the death certificate application.

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