[kkstarratings] Splixio is one of the awesome and super fun games in the IO games category which comes with so cool retro style and easy to play game with easy rules so you can play splixio games for hours and hours without feeling bored.


Splixio – Best Multiplayer Game


Each player will need to set their goals on the splixio game play is that you need to conquer territory as much as you can on the map and reach the top level of the splixio games.

Each player got the small area in the starting which you need to expand more and more while playing games on Splixio. To add some more territories with your base, you need to turn off them with the colored parallel line.

The Territory will be painted with the same design as same as your line. You can easily occupy others territories and add them to your game base but you need to save your land while occupying their lands because in the game other players have powers to even kill you.


When you stay in your area then you can be safe by splixio mods and if you are playing a multiplayer game with your splixio teams then it is more fun in this game because then your whole splixio team will help each other to occupied more lands and stay safe in the splixio play.

When you are in your area then you will be safe in the game because no one can enter except you but once you stay out from your land than your colored line will appear to the other players and they can even kill you.

So remember you need to come back to your base as soon as possible. All Surrounded blocks will be added to your territory. If you covered the area with other player, then it will not fill in your splixio game blocks, this is why people need to find splixio hacks or splixio cheats to play more safely.

How to Play Splixio?

Very few people are aware of the tactics of this game, and if you are one of them who don’t know how to play splixio games with splixio mods then don’t worry because we will explain to you how you can run splixio online at as well as you can also run this game with splixio app.

  1. Go to the official website at HERE.
  2. Move your map with Arrow Keys or WASD.
  3. You will two Splixio Mods: Normal (For All Players) and Other Mode is Teams.
  4. You can choose any like choose TEAM if you want to play together with your friends.
  5. Each player needs to choose a color line and the pattern of their maps.
  6. Click on Small Square in the bottom left corner on the start screen.

Video Tutorial for Splixio

Splixio Cheats, Hacks, Tips & Tricks for Splixio Unblocked at School 

As some of you might aware that splixio unblocked at school and this is why all those kids want to have splixio unblocked games to play splixio jelly games in Splixio mobile or in a smartphone.

  • Never overextend your game and If you go far from your base line then you will never get enough time to come back to your base and save yourself from the enemy
  • If you tap on SPACE bar then you will glow and this can be used to tell your team players then this is me.
  • Always keep your colored line on the screen.
  • You can annoy other players by entering their territories and run back when they try to touch you.
  • Corners are never close to the map edges so these sections are safer than another place on the map.

Final Conclusion:

We hope you like this post on “Splixio” which is now in your hands and you can run splixio games on PC, Android, iPhone or Mac for free by their official site so you don’t need any app.


If you have any queries then do comment down below and we will get back to you as soon as possible. If you like this post then do share this post with your friends on social media and start playing splixio games with them.

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