BHGWalmartOffer – Hello to all APKCatch users, well we are changing the format that we usually do, we are going to share some quick information with all of you about and if you are using Walmart service for better homes and gardens [BHG] then you will get a quick and easy process to understand about the service.


BHGWalmartOffer – Better Homes and Gardens

  • If you want to claim your free year of Better Homes and Gardens Magazine by buying the branded BHG product at Wal-Mart, you need to provide your address and the receipt number.
  • Once you fill the form and submitted it online, you should get the first issue of better homes and gardens magazine within just 8 weeks.
  • The free year of Better homes and gardens magazine from the wal-mart offer is only open for the US residents.

The BHG Walmart offer allows customers who have purchased a better homes and gardens product at a Wal-Mart store claim 12 free issued [one who year subscription], to Better Homes and Gardens Magazine. To make sure that eligible better homes and gardens product was purchased, customers will need to enter their TC# [that can be found on the bottom part of the Wal-mart receipt] or you can find it on order number.

Customers will have the choice to get their free year of better homes and gardens magazine via Wal-Mart or in digital form every month, via the mail with the standard printed magazine. Please note that there is absolutely no charge for the free year magazine subscription offered via Wal-mart.

Is Walmart charge for the Free Year of Better Homes and Gardens Magazine from Wal-Mart?

The better homes and gardens magazine subscription which claimed via buying the product at Wal-mart that will not renew automatically, so customers don’t have to worry about paying anything, but they will be given by the chance to renew it with the current rate if they like the magazine.


When signing up for the free year edition of better homes and gardens magazine, all the latest subscribers will get the chance to sign up for free emails from the entire better homes publications such as [Good Housekeeping, Family Circle,  Redbook, Ladies’ Home Journal, and Woman’s Day].

Contact Better Homes and Gardens Magazine about the Free year subscription promo from Wal-Mart:

  • 716 Locust Street, Des Moines, IA 50309-3023

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