Costa Vida Fresh Mexican Grill is a rapidly growing fast-casual Mexican restaurant franchise bringing delicious, fresh Mexican fare to locations across the United States.


Known for burritos, bowls, nachos, and signature quesadillas made from scratch daily, Costa Vida celebrates quality ingredients and the vibrant flavors of Mexican cuisine.

As Costa Vida continues expanding beyond its Utah origins, this guide covers how residents of Virginia can purchase Costa Vida Fresh Mexican Grill gift cards to use at any of their restaurant locations nationwide or send as gifts.

Where To Buy Costa Vida Fresh Mexican Grill Gift Cards Near Virginia?

Where To Buy Costa Vida Fresh Mexican Grill Gift Cards Near Virginia



We’ll provide information on where to buy Costa Vida gift cards online or in retail stores when visiting or living in Virginia.

Where To Buy Costa Vida Gift Cards in Virginia?

Since Costa Vida Fresh Mexican Grill has not opened any Virginia restaurant locations yet, you won’t find branded Costa Vida gift cards being sold in local VA stores.

However, the following retailers located throughout Virginia do sell generic Visa, Mastercard, or restaurant gift cards that could be used towards ordering Costa Vida gift cards online:

Grocery Stores

  • Food Lion
  • Harris Teeter
  • Kroger
  • Publix
  • Wegmans

Convenience Stores

  • 7-Eleven
  • Wawa
  • Sheetz

Department Stores

  • Walmart
  • Target

Pharmacy Chains

  • CVS
  • Rite Aid

Check with any nearby Dollar General, Dollar Tree, Walgreens, or other national chains to see if they offer restaurant gift card selections as well that could cover online Costa Vida gift card purchases.


How To Buy Costa Vida Fresh Mexican Grill Gift Cards?

To buy official Costa Vida Fresh Mexican Grill gift cards, you have two convenient options:

  • Costa Vida Website

You can order Costa Vida eGift cards directly from their website at They offer digital gift cards in denominations from $10 to $100 that are delivered to the recipient’s email.

  • By Phone

Call the Costa Vida Gift Card Center at 1-866-900-8482 to purchase physical or virtual Costa Vida gift cards securely over the phone. Inform the operator you are located in Virginia and need delivery options.

  • Third-Party Retailers

Well-known retailers like Amazon,, and more also sell Costa Vida gift card deals online with various designs. These make great last-minute gift options.


Gift card marketplaces like or CardCash let you find discounted Costa Vida gift cards too.

How To Order Costa Vida Gift Cards Online?

If choosing to buy Costa Vida Fresh Mexican Grill gift cards online, simply follow these steps:

  1. Select your preferred Costa Vida gift card type, design, and denomination amount.
  2. Enter the Virginia shipping address if the physical card or recipient’s email for digital.
  3. Add your gift card selection to the cart then checkout.
  4. Enter payment details securely to complete the purchase.
  5. Digital gift cards deliver instantly by email while physical cards can take 5-7 business days for standard Virginia delivery.
  6. Forward the emailed digital card or physical card details directly to the intended gift recipient.

Where To Get Help with Costa Vida Gift Cards?

If you encounter any issues with ordering, balance checking, or redeeming Costa Vida gift cards, you have the following support options:

  • Costa Vida Customer Service Line: 1-866-900-8482.
  • Email gift card support at
  • Contact the customer service of the retailer used to purchase the gift card.

Even with no locations in Virginia yet, Costa Vida gift cards make it easy to enjoy fresh Mexican fare when traveling or surprise distant friends and family with Costa Vida gift cards online. Savor the flavors of Costa Vida from anywhere!


Frequently Asked Questions About Costa Vida Gift Cards

Here are answers to 10 common Costa Vida gift card questions:

  1. Can I use Costa Vida gift cards at any location?

Yes, Costa Vida gift card balances can be redeemed at any US franchise location.

  1. Where can I see my Costa Vida gift card balance?

Check your balance at any register, online at, or call 1-866-900-8482.

  1. Do Costa Vida gift cards I buy online expire?

Yes, all Costa Vida physical and digital gift cards expire 4 years from the purchase date.

  1. How long do mailed Costa Vida gift cards take to arrive?

Standard delivery is 5-7 business days via USPS First Class mail within the continental US.

  1. What happens if my Costa Vida gift card gets lost or stolen?

Report lost or stolen cards immediately to the gift card center at 1-866-900-8482. Providing the gift card number speeds up replacement.

  1. Can I reload my Costa Vida gift card?

Unfortunately, Costa Vida gift cards cannot be reloaded. Instead, you would need to purchase a new gift card when the balance is used up.

  1. Does it cost anything to purchase or redeem a Costa Vida gift card?

Nope! There are no fees to buy, check balance for, or redeem Costa Vida gift cards.

  1. How can I send digital Costa Vida gift cards?

Choose eGift card at checkout and provide the recipient’s email address to instantly deliver the gift card details and barcode digitally.

  1. Can I combine multiple Costa Vida gift cards into one?

Yes, Costa Vida allows the use of 2+ gift cards towards a single transaction. Any leftover amounts stay on cards for future visits.

  1. What’s the easiest way to buy Costa Vida gift cards?

For the quickest access to official Costa Vida gift cards online, visit their website, and order convenient eGift cards to access the complete menu of signature quesadillas, fan-favorite nachos, and more.

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Though you won’t find Costa Vida Fresh Mexican Grill locations in Virginia yet, you can still purchase their gift cards online to use on travels or send digitally to friends living where Costa Vida expands nationwide.

Costa Vida makes ordering fast, flavorful Mexican food easy for gift givers and hungry burrito lovers everywhere by offering their signature eGift cards and custom gift cards featuring menu favorites on their website and through major third party retailers.

From Virginia to surfer towns to major cities, unwrap the convenience of Costa Vida gift cards today!

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