Best Spy Apps for Cheating Spouse for Android & iOS 2024


Have you ever had that gut feeling your partner is up to no good? Maybe you noticed some suspicious text messages popping up on your phone or changes in your typical daily schedule.


Regardless of the reasons behind your doubts, it’s normal to feel compelled to get to the bottom of what’s going on. After all, no one wants to be left playing the fool if their significant other is secretly cheating behind their back.

But outright accusing your partner of infidelity without cold, hard proof often backfires. Rather than confess, most get angry and defensive, vehemently denying allegations with lies to cover up the reality. That’s why so many who feel betrayed ultimately turn to spy apps as a secret monitoring measure before directly confronting their spouse.

Spy apps grant insider access to your partner’s phone or tablet without them knowing. You’re able to review calls, texts, chat app messages, photos, web history, and more to confirm or deny shady activity indicating affairs or cheating.


Best Spy Apps for Cheating Spouse for Android & iOS devices can provide the concrete evidence needed to learn the truth, retain power in uncomfortable conversations, and make decisions about your relationship’s future from an informed standpoint.

So if your gut warns you that something suspicious may be brewing between your spouse and someone else, don’t ignore the signs. Keep reading to learn about the top 10 best spy apps for catching cheating spouses.

Best Spy Apps for Cheating Spouse for Android & iOS 2024

Spy Apps for Cheating Spouse


Spy apps allow you to secretly monitor a mobile device to uncover inappropriate activity. Hundreds of spy apps exist in the market, but only a handful offer reliable tracking for catching a cheating spouse.


Keep reading as we reveal your best options for free cheating spouse apps for iPhone and Android.

An Introduction to Spy Apps

Before downloading a cheating tracker app, it helps to understand spy app basics:

  • Spy apps monitor device activity, including calls, texts, social media, locations, photos/videos, and more. Advanced options record phone calls or remotely activate cameras and microphones.
  • Most apps involve “jailbreaking” (iOS) or “rooting” (Android) a target device to enable complete monitoring access and invisibility.
  • Prices range from $20 to $300+ for monthly subscriptions. Free trials allow short-term testing before paying.
  • Legal disclaimers warn that improper spying violates privacy laws. Only use apps if you own/co-own the device or have explicit consent to monitor it.

Top 10 Free Cheating Spouse Apps for iPhone and Android

Now let’s review your top picks for catching a cheating spouse with reliable phone and tablet monitoring.

1. SpyX – Best Overall Spy App for Cheaters

SpyX reigns as today’s top spy app for its potent mix of stealthy tracking, robust features, frequent updates, and competitive pricing. The user-friendly control panel and advanced tracking tools provide ongoing insights into potentially shady behaviors, earning it our vote for the number one spy app tracker.

  • ✓ Location tracking
  • ✓ Message monitoring (texts, WhatsApp)
  • ✓ Screen Monitoring
  • ✓ Detailed call logs
  • ✓ Social media
  • ✓ App Usage Tracking

Moreover, SpyX uniquely specializes in:

  • Quick remote photo capture – Secretly snap pics via the target’s camera
  • Keylogger – Logs keystrokes for stealing passwords and login details
  • Clipboard and ambient recording – Saved text snippets and eavesdropped conversations

For premium support and competitive pricing without compromising quality, SpyX leads the pack of iOS/Android apps for catching cheating spouses.

2. uMobix – Excellent for Text Monitoring

uMobix secures the runner-up position among spy apps with its laser focus on message monitoring. Beyond standard SMS/MMS tracking, this software extracts details from mainstream chat apps like WhatsApp, Telegram, Signal, and more on both jailbroken and non-jailbroken devices.

If you suspect a cheating spouse primarily communicates with their side fling via direct messaging, uMobix caters explicitly to these concerns.

  • ✓ Robust text message tracking – SMS, MMS, WhatsApp, etc.
  • ✓ Call logger with timestamps
  • ✓ GPS location mapping
  • ✓ Social media monitoring

We also love uMobix for its budget-friendly Basic package ($16.66 monthly) and stealth installation process requiring no rooting or jailbreaking.

While pricier plans unlock more features, even the cheapest option packs the text monitoring punch needed to potentially expose an unfaithful partner.

3. XNSPY – Call Recording Capabilities

XNSPY wins recognition for its unique automatic call recording feature, especially helpful given phone communication remains cheaters’ preferred contact method over texting or social media.

This call logger auto-records all conversations, allowing playback at any time to check for suspicious activity.


Beyond calls, XNSPY captures the full range of device usage data to spot cheating patterns:

  • ✓ Call recording/logging
  • ✓ Text messages
  • ✓ Emails
  • ✓ GPS location
  • ✓ Web history monitoring
  • ✓ Geo-fencing alerts

Pricing hovers around $200+ yearly for full-access monitoring. However, XNSPY remains worthwhile if call recordings and advanced tracking tools provide the concrete evidence needed to confirm infidelity hunches.

4. Hoverwatch – Alerts for Sim Card Changes

Hoverwatch stands apart for its web panel alerts whenever the targeted device activates new SIM cards. This signals your spouse may use multiple phone numbers – a tactic commonly used by cheaters to hide communications.

Beyond SIM card alerts, Hoverwatch captures:

  • ✓ Calls/texts
  • ✓ Geo-location tracking
  • ✓ Web/app activity monitoring
  • ✓ Alert customization

Pricing falls on the cheaper end around $30 monthly, making this budget software perfect for those needing solid monitoring without advanced capabilities. We also appreciate the free trial allowing short-term preliminary testing.

5. eyeZy – Focus on Social Media Apps

Unlike other entries focused heavily on calls and texts, eyeZy prioritizes tracking activity across popular social media apps like Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Tinder, Telegram, and more. For partners potentially engaging in online emotional affairs, this software helps identify questionable messaging patterns.

eyeZy also monitors additional usage data like:

  • ✓ Text messages
  • ✓ Browser history
  • ✓ Contacts/call logs
  • ✓ Location tagging

Plans cost approximately $25 monthly for comprehensive monitoring access across leading social platforms. Yeezy suits those concerned about secret social media communications signaling affairs or cheating intentions.


6. SpyBubble – Specialized for Android Devices

The developer of SpyBubble optimized its software specifically for monitoring Android gadgets rather than taking the common cross-platform approach. This niche focus earns SpyBubble a worthy spot among Android-compatible spyware choices.

Beyond covering the basics like messages and GPS tracking, SpyBubble uniquely offers:


  • ✓ Screenshot capturing
  • ✓ Notification history logs
  • ✓ Task manager behaviors
  • ✓ Password retrieval

Subscription rates align with competitors around $30 monthly. SpyBubble suits Android-exclusive households potentially grappling with infidelity.

7. ClevGuard – Customizable Monitoring

ClevGuard provides a refreshing spin on spyware through build-your-own plans rather than pre-set bundles. Families and employers commonly use these custom plans, but they also allow individuals to cherry-pick only the most relevant tracking tools needed to spot a cheating spouse based on suspicion specifics.

  • ✓ Location tracking duration
  • ✓ Text/call limits
  • ✓ Keyword alerts
  • ✓ Social media account linking

Entry-level options start around $15 monthly for basic functionality, while fully loaded plans fall in the $60 range. If tailored packages appeal to one-size-fits-all, ClevGuard deserves a look.

8. Cocospy – Physical Device Access Needed

Cocospy positions itself as the #1 iOS spy app on the market given its highly-rated iPhone/iPad monitoring. However, Cocospy loses some user-friendliness points by requiring brief physical access to the target device to complete installation rather than allowing a complete remote setup.

Yet, if you can briefly borrow your spouse’s phone, Cocospy unleashes powerful tracking features like:


✓ Real-time location updates
✓ Text and call logs with timestamps ✓ Social media messages and uploads ✓ Instant activity alerts


Subscription fees also fall on the pricier end around $40+ monthly. Thus, Cocospy best applies to iPhone households where temporary device access proves possible.

9. FlexiSPY – Call Interception Abilities

FlexiSPY stands as one of the most robust iOS/Android spy programs available with advanced capabilities extending far beyond competitors. While strong overall, exceptional call interception functionality allowing recording incoming/outgoing conversations even without answering earns FlexiSPY bonus points.

Other useful features include:

  • ✓ Call interception
  • ✓ Ambient listening
  • ✓ Geo-fencing widespread location alerts
  • ✓ Social media monitoring with screenshots

Given the premium features, expect yearly contracts around $199+. Still, for those seeking maximum tracking extent, few packages compare to the depth offered by FlexiSPY.


10. MobileSpy – Social Media Focus

Finally, MobileSpy attracts interest in prioritizing social media monitoring above standard phone call/text tracking. Extensive data insights provided on apps like Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, Snapchat, Skype, Telegram, and more prove helpful if suspicions involve online messaging rather than voice conversations or texts.

Beyond social media, MobileSpy captures typical usage through:

  • ✓ Text messages
  • ✓ Phone call logs
  • ✓ Email inbox scanning
  • ✓ Browser histories
  • ✓ Contacts/multimedia

Subscription rates hover around $30 monthly for full monitoring access. Those specifically worried about secret social app activity driving cheating should shortlist MobileSpy.

Top Reasons People Turn to Spy Apps When Suspecting Infidelity

Before continuing our analysis of leading spyware for catching cheaters, let’s address why people ultimately make this choice when doubts emerge in their relationship:

  • Hard evidence: Spy apps provide concrete proof of inappropriate behaviors, not just speculation. We are seeing flirty messages or questionable photos firsthand rather than wondering “what if” brings closure.
  • Avoid confrontation: Asking outright if your partner is cheating may prompt lies. Secret monitoring allows gathering intel to address later issues backed by facts.
  • ** Peace of mind:** If spyware shows zero deceitful actions from your spouse over an extended period, you can rest assured loyalty remains intact. The apps help alleviate stress and uncertainty.
  • Financial savings: Hiring private investigators costs thousands. Spy apps provide ongoing tracking for hugely discounted monthly fees.

Now back to more top infidelity-catching programs…

Things to Remember Before Using Spy Apps

Now that you know the top programs available for catching wayward spouses, keep a few reminders in mind:

  • Check legal disclaimers about consent and device ownership to avoid potential civil/criminal issues and misusing apps.
  • Seek free trials first – never pay full price for untested software.
  • Compare competitor strengths to identify optimal software-matching suspicions.
  • Seek apps offering no-jailbreak options to simplify remote installation.
  • Monitor activity in real-time through convenient online dashboards.
  • Look for hidden device icons and tamper-proof designs to avoid detection.
  • Screen for fraudulent apps only harvesting personal data yet offering no real tracking.

And if you ultimately feel uncomfortable secretly spying on your spouse, yet still have lingering doubts – we have one final suggestion before directly accusing them of cheating…

An Alternative Way to Catch a Cheating Spouse

Rather than sneakily monitoring devices without consent, consider using a GPS tracking device instead. Miniature monitoring units attach discreetly to cars or slip into bags, purses, or pockets using built-in magnets.


Battery-powered options then relay GPS coordinates in real-time, allowing the tracing of a cheating spouse’s physical movements.

While not as robust as full-scale phone spyware, portable GPS trackers for cheating spouses confirm their actual whereabouts without installing anything directly on personal devices.

Visible location histories may provide the concrete evidence of infidelity needed.

Top recommended hidden GPS tracking devices for catching cheating spouses include:

  • LandAirSea 54 – Real-time location updater ideal for vehicles.
  • Optimus 2.0 – Ultra-slim for sliding surreptitiously into wallets or pockets.
  • ATPT-30 Tracking Unit – Compact and magnetized for quick hiding.

Now to wrap things up, let’s recap key guidance to remember.

Also Check:


I hope this guide covered everything needed to select top-rated Spy Apps for Cheating Spouse leveraging Android or iPhone devices.


Note: Seek Free Testing Before Paid Commitments

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