Candy Crush 1642 – Once the candy crush gamer cross the level of 1000 on candy crush, The set on the another tough levels to clear and same thing people face while playing candy crush level 1642 so today we will show you exact step by step process to clear the 1642 candy crush level via video tutorial.


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So you don’t need to read steps and just follow the video we shared in this post and cross the level 1642 candy crush easily without trying again and again and show your friends that you’ve cleared candy crush saga level 1642 and if in future your friends ask you “How to beat level 1642 on candy crush” that time you can show off your skills and enjoy the moment.

Candy Crush 1642 Level

Candy Crush 1642



The final goal of Candy Crush Level 1642 is to take down the cubes and collect 1 Cherry within 35 moves. So to clear the level of candy crush 1642 simply read the tips and tricks, watch the video below and know how to clear candy crush 1642 level.

Candy Crush 1642 Level Video/ Tips & Tricks

In the below video you will see how we completed the level. In this video we will show the exact steps you need to follow to clear the level.

If the layout of candy crush changed little bit then don’t be panic, simply follow the video completely and try out the tips within new updated candy crush 1642 stage.

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This level of candy crush is kind of a puzzle because to pick the cherry (Main Goal) you need to move four teleporters and to move them there is a specific order which you need to follow to grab the cherry.

So let’s begin the video tutorial with you guys:


We hope you enjoyed this post on clearing “Candy Crush 1642” level easily, We have shared best video tutorial with you so can clear the stage instantly. If you like this post then do give it a share on social media.


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