Charlottes Table Mod APK 2023 – Charlotte’s Table, an immersive and captivating mobile game developed by Second Gear Games, provides players with a veritable simulation of restaurant management, replete with customizable restaurant decoration and culinary experimentation.


The game features match-3 puzzles that players must solve to progress through increasingly challenging levels, compelling them to hone their problem-solving abilities and strategic thinking.

Charlottes Table Mod APK 2023

Charlottes Table Mod APK


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Update OnFebruary 2, 2023
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Charlotte’s Table – Create Your Own Restaurant Match-3 Game

Charlotte’s Table is a highly entertaining mobile game that blends the challenge of match-3 puzzles with the excitement of restaurant management. Players can construct and manage their own restaurants, overcoming a plethora of obstacles and hurdles that demand both culinary and managerial expertise.


The match-3 puzzles are fiendishly difficult, requiring players to showcase their tactical and strategic prowess to succeed. Players must also excel at resource management, devising innovative dishes, and delivering exceptional customer service.

The game’s customization options are equally impressive, allowing players to fashion a bespoke restaurant with a diverse range of furnishings, decorations, and other design elements. Players can experiment with an array of color, wallpaper, and flooring options to create a truly unique space.

Explore the Restaurant Business

Charlotte’s Table allows players to explore the restaurant business process through various activities such as managing the restaurant, choosing recipes, and serving diners.

The game displays the cooking and dish decoration stages on-screen, creating a vibrant experience. Match-3 puzzles are used to create dishes instantly, eliminating the need for tasks like chopping or frying.


Additionally, players can decorate their restaurant and customize the main character’s costume to their liking.

Solve Fascinating Match-3 Puzzles

Charlotte’s Table is an ingenious mobile game that employs a match-3 puzzle game format, where players are tasked with concocting a diverse array of delicious dishes by strategically combining different cooking ingredients.

The game features a highly immersive display of processing requirements and ingredient collections that escalate in difficulty with each progressive level.

Players must demonstrate their culinary acumen and strategic aptitude by adeptly collecting the requisite materials to complete the game’s numerous tasks. To overcome difficult levels, players must employ a variety of power-ups, which further increase the game’s challenging and addictive quality.


The game’s dynamic gameplay is underscored by its impressive customization options, allowing players to fashion a bespoke restaurant complete with bespoke furniture, decorations, and lighting, creating a truly unique experience.

Cook and decorate delicious dishes

Charlotte’s Table is an exceptional mobile game that provides players with a seamless platform to hone their culinary skills, with match-3 levels that serve as the foundation for its engaging gameplay.

The game features a meticulously designed cooking process that is visually displayed on-screen, enabling players to witness the transformation of ingredients as they are paired successfully.

In addition, the game offers an impressive array of decoration options that players can employ to give their dishes that extra pizzazz.


With two to three options available on-screen, players can select the most appealing choice, which is applied immediately, adding an exciting burst of creativity to the game’s overall experience.

Decorate Your Restaurant Your Way

Charlotte’s Table offers an immersive experience of overcoming challenges in order to obtain bonuses and buy furniture, resulting in the creation of a unique restaurant.

Every area of the game requires specific decoration to satisfy customers, and players must choose from a diverse range of furniture options that cater to any need, from the luxurious to the cozy.

The game also features a complex and addictive match-3 puzzle system that is designed to keep players on their toes. To progress through the game, players must collect and combine different cooking ingredients, with each level becoming increasingly difficult.


In addition to the puzzles, players must also manage resources effectively, such as cooking new dishes and serving customers efficiently.

How to install Charlotte’s Table?

  1. Download Charlottes Mod Table APK version from the link provided at the end of this article.
  2. Click on the “Install” button displayed on your screen.
  3. The game installation process will take a short time, after which you will see the game icon on your main screen.
  4. Simply tap on the game icon to start playing immediately.

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