Everycord IPA iOS 15 – Everycord app is a free screen recorder for iOS 15 such as iPhone and iPad. All iOS user can record their activity on their iOS devices with just one tap on the screen.


Everycord Screen Recorder with iRec iOS 15 is one of the most popular screen recorders among iOS users but still many users don’t know about this cool screen recorder app.

Everycord IPA iOS 15

Everycord IPA
Everycord IPA iOS 15

Recently this app is removed from official apple app store because of paid screen recorders, so they sell those paid screen recorders more, but people already in loved with everycord apk and they are stuck with paid once.

Now because of high demand of everycord for iOS 15 so the developers of everycord app announce the new version of everycord for iPhone and iPad but now all iOS users need to download this screen recorder from third party app stores.


Tutuapp, TweakBox, HipStore and Happy Chick Emulator on these third party app stores you can download everycord IPA as well as tons of paid apps for free of cost without paying a single penny to anyone.

Everycord Screen Recorder – iRec iOS 15

Have you heard about iRec Screen Recorder for iOS devices, well if NOT then let me tell you guys EveryCord is an upper version of iRec App so those who is search for “Everycord Not Working”. Everycord is designed for all operating systems iOS, Android, & Windows.

Features of EveryCord Screen Recorder Now iRec iOS 15:

  • Everycord iOS 15 IPA allows you to record your smartphone or smart tab screen with HD resolution at 1080p. If you are playing video on HD resolution then everycord app also works like a charm because it will enhance your HD video recording into better quality.
  • You can select an FPS of 30 or 60 from the settings.
  • It is suggest that users should use Microphone to record external sound. You can also select internal sounds settings and change them according to you.

How to Download & Install Everycord iOS 15 IPA Now iRec iOS 15

iRec iOS 15 – If you are ready to download everycord ios app on your iPhone or iPad. Then you need to go to Tutuapp Helper app and if you don’t have this then you can download tutuapp helper easily.

Once you download tutuapp helper apk on your iOS, follow below step by step instructions and install everycord screen recorder IPA.


Let’s start the download and install process for those who don’t know how to use third-party app stores and download third-party paid apps.

  • #1. Open Tutuapp on your iPhone or iPad.
  • #2. Type in “Search Section”, “Everycord app” and you will see the app just tap on it.
  • #3. Click on “Get it Free” button.
  • #4. You will see a popup to confirm if you wish to continue with installation, all you need to click on install.
  • #5. Wait for the app to install automatically and then you can use it on your iOS devices.

But before using it you need to do one task on your iOS device and that is you can’t use it until you trust the developer on your iOS devices so when you see the popup ‘Untrusted Enterprise Developer’, all you need to do is to click on Trust or follow below process for quick installation.

  • Go to Settings > General and select “Profiles & Device Management”.
  • Find Everycord Screen Recorder Profile and tap on it.
  • Then Tap on ‘Trust’. That’s it.

Final Verdict:

So guys, we try to cover almost everything about everycord screen recorder for iPhone and iPad as Everycord IPA iOS 15. Now you have a free version of everycord iOS app and you can now record your iOS devices screen and upload them wherever you want to.


We hope you like this post on iRec iOS 15 and find it useful for you and if you want to admire this post just give a share to this post.

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