HOTWORX offers a one-of-a-kind infrared fitness experience combining heat therapy and exercise for transformative 30-minute isometric training or 15-minute HIIT sessions. As this pioneering fitness brand expands across the U.S., many want to know – how much HOTWORX cost?


This guide breaks down HOTWORX’s pricing structure covering membership fees, class rates, additional charges, special packages, and more.

Read on to discover the perfect plan to match your budget and meet your fitness goals!

HOTWORX Pricing 2024




Drop-In Rate: $20 per session Monthly Membership: Starts from $99/month for unlimited access to any location Initiation Fee: $99 one-time setup fee for new members

The specialized HOTWORX experience demands a higher price tag than average gyms. However, the unmatched benefits like accelerated calorie burn, detoxification, flexibility gains, and endurance boost make the costs worthwhile for devoted fitness enthusiasts.

HOTWORX Membership Cost 2024:

HOTWORX Pricing 2024
Drop-in Class$20
5 Class Pack$85
10 Class Pack$160
20 Class Pack$300
Monthly MembershipStarts at $99
Initiation Fee$99 (one-time)

Additionally, the facilities include:

  • High-end infrared saunas
  • Virtual trainers
  • Quality equipment

Members also get guidance from skilled fitness coaches.


A Single Class Price at HOTWORX

Before getting a membership, opt for a drop-in session to experience HOTWORX firsthand.

  • Average single class price: $20

If visiting frequently, grab discounted class packages for savings:

  • 1 class: $20
  • 5 classes: $85 ($17 per class)
  • 10 classes: $160 ($16 per class)
  • 20 classes: $300 ($15 per class)

HOTWORX Membership Costs & Types

HOTWORX memberships provide unlimited access to all locations to help crush your goals faster.

Basic Membership

  • $99 per month
  • Access to instructor-led virtual classes
  • Entry to all HOTWORX studios

VIP Membership

  • $149 per month
  • Same perks as a Basic membership
  • Additional access to on-demand class library
  • Exclusive merchandise discounts
  • Special event invites

Initiation Fee

  • One-time $99 charge
  • Account setup
  • Gym orientation

HOTWORX also offers an unlimited $59 per month membership needing a 3-month commitment.


HOTWORX Class Packages & Prices

Alongside memberships, HOTWORX has budget-friendly class packages:

  • 1 class: $20
  • 5 classes: $85 ($17 per class)
  • 10 classes: $160 ($16 per class)
  • 20 classes: $300 ($15 per class)

These let you sample classes affordably and share sessions with friends/family. Bundled pricing maximizes value.

HOTWORX Pricing List 2024

Single Class / Drop-in: $20

Class Packages:

  • 5 classes: $85
  • 10 classes: $160
  • 20 classes: $300


  • One-time Initiation Fee: $99
  • Basic Monthly Membership: $99/month
  • VIP Monthly Membership: $149/month
  • Unlimited Membership (3-month commitment): $59/month

Rental Costs:

  • Workout Mat: $5
  • Workout Towel: $5

HOTWORX Class Types & Prices

One benefit of HOTWORX is the variety – 8 novel classes to pick from. While priced equally at $20 per session, each class offers something unique:

  • HOT ISO: Torch calories with high-intensity isometrics.
  • HOT Yoga: Build flexibility/strength by blending yoga with heat.
  • Hot Pilates: Zero in on core with Pilates movements.
  • HOT Warrior: Crank up cardio & build full-body stamina.
  • HOT Core: Isolate abs, hips, and lower back.
  • HOT Buns: Use resistance bands to tone glutes/legs.
  • HOT Bands: Experience intense total body band workouts.
  • HOT Barre None: Find balance with ballet/Pilates/yoga fusions.

Newcomers can buy discounted session packages too.


HOTWORX Family Membership Cost

To turn fitness into a family affair, HOTWORX provides shared memberships starting at $30 extra monthly. This gives unlimited access to classes and gyms to a second family member above 16 years old.

Simply inform your HOTWORX representative to add someone like your spouse, sibling, parents, or adult children to your existing membership. Then enjoy working out together towards better health!

HOTWORX Mat & Towel Costs

For comfortable HOTWORX sessions, use their specialized infrared-friendly mat and towel:

  • Rental: $5 per use
  • Purchase: $50 for set

With heating/cooling abilities inside the pods, these eco-friendly items guarantee traction, comfort, and cleanliness.


Locating HOTWORX Gyms & Pricing by Area:

With 200+ HOTWORX gyms across the U.S. presently and almost 800 more in progress, locations are mushrooming rapidly nationwide. Expect uniform pricing at all studios for the different packages and memberships.

Check the HOTWORX website to find gyms near you, along with contact details to get info on the latest deals and discounts locally.

FAQs on HOTWORX Pricing & Costs:

Here are answers to 10 top questions about costs at HOTWORX:

  1. Does HOTWORX offer any free workouts or trials?

Yes, first-timers can often get introductory perks like one or two complimentary sessions. Existing members also earn free invites to special events or new class launches.

  1. Is HOTWORX more expensive than regular gyms?

Yes, the average monthly fee at HOTWORX exceeds traditional gyms. However, the exclusive infrared sauna workouts bring many membership perks.

  1. Can I workout at any location with my HOTWORX membership?

Yes, the Basic and VIP monthly plans permit access to all HOTWORX gyms countrywide. The $59 unlimited deal also allows entry to every location.

  1. Do sessions in discounted bulk packages expire at HOTWORX?

Yes, typically sessions in bundled packages expire 12 months from the purchase date. Use all within a year to maximize value.

  1. Does HOTWORX offer student discounts?

While student deals may not always be publicized, it’s worth asking directly at your local HOTWORX by providing your student ID.

  1. What’s included in HOTWORX membership fees?

The monthly charges offer unlimited access to all virtual/in-studio classes, infrared pods, and workout equipment. VIP members also enjoy added perks.

  1. Can I pause or freeze my HOTWORX membership anytime?

You can usually freeze your membership for 30 days with advance notice to your HOTWORX gym citing special circumstances.

  1. What payment methods are accepted at HOTWORX?

HOTWORX gyms accept all major debit/credit cards, PayPal, Apple Pay, bank transfers, or cash payments.

  1. Is the $99 initiation fee refundable if I cancel early?

No, the one-time charge paid at signup covering setup costs is non-refundable.

  1. Does HOTWORX offer corporate or group workout packages?

Yes, specially discounted bulk rates for team visits or large group events may be offered at specific HOTWORX gyms.

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Summing Up HOTWORX Costs & Pricing

Thanks to various packages suiting different budgets, HOTWORX makes their infrared fusion workouts quite affordable. Single sessions commence at just $20, while monthly unlimited memberships range between $59 and $149.


The unparalleled HOTWORX experience warrants long-term tangible and intangible benefits too – not just unprecedented calorie burns during detox sweat sessions but also skyrocketing energy, mental clarity, restful sleep, and balanced moods.

Gear up to smash your fitness goals without breaking the bank! Find your perfect HOTWORX plan today.

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