Lifetime Fitness Prices + Membership Cost 2024 Near Me


With over 150 premier locations across America, Lifetime Fitness targets all fitness levels through top-tier amenities facilitating both physical strength and mental wellness.


Catering to diverse preferences, Lifetime supplies an array of equipment and programming blending traditional weights, cardio machines, pools, and courts with modern group classes like kickboxing, dance, Pilates, and yoga.

Lifetime’s extensive offerings come at a price – monthly membership rates in 2024 start around $72 for individuals, spanning up to $499 monthly for deluxe family tiers granting access to multiple clubs.

Customized personal training, spa sessions, salon treatments, and child care provide à la carte services for additional fees. Lifetime’s luxury facilities and holistic approach carry higher price tags than bare-bones budget gyms but create an inclusive environment for those serious about exercise and overall well-being.


Lifetime Fitness Prices 2024

Lifetime Fitness Prices


This article explores Lifetime Fitness pricing in-depth across locations, demystifying membership costs and day pass rates. We’ll spotlight add-ons like Apple Fitness+, pool access, sports leagues, summer camps for kids, and more that make Lifetime a lifestyle brand versus a single-purpose gym.

Discover whether you can negotiate deals plus compare Lifetime against leading fitness chains as you evaluate if the facilities and community align with your 2024 fitness aspirations.

Lifetime Fitness Prices: How Much Is Lifetime Fitness

Lifetime Fitness membership pricing varies based on location, type, and benefits included. On average in 2024:

  • Monthly fees start around $72
  • Individual rates range from $72 – $219 monthly
  • Couples pay $122 – $369 per month
  • Families are charged $142 – $499 monthly (covers 2 adults + 2 kids)

Additional student and family discounts may apply.

Day and guest passes provide flexible access, typically $10 – $50 per visit.

Distinct pricing applies for massages, personal training, Pilates, salon services, spa treatments, swim lessons, and more. For example:

  • Massages: $60 – $100 per session
  • Personal training: $60 – $100 per hour
  • Pilates classes: $60 – $100 each

Salon services, camps, cafes, and birthday packages also vary. Lifetime Fitness communicates pricing updates through official channels.


How Much Is a Drop In/Single Class?

Drop-in rates for a single class average $10 – $50, depending on:

  • Location
  • Type of class
  • Promotions/discounts

So an indoor cycling class could be $10 in Chicago but $30 in LA. Confirm exact pricing by calling your local gym.

Lifetime Membership Cost 2024

Membership costs at Lifetime Fitness include:

PlanMonthly Cost
Individual (single club)Starts from $72
Individual (multi-club)Starts from $79
Couple (single club)Starts from $122
Couple (multi-club)Starts from $129
Family (single club)Starts from $142
Family (multi-club)Starts from $149

The cost covers gym access and amenities like pools, basketball courts, etc. Upgrade to multi-club for access to premium locations.


Discounts apply to students, the military, and families. Annual membership packages are available.

Pass and Entry Pricing

  • Day Pass: $10 – $50 (one day, one location)
  • Guest Pass: $10 – $50 (one day, one location)

Great for a test run before committing to a membership!

Service Pricing

Massage (60 minutes)$60 – $100
Personal Training (60 minutes)$60 – $100
Pilates Class (60 minutes)$60 – $100
Salon ServicesVaries
Spa TreatmentsVaries
Swim LessonsVaries

Contact your local Lifetime branch for exact pricing on salons, spas, swim lessons, and more.

Other Services Pricing

Lifetime Fitness offers additional services like:

  • Cafes & smoothies: Approximately $5 – $15 per item
  • Summer Camps: Start around $100 per weekly session
  • Birthday parties: $150 – $300 depending on size, activities, etc.

Pricing is occasionally updated on their website or available via customer service.

Lifetime Fitness Prices List 2024

Lifetime Fitness Prices List

Here’s an at-a-glance price list for common Lifetime Fitness membership types and offerings:

Individual Membership (Initiation Fee)$0
Individual (Single Club, Monthly)Starts from $72
Individual (Multi-Club, Monthly)Starts from $79
Individual (1 Year Prepaid)Starts from $900
Couple Membership (Initiation Fee)$0
Couple (Single Club, Monthly)Starts from $122
Couple (Multi-Club, Monthly)Starts from $129
Couple (1 Year Prepaid)Starts from $1,500
Family Membership (Initiation Fee)$0
Family (Single Club, Monthly)Starts from $142
Family (Multi-Club, Monthly)Starts from $149
Family (1 Year Prepaid)Starts from $1,700
Day PassStarts from $10
Student & MilitaryAsk nearest gym
Other ServicesStart from $5

Lifetime Fitness Prices Compared to Other Gym Brands

How does Lifetime Fitness compare cost-wise to competitors like Equinox, LA Fitness, Planet Fitness and more?


Lifetime Fitness vs. Equinox

  • Equinox is more upscale, almost like a fitness country club
  • Monthly fees typically over $200+ per month
  • Outpaces even Lifetime’s highest tiers for facilities/amenities

Lifetime Fitness vs. LA Fitness

  • LA Fitness is reasonably priced but less “frills”
  • Solid facilities without the prestige factor
  • Monthly fees $35 – $55

Lifetime Fitness vs. Planet Fitness

  • Planet Fitness has budget rates under $25 monthly
  • Targets beginners with basic equipment/offerings
  • Far fewer amenities than Lifetime

Lifetime Fitness vs. YMCA

  • YMCA embraces community beyond just fitness
  • Budget-friendly monthly fees
  • Smaller gyms but a very welcoming vibe

Lifetime Fitness vs. Anytime Fitness

  • Anytime Fitness has 24/7 access
  • Compact locations with digital entry access
  • Monthly fees $45 – $65

Lifetime Fitness vs. 24 Hour Fitness

  • Similar membership tiers at comparable pricing.
  • Both offer extensive equipment and classes.
  • Slight edge-to-lifetime for higher-end features.

Lifetime Membership Prices Monthly vs. Other Gyms

GymAverage Monthly Cost
Lifetime Fitness$72 – $219
LA Fitness$35 – $55
Planet Fitness$10 – $25
Anytime Fitness$45 – $65
24 Hour Fitness$30 – $50

*Prices will vary by region, specials/discounts, etc. Check with your local branch for exact rates.

Can You Negotiate the Price at Lifetime Fitness?

Similar to bargaining at a farmer’s market, politely negotiate at Lifetime Fitness by:

  • ✔️ Visiting during a sale or promotion
  • ✔️ Expressing genuine interest + budget concerns
  • ✔️ Seeing if they can offer a special rate or extra perks

No guarantees, but directly asking about discounts or deals can’t hurt! Confidently inquire at the membership desk for possibilities.

Is Apple Fitness Free with a Lifetime Membership?

Yes, Lifetime Fitness members get complimentary access to Apple Fitness+ (normally $9.99/month or $79.99 annually). So add engaging home workouts to your Lifetime gym access, all bundled together at one affordable price.


What Is the Highest-Level Membership at Lifetime Fitness?

The pinnacle Lifetime Fitness membership features multi-club access to unlock perks like:

  • 🏋️‍♀️ Access to premium Lifetime locations
  • 🏊‍♂️Expanded class schedules
  • 🔑 Digital membership card for any gym
  • 👪 Brings dependents for no extra cost


  • 🧍 Individual: $79+ monthly
  • 🧍‍♂️🧍‍♀️ Couple: $129+ monthly
  • 👨‍👩‍👦‍👦 Family: $149+ monthly

Workouts & Services Options Lifetime Fitness Provide

A Fitness Smorgasbord: Lifetime Gym Workout & Service Highlights

🤸‍♀️ Group Fitness Classes

  • Yoga, HIIT, cycling, dance, aquatic classes, etc.
  • Social motivation to push your limits

🏃‍♂️ Cardio Equipment

  • Treadmills, bikes, rowing rigs
  • Latest machines for efficient training

🏋️‍♀️ Strength Training

  • Free weights, weight machines
  • Targeted muscle building

🤸 Functional Training

  • TRX bands, rope climbs, battling ropes
  • Build full-body power

🏊 Pools

  • Lap swim lanes
  • Leisure swimming sections

And much more! Explore all class offerings when you visit.

👍 Cool Additional Services

  • ✔️ Personal Training: Private coaching for results
  • ✔️ Nutrition Help: Meal guidance to fuel workouts
  • ✔️ Spa Treatments: Massages, facials & Relaxation
  • ✔️ Pilates & Yoga Sessions: Tone muscles & find zen
  • ✔️ Sports Leagues: Friendly competition
  • ✔️ Childcare: Kids camps while you train
  • ✔️ Workshops & Events: Enriching experiences

LifeTime Fitness Location Near Me Prices in 2024

With 150+ gym spots across America, odds are there’s a Lifetime Fitness close by! Use Google Maps to find your nearest location. Pricing won’t drastically vary but calling confirms membership rates and offerings.


Drop-in day passes let you sample classes and amenities anywhere from $10 – $50 per visit before committing. Memberships allow unlimited access to any Lifetime while traveling too.

FAQs on LifeTime Fitness Gym Queries:

Still, have some questions about costs and memberships at Lifetime Fitness gyms.

Here are answers to the 10 most frequently asked questions:

  1. How much are monthly payments at Lifetime Fitness gym?

On average, monthly pricing starts around $72 for an individual basic membership. Family and premium memberships range from $142 – $499 per month.

  1. What is included with a basic gym membership?

A basic individual membership grants unlimited access to general amenities like fitness equipment, classes, pools, basketball courts, indoor tracks, etc. Upgrade for perks.

  1. Are Lifetime Fitness gyms open 24/7?

Most locations are open 5 AM – Midnight on weekdays, with shorter hours on weekends. Specific hours vary by individual gym.

  1. Can I visit any Lifetime Fitness gym with my membership?

Single club memberships only allow one “home” location. Multi-club memberships permit access to any Lifetime Fitness nationwide.

  1. Is Lifetime Fitness good for weight loss?

Yes! With top-tier cardio and strength training equipment plus classes, personal training, and nutrition support, Lifetime provides amazing resources to lose weight.

  1. What is the Lifetime Fitness kid policy?

Kids under 12 must be actively supervised. Some gyms offer childcare for kids while parents work out. Family locker rooms make visits more convenient.

  1. Are group exercise classes included in my membership?

Yes! An advantage over budget gyms is that Lifetime Fitness features unlimited complimentary classes – from yoga to kickboxing and more in your monthly fees.

  1. Can I freeze my Lifetime Fitness membership?

Yes, you can place your membership on hold or “freeze” it 1x per year for 3 to 6 months for a $15 monthly fee. Great if injured, relocating, or traveling.

  1. How much do personal training sessions cost?

Personal training sessions cost approximately $100 per hour session on average. Discounts for bulk prepaid packages.

  1. What happens if I move far from my “home” Lifetime gym?

You can transfer your membership to any Lifetime Fitness within 50 miles of your new address with no fee. Moving further would require membership cancellation.

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Conclusion: How Much Does Lifetime Fitness Cost?

With monthly fees starting around $72 for individuals, Lifetime Fitness offers extensive amenities making it more than “just another gym”. Premium facilities, hundreds of classes, luxury services, family amenities, and expert support position Lifetime as a lifestyle hub catering to all fitness levels.

Membership costs are certainly higher than bare-bones gyms but competitive versus upscale rivals when factoring in the abundance of equipment, exercise variety, entertainment options, and convenience services. Sales, student discounts, and day passes provide affordable flexibility.

Ultimately costs bring tangible value aligned to your goals thanks to Lifetime’s holistic approach to movement, nutrition, mindset, community, and living well. Check your local branch and see if the vibe (and prices) resonate as the perfect gym home for you!


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