Why is My Samsung Dishwasher Heavy Light Blinking?


It can be confusing and frustrating to see the heavy light indicator flashing repeatedly on your Samsung dishwasher. This light signals that the appliance has detected a technical fault that is preventing normal operation. Getting to the root cause requires some basic troubleshooting.


The heavy light blinking on Samsung dishwashers typically appears when there is an overfilling water error, heating issues, faulty temperature sensor, or excess moisture buildup inside the machine. An overloaded dishwasher beyond capacity could also trigger the heavy light flashing.

When the dishwasher control panel senses any of these abnormal conditions, it activates the heavy light blinking to alert users that professional service may be needed. Ignoring the flashing light for extended periods can lead to water leaks, mold growth, and potential damage if left unaddressed.

Why is My Samsung Dishwasher Heavy Light Blinking?

Samsung Dishwasher Heavy Light Blinking



While manufacturers use different indicator names, the heavy light is usually signified by a pictorial representation of water droplets. Some alternate terms for the same light are “Clean” or “Water Supply Error”.

By understanding why the heavy light illuminates in the first place, you can better diagnose and rectify the underlying problem. We will explore the various fault conditions that cause incessant heavy light blinking and provide troubleshooting tips to stop the nuisance flashing.

What Does the Heavy Light on a Samsung Dishwasher Indicate?

Indicator lights on a Samsung dishwasher play a key role in providing status updates. The heavy light blinking is especially important to pay attention to, as it could signify:

  • An overfilling water error
  • Faulty temperature sensor
  • Inability to heat water properly
  • Unexpected moisture detection

When you see this indicator blinking, it typically means there is a technical malfunction that needs addressing. Learning the possible reasons helps narrow down why the heavy light keeps flashing on your machine.


Common Causes Behind Samsung Dishwasher Heavy Light Blinking

There are a few typical culprits that lead to the incessant blinking of the heavy light:

  1. Too Much Water in the Dishwasher

An overfilled dishwasher is the most common trigger for the heavy light flashing. Issues with the water inlet valve or failures in the water supply can cause excess water to accumulate inside.

  1. Broken Temperature Sensor

Your dishwasher relies on a thermistor to accurately gauge water temperature. If this sensor develops an electrical fault, it has trouble reading temps. The heavy light blinking is the dishwasher’s way of indicating the faulty thermistor.

  1. Inadequate Water Heating

For optimal cleaning, the dishwasher needs to heat water to a high enough temperature. If the heating element has an electrical issue, it may fail to heat the water properly. The heavy light blinking signifies this heating problem.

  1. Moisture Buildup Inside Dishwasher

Excess moisture inside the tub due to leaks, clogs, or drainage issues can also lead the heavy indicator to start blinking. The dishwasher senses the unexpected water accumulation and triggers this light.

Tips to Solve Samsung Dishwasher Heavy Light Blinking:

If you notice your Samsung appliance’s heavy light keeps flashing, try these troubleshooting tips:

  • Check for overfilling water errors
  • Inspect if the temperature sensor is dysfunctional
  • Ensure the heating element is working correctly
  • Look for moisture buildup or leaks

We’ll now explain how to fix these common issues:

Fixing Overfilling Water Errors

  1. Switch off the power to the dishwasher and check drain hose connections under the sink for obstructions
  2. Inspect the drain pump area and remove any debris clogging it
  3. Run water into dishwasher-connected sink for a few minutes to clear basic drain blockages
  4. Level out the dishwasher properly to prevent future leakage issues

Repairing Faulty Temperature Sensors

First power off the dishwasher for a few minutes to reboot the sensor and test if the issue is resolved. If heavy light still blinks:

  1. Shut off power at the circuit breaker
  2. Carefully access the internal thermistor sensor
  3. Check if connections are loose then reconnect
  4. Use a multimeter to test if the thermistor is causing electrical shorts

If the sensor is defective beyond DIY repair, replace it by contacting Samsung support online/phone.

Restoring Adequate Dishwasher Water Heating

  1. Drain out all water and check heating element covers and pump for obstructions
  2. Inspect element wiring for loose connections and re-attach properly if needed
  3. Use a multimeter to check if the heating element itself is functional or needs replacing
  4. Run cleaning cycles with dishwasher detergent to clear out any residual gunk

Preventing Moisture Buildup

  1. Wipe away moisture collecting in the tub, and drain filter area, and check door seals for leaks
  2. Examine drain hoses, pumps, and other outlets for cracks/blockages allowing water to accumulate
  3. Clean/replace moisture sensors if they get contaminated over time
  4. Install a leak detector kit for early warning of moisture problems

Other Samsung Dishwasher Indicator Light Patterns

Along with the heavy light, there are other LED indicators on your Samsung dishwasher control panel conveying appliance errors.

Normal/Delicate/Quick Indicator Lights Blinking

The normal, delicate, or quick settings lights blinking simultaneously or alternating could imply:

  • Drain line clogs leading to backflow
  • Issues with kitchen sink garbage disposal clogging dishwasher outflow
  • Low inlet water pressure/temperature
  • Bad drain pump motor unable to push out water

If these indicators blink along with heavy light, try resetting or power cycling the dishwasher. If the problem continues, contact Samsung support for repair assistance.


Smart Auto Light Blinking

The smart auto light indicates the dishwasher is optimizing settings based on soil level and load size. If it blinks excessively, the optical sensor may be having trouble gauging soil levels accurately.

Cleaning out the filter, arms, and sensor lens can help resolve this. Consider replacing the optical sensor if problems persist.

How to Avoid Future Heavy Light-Blinking Problems?

You can minimize technical errors like the heavy light issue by:

  • Cleaning dishwasher spray arms, and drain filters regularly to avoid soil and food debris clogging the system
  • Using approved branded detergents designed for your model
  • Not overloading the dishwasher beyond the recommended capacity
  • Scheduling periodic maintenance checks by technicians to identify potential problems early

Samsung Dishwasher Heavy Light Blinking: FAQs

Here are some frequently asked questions about resolving Samsung dishwasher heavy light issues:

  • Why does my Samsung dishwasher’s heavy light keep blinking?

The most common reasons for persistent Samsung dishwasher heavy light blinking are drainage problems, a bad water inlet valve allowing overflow, a faulty heating element not warming water properly, and a broken temperature sensor giving incorrect temp readings.

  • How can I reset the blinking light on my Samsung dishwasher?

First power off the dishwasher for 15-20 seconds to reboot it, then turn it back on to check if the error clears. If the heavy light still blinks, press and hold the Start/Reset button for 3 seconds to reset the control.

As a last step, disconnect power for a few minutes allowing circuits to reset.

  • How do I fix overflow errors in my Samsung dishwasher?

Checking drain hose connections, cleaning the drain pump filter, removing knock-out plugs if recently installed garbage disposal, adjusting dishwasher leveling, and inspecting the water inlet valve will help resolve overflow conditions causing the heavy light blinking.

  • Why does my dishwasher not heat up fully?

If the dishwasher is not heating water properly, it’s typically caused by a failed or disconnected heating element. Problems with element wiring, water supply issues, and electronic control board defects can also prevent proper heating functionality.

  • How do I test if my heating element is working?

Use a multimeter to check heating element continuity and make sure connections are intact. Compare resistance values to manufacturer guidelines. If values are way off or have no continuity, the element needs replacing. Also, check for a 120V power supply to heating element terminals during the wash cycle.

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Seeing the heavy light indicator blinking constantly on your Samsung dishwasher can be worrying. But in most cases, it simply indicates technical issues like a faulty sensor, clogged drain, or element problem that just needs some targeted troubleshooting.


Follow our tips outlined above to deal with the common causes of heavy light blinking. Taking proactive maintenance measures will also minimize future breakdowns.

With some hands-on effort, you can stop that annoying heavy light from disrupting your dishwashing and get back to enjoying clean, hygienic utensils!

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