Do you wonder how you will be able to pay the toll charge at and the process is made simple via the app?


As you will read the article below and go through it, you will be able to know the details of how to avail of the service that is related to Ezpassny on the dispute. Not only that you are also given the violation block and also the customer care support not to get help directly.

Now you will also see how can you simply install the app and then start using it effectively. So, just follow the complete information about the here below:

  1. Check the status of the current www.e-zpassny.compayviolation or pay an annoying ticker online E-z pass Payment
    (aka resolve the Ezpassny Violations).
  2. Please keep the infringement number on hand and then provide the thee-ZAS tag number or Pay Toll Violation by-Plate NY related to the traffic ticket.
  3. The E-zpass violations number will be the same as T20080101123212 and users should not include any dashes or spaces.

The service is operated by Ez pass NY New York and relates to receiving a toll-related ticket. The electronic toll collection system allows drivers to move between tolling stations easily, saving time and money (it makes cash, coins, and toll tickets from the toll collection process easier for everyone) at


www.e-zpassny.compay/violation plans are used by states in the northeastern United States (ie New Jersey, New Jersey).

The common reason that a driver may receive a ticket through the Ezpassny Pay Violation Service at www.ezpassny/payviolation is high speed (speeding both ways through a toll), class mismatch (the tag to be registered on the auto used on a different auto Being included), though the driver drove off, but did not have enough money in their account, and toll theft (driving through a toll without an EZ pass NJ tag at e attached to the vehicle).

Easy Pass NY Pay Violation Quick Notes [e-z]

Those who do not have an 11-digit number in front of their Ezpassny nic tag (ie 00812345678) can provide their license plate number instead.

The toll is automatically deducted from the prepaid account on the passing of the Ezpassny hours’ customer through the toll lane.


Those who mail their payment at payment can send it to Ez pass NH Violation Payment and Inquiry PO Box 15186 Albany, NY 12212-5186 or fax it to 1-718-816-0762. Payments can be made over the phone using any major credit or debit card (ie Visa, American Express). Ezpassny Paid Automatic Toll Number Ezpassny call 1-800-333-TOLL (8655). Hence Ez pass NY violations phone number to sort out the related issue and you can connect through the Number.

EZ Pass Dispute FAQs – []

  • Where can I buy an EZ Pass in NY?

Customers can stop at a participating retailer in NY State, excluding New York City and Long Island, and purchase a tag for $25. In NYC or Long Island, customers can stop at a participating retailer and purchase a tag for $30. Visit the E-ZPass website Register your Tag online or call 1-800-697-1554.

  • Is EZ Pass NY website down

The Ez pass dc website “” has been down for days. New Jersey’s E-Z Pass customer service website has been down for three days after a computer problem affected the automated toll collecting system in several states.

  • How does EZ Pass work NY?

Instead, drivers establish an account, prepay tolls and attach a small electronic device to their vehicles. Tolls are automatically deducted from the prepaid account as an E-ZPass customer passes through the toll lane. Click EZ pass NJ customer service locations for locations and hours.

  • How do I get an EZ Pass?

It’s as easy as 1-2-3:

  1. Stop at a participating retailer and purchase the packaged transponder for $46. Your pre-paid toll balance is $25 and available immediately. …
  2. Mount the transponder in your vehicle. …
  3. Visit the E-ZPass Maryland website and register your transponder within seven days of its first use.
  • Does NY EZ Pass have a monthly fee?

New York State charges E-ZPass customers a $6 annual fee for monthly statements. Pennsylvania charges a $4 a month fee for printed statements for every three E-ZPass transponders a customer has.

  • Can you get an EZ Pass from AAA?

AAA Members can complete an application in the branch and receive a transponder for their vehicle. Members establish an E-ZPass account with Mass DOT using a credit card with an initial balance of $20.00 per transponder. Dispute Contact

EZ pass NY 1800 number is the toll-free and common number that is provided by officials of Ez pass Dover de and hence in the future if you have any issue that is related to the site and the company, be it Ez pass transponder number or anything where you need to contact Ez pass ny customer service then the toll-free Ezpassny phone number is going to help you out of it. Hence use it for your support in the future.


EZ pass NY Pay Violation Phone Number:

  • 1-800-333-TOLL (8655)

Ez Pass App

To take care of your vehicle-related and avoid Ezpassny pay violation as well as the issue related to Ez pass transponder and also the vehicle EZ pass toll you can simply download this Ez pass application from the Google play store and not only that this app is available for free. Once you have made an EZ pass account either from the official site of it or via the installed app on your phone and Ez Pass Ny Register process, you will be able to enjoy various benefits such as:

  • Adding Money to your account
  • Checking balance
  • You can edit registered vehicles
  • Can also watch your toll history and then you can view and do the Ez pass activation.

What is Ez Pass NY?

Ez Pass NY is a helpful system that makes driving on highways and bridges in New York a lot easier. It is an electronic way to pay tolls, which means that you don’t need to stop and give cash at toll booths. You can just drive through, and the system will automatically take the money from your account.

How Does Ez Pass NY Work?

  1. First, you need to sign up for an account and get a small device called a “transponder”.
  2. Put the transponder on the inside of your car’s windshield.
  3. When you drive through a toll booth, the system will read the transponder and take money from your account.

Features of EZ Pass NY:

  • No need to stop at toll booths.
  • No need to carry cash for tolls.
  • It saves time, especially during busy hours.
  • You can manage your account online.

Benefits of Ez Pass NY:

  • You can save money because there are discounts for using EZ Pass.
  • It is easier and faster to drive on highways and bridges.
  • The system helps to reduce traffic jams at toll booths.
  • The environment benefits because there is less idling and pollution from cars waiting in line.

EZ Pass NY Fines at

  • If you don’t have enough money in your account, you will get a fine.
  • If you drive through a toll booth without a transponder, you will also get a fine.

To avoid fines, make sure to:

  1. Keep enough money in your account.
  2. Always use the transponder when driving through toll booths.
  3. Check your account regularly to make sure everything is okay.

Ez Pass NY is a useful system that helps drivers save time and money on highways and bridges in New York. It is an electronic way to pay tolls, so you don’t need to stop and give cash at toll booths.


Instead, you can just drive through, and the system will automatically take the money from your account. There are many benefits to using Ez Pass NY, including discounts on tolls, less traffic, and a cleaner environment.

Just remember to keep enough money in your account and always use your transponder to avoid fines.

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Final Words


As you have gone through the above given Ezpassny information at, you are shown clearly the process via which you will be able to pay the bills of your vehicle and toll directly and even trace your history as well.

Now as you have seen it, and come to know you have also seen the customer care detail and the app downloading process.

Rest if you have the problem Ezpassny further or have the user experience with you then you can simply drop your feedback in the comment section below.

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