How To Install Kodi On Roku?


Kodi On Roku – Well because you landed here that’s easy to understand you are looking for streaming movies & TV shows on Roku for free or you want to play “kodi on Roku” then don’t worry here you will get everything about Kodi and Roku.


And we hope you know that you can do this with the help of Jailbreak Roku streaming stick so the question raised here is how to jailbreak Roku streaming stick.

Kodi On Roku

Kodi On Roku


Well, don’t worry today we are back with some quick and easy guide section where we cover roku jailbreak benefits for all users because once you read this guide completely you will never find this question on Google “How to watch free new movies on Roku” YES today we cover everything about it.


If you are also one of them who want to watch free movies then all you need is to get Kodi on Roku because it is the simplest way to watch free movies with kodi on Roku.

Well, we are going to say this because we are aware with that, that Roku is one of the best streaming sticks available in the market for Smart TVs. As well as Roku provides plenty of free channels to stream movies or TV shows and if you want to know about free movies Roku private channel lists then….

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and you will be amazed to know the power of Roku jailbreak benefits because today we will share Roku hacks and tricks with you.


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Can You Install Kodi On Roku?

Well, you think you can easily install kodi on roku than let us tell you that, you cannot why? The simplest reason of this is simple and that is Kodi is system software to run OS such as Android, iOS, Mac, Windows & Rasberry PI but what if we tell you that Roku doesn’t run any of these operating systems but don’t worry we will help you in that in this post.

So if you are still thinking this not possible to stream kodi on roku then you are wrong buddy, we have another option for you so you can easily install kodi on roku. So we cannot install kodi on roku but we all can surely cast kodi on roku.

How to Get Kodi On Roku?

So here we are going to share the whole step by step process about kodi on roku installation. You should understand the whole process deeply so you don’t need to start everything from the beginning again.


Here we are going to cast Kodi on Roku with windows or Android-based devices. Hence you need at least an android smartphone or any Windows-based device such as a PC or windows tablet.

How To Put Kodi On Roku Using Android/Windows Device

  • Plugin Roku streaming stick & Press the HOME button.
  • Check whether you are running the latest system or not.
  • You can update it from “Settings”.
  • Select the “Screen Mirroring” option from the settings.
  • Enable the Screen Mirroring option.

Now we need to switch to Windows PC to continue further.

  • Once you start your PC, select the windows start button.
  • Go to “Device Settings”.
  • Look for “Add Device” & Tap on it.
  • Now Select “Roku 3”, your attached streaming stick.
  • Wait till the connection is successfully installed.

We hope this process will help you to do all processes easily and it does not seem like Rocket Science at all. Because this is the simplest way to get Kodi on Roku which we shared above with you. Although it’s not the official way you can take it as a trick, it will not damage your roku device at all.

But if you want to use this process then it’s your choice and we will not liable for anything, So it’s totally your choice to do it or not.


Why Should You Not Use Kodi On Roku?

Well, the Roku streaming device is a well-reputed device for its users and you can find it on Wikipedia as well. You can enjoy tons of entertainment stuff on Roku without the help of Kodi as well. Officially you can stream almost everything on Roku except Torrent.

We all are aware that using torrent is illegal all over the world, though everyone streams torrent sites on daily basis with the help of different sources. (We strongly deny using torrents to every user of APKCatch).

Why we are talking about Torrent here?…

Because we would like to suggest you use Roku instead of Torrent, it is a legal way to enjoy entertainment in your HOME.



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